What are early pregnancy symptoms?

Okay so I just want to know what everyone’s EARLY pregnancy symptoms were/are and what was the earliest you started to think you were pregnant… as I’ve been cramping, feeling nauseas, having back pain and pain under my armpits, as well as a metal kinda taste in my mouth and frequent urination but it’s too early to take a test just yet so I wanted to know about everyone else and their experiences. :blush:


I thought I ate something bad or had the flu at first. I was getting sick for days on end. And then my breast started to get sore so I took a test. Went to the doctor and I was 8 weeks🙃

I had a sinus infection and a uti,went back 2 weeks later cause i was cramping thought thw antibiotics of the uti didnt work… Found out i was like 5weeks and my uti was long gone also my nipples hurt like hell constantly

I didn’t even realise i was pregnant til i was 10 weeks, and i only had heartburn the day i found out(and i thought it was because I’d had a bacon sandwich😂) its strange cause i literally had no nausea or anything until after I’d got a positive test😂

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I couldn’t sleep on my belly and I’m a belly sleeper. I started waking up and peeing in the middle of the night. I was having slight pains in the bottom of my ribs then my nauseousness started. I tested 7 times and it took me having to go to the doctor to find out I was pregnant. But all the symptoms pointed right to being pregnant and couldn’t get a positive test.

I felt nauseous, had breast tenderness, extremely bad heart burn, and had frequent urination which was rare for me.

Before any of the other symptoms, I got extremely tired…to the point I had to lay down while at work. Co worker said I was pregnant
Sure enough!

Smells were weird and I never got my period.

Nauseous from early on.

Sore breasts & morning sickness

Eating EVERYTHING in sight and cramping.
I knew I was pregnant at about 2 weeks and had to wait two weeks until my missed period and test the day I was supposed to miss and it was faintly positive and called and made my first appointment the day of my missed period. We were trying so I was waiting and looking for any symptom of being pregnant, and those were the first 2 I noticed.

I never did. I could have been one of those people on I didn’t know I was pregnant. I didn’t even get a belly. I also lost 20lb by mistake.

With my daughter, I was crampy and vomiting (but the vomiting wasn’t a dead giveaway because I have ulcers, a hiatal hernia, and cyclic vomiting syndrome) and that was it. I was a day shy of my second trimester when I found out.

With my son, I was peeing a lot, crampy, and fatigued… I was 4 weeks when I found out.

The sore as hell breast, and cramping, and headaches, and heartburn, and felt really gassy/bloated… just found out a week ago I’m expecting and I found out a day before misses period… now this may sound weird but dreams also my dreams get more vivid and stranger… I actually had a dream the night before I found out about a baby turns out with was my baby and my sister in law’s baby (shes do in a few weeks)

I had flu like symptoms with my first two pregnancies before I took a test and then with my current pregnancy no real symptoms I just knew. I did have some cramping I guess thinking I was starting my period soon but that wasn’t the case.

Extreeeemely exhausted.

I was puking every day at work. Food made me so nauseous and being pregnant didn’t even cross my mind until a friend told me to get a test. What do ya know? I was 13 weeks pregnant and my boy is now 11 weeks old.

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I found out 6 days before my period was due . It was same symptoms of getting my period " bloated , sore breast "

I had really bad cramping in the lower/middle of of my abdomen, and very tender/sore breasts, felt like a bad period was on this way. I also got a really bad cold/flu symptoms. My nausea didn’t start until I was about 7-8wks preggo.

Peeeing! All the time!!

thought i had the flu :mask: i’m a big girl so when i didn’t want to eat, i knew something was up :joy::joy::joy:


For me, I -always- had to pee, like full bladder every 15 min, and my nipples felt like they were on fire. It was awful.

Missed period by more than a week and a pregnancy test…

My boobs were REALLY sore.

first losing weight ,missed period tender breasts eating more than normal stuff normally dont eat. and found out about 6weeks along with all 3 my girls. no morning sickness though.

About a week and a half before my period I knew. I made amazing chicken for everyone, everyone loved it, I took 2 bites and puked it up. Kept feeling like trash. Took a test a few days later with light positives. Now I’m 27 weeks pregnant with twins which was why I had sickness so soon lol

This pregnancy, I knew 3 days before my missed period because of EXTREME fatigue. I was either constantly sleepy or asleep.

My boobs were super sore and super gaggy also had more discharge then normal… started feeling this way week after I believe I ovulated… because I was moving on the dec 16th 2017 and I was having cramps and just felt off and then continued to feel that way… found out I was pregnant dec 27th🤷‍♀️ so morning sickness and symtoms started pretty quick for me.

My dog I seriously had no ‘symptom’ of pregnancy but my pug would headbutt my tummy softly and lick at it every chance he got :woman_shrugging: I had a suspicioun about 2 weeks before I missed my period because of his behavior

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Really bad lower back pain, super sore boobs and would have breakdowns more often

If you’re too early to test, you’re too early for frequent urination to be a symptom. You don’t get that until the baby gets bigger and begins to apply pressure on your bladder.

My first time, my period was late

I spotted. I have never spotted in all my years of having my period and I spotted.
Something just didn’t feel “right” around the time it happened. Also, i cried. A lot. About everything. And I mean everything. Like a sad looking dog waiting to be let inside made me tear up

With this pregnancy the only symptoms I had wore sensitive and sore nipples. I was about a week late when I took my first test, it came back positive but I couldn’t believe it so I took 3 more before going to the doctor. The reason why I couldn’t believe it is because my husband and I were told his chances of having kids of his own were pretty much non existent, we found out I was pregnant with our son (3 1/2 yrs ago) and we have been trying for over a year to get pregnant but my cut off date was my 35th birthday…I found out a week before my birthday that I am pregnant.


My boobs hurt SO bad! And even the thought of most foods made me sick to my stomach.

I had to pee literally every 10 minutes only pregnancy was the last thing on my mind. I told a coworker/friend I need to see a doctor I’m worried something is wrong. First thing she said was “you might be pregnant” took a test that night and boom two lines lol. I’m due August 25th

I thought I had the flu.

Sore boobs with my daughter found out at 2 weeks along with her and missed period with my son found out at 4 weeks with him

Tender breasts. And when I say tender I mean my shirt brushed my nipple and I cried tender. :disappointed_relieved:

Metal taste, that’s it

My first symptom i noticed was this expanding like feeling with my thighs. It was pretty painful- no amount of stretching really relieved it. Then a bad upper back and shoulder pain.

None until I was about 4 months. Breasts got large and hurt so much I went to the doctor cause it scared me. I had periods just not the flow as usual. Allot of tension in our marriage so ignored that. That was it.

I could not touch my breast at all, light cramping and light spotting

I thought I was pmsing and about to start my period both times. Cramping both times but no period. The first pregnancy, i was 5 days late and took a test at 3 in the morning. My second time, my friend jokingly asked if I was pregnant because I said I was day late and really emotional and I took a test on my lunch break and turned out I was pregnant. I was SUPPPPER overemotional both times.