What are early pregnancy symptoms?

Me and my husband has been trying to get pregnant since Christmas. I had my period the first week of this month. My lower back has been hurting a lot the past few days and i know that could possibly be an early symptom of pregnancy. I took a test today and it was negative. I’m wondering what are opinions if it’s too early to tell if I’m pregnant.


Wait till you miss your period. It won’t show up positive unless your 4 weeks


If you had your period during the first week, you are just now ovulating.
Just try every other day and it should happen pretty fast.


You should download the ovuulator apps to you phone. Don’t rush these things, they take time.

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Bladder infection possible

I literally had tried and tried and tried getting pregnant in the summer of 2013. I did the app tracking my most fertile days to a T. Nothing ever came about it. I gave up. Ended up stop stressing over it and just went on with life and had sex for our love instead of trying to make a baby and bam pregnant. :joy: stress is a huge thing that will NOT help.


I found out I was pregnant with an 3days of missing my period my doctor did a blood work test now I’m 31 weeks I would ask your doc for blood work I was ha inf hard time getting pregnant with this pregnancy since I only have one ovary now I did the online search ovulation calculator and it worked for me took a couple months but then bam was pregnant

Also if u start taking prenatal and folic acid while trying to get pregnant you will have better luck


I don’t like the urine pregnancy tests lol I never got a positive one and I was 7 weeks pregnant so I just do blood tests if I really really think i could be pregnant and the urine test is negative

The earliest symptom i had was lack of energy with both my kids. I was tired, almost flu like. Sore muscles, nausea and no sleep. I’ve basically been sleep deprived for 11+ years. My oldest is 10 lol.

It will happen when u least expect it!

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Take folic acid… (prenatals)
That’s what my OB recommended and I was pregnant 3 times in 2 years. (My kids are 16 months apart and I had a MC between those two) so i would highly recommend it.

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Took my husband and i 3 yrs to have our son, don’t try to hard and maybe get your husbands sperm checked, he could have a staff infection, being serious here. Good Luck. :pray::pray::pray::pray:

Stop trying and go with the flow me and my husband kept trying and we always got discouraged everytime we saw the negative but after we stopped trying and just going with the flow and having fun im now 25 weeks pregnant.

Just relax and enjoy each other. It seems like when you are trying to get pregnant you don’t. But when you relax and just enjoy each other then you get pregnant. Good luck on getting pregnant. It’s the most wonderful time in a womans life.

It probably too early for you to be pregnant most women would be ovulating now or soon.

If you had your period Jan 1-5 (just a guess) you’re probably not pregnant. You are maybe ovulating though so now is the time to try. Learn when you ovulate and how to track your cycle. To get pregnant we used muccinex and it worked one one month of trying! You take it when you ovulate and of course have sex lol

stop wanting one so bad and thinking you’re pregnant all the time because your mind and body can play tricks on you… relax yourself and it will happen

To early. (Generally) two weeks after period is ovulation. Two weeks after conception is when you should test. So period Jan 1-5. Ovulation around Jan 19th. Test (earliest) feb 2nd.