What are early signs of labor?

I’m almost 37 weeks pregnant and this morning me and my S/O Had sex right after I got bad cramps and they haven’t stopped it’s constant it doesn’t come and go. Also my hips feel like they’re not even attached to me when I walk I feel like a skeleton and extremely tired when I have been nesting like crazy and usually have a lot of energy, am I feeling like this because of intercourse? Has any one else experienced this feeling and not be in labor I had my 1st by induction at 37 weeks also. Anytime I have gone into the l&d this pregnancy with severe pains they say I’m fine and to take a bath and send me home and it doesn’t help.


sounds like labor, maybe? I’d get checked to be safe!

That’s exactly how I was the day I had my cervix exam. I was crampy all day long afterwards and then went into labor at 1:30am.

Semen can help start labor… my obgyn told me to try sex before he induced me.


Sounds like back labor. I would go get checked. Sex sent me into labor 3 out of 4 kids


Sounds like sex jumpstarted labor. I would take a bath and see if the paind ease up. If they havent, go in.


Get checked! Be firm about it

I went into labor like this. We had sex and maybe 5 minutes after, I got bad cramps. They were actually contractions so I’d go in.

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Definitely go get checked!

I started labor after sex, it’s very common. Go get checked.

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It’s normal to be crampy and whatnot after sex…I always was…always thought I was going into labor lol but I wasn’t :rofl:. The seamen is a natural softener for the cervix…try pounding water and lay down…also time your contractions… if it doesn’t stop within an hour I’d go and get checked. (I have 3 children) :slight_smile: Goodluck!

U should go in. Sounds like labor to me…when i was 37 weeks with my 1st this happened to me nothing stopped it and i ended up having her at 5 in the morning

If you’re 37 weeks pregnant I’d get checked for sure just to be safe!

Sex is what broke my water 1 hr after my due date… If you feel like something is wrong call your doctor and trust your gut

Maybe try a bath and then ring in if it doesn’t ease up? Either way, I hope everything goes well!

Get to the hospital dear

Sex caused me to go into preterm labor a few times with my twins. I would checked to be safe.

Sperm has something in it that induces labor

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My first second and third I went into labour like that sounds like your ready mama

I’d go get checked. Sometimes sex can trigger labor. But I usually always cramp bad after an orgasm while pregnant. I’ve read that it’s normal.

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You need to go and get checked

Go get checked out asap

Yes, I have. Your best bet is to get checked. There is no harm in it. By the way, for me it was the baby pushing down to ready for birth, but not labor. I was 38 weeks & I had her the following week.
Intercourse will make your uterus contract & ignite labor.

You can get checked but unless contractions are consistent or pain gets worse it’s probably just the act of sex on your uterus and cervix, especially if he didn’t pull out… may be softening your cervix but that doesn’t necessarily mean labor.


Sperm, nipple stimulation, and orgasms can trigger labor. :slight_smile:


Op Update

I have already taken 2 baths with eucalyptus epsom salt and Tylenol and has not eased up I have a toddler too so I try to only go in if I have to, when I call they always say to go in but when I go in they say I’m fine

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Unless you have painful REGULAR contractions or your water breaks theyre just gunna send u home again… The prostaglandin hormone in the seamen could be what’s causing your cramps, as this ripens your cervix…or maybe your uterus is crampy from the penetration from intercourse. But either way…unless water breaks, regular painful contractions, or bleeding occurs no need to go. I’ve had 3 children and I’ve made this mistake over and over HOPING it was labor lolol…it wasn’t several times. When it’s ACTUALLY time…you’ll :100: know :slight_smile:

At 38 weeks I had intercourse and went to hospital 2 hours later for contractions and bam had my baby! Sperm can thin and dilate your cervix!

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I would go get checked hon

Go check better safe than sorry. Sprem can actually induce labor and sex alone can too. He could have been too rough on ya plus where the baby at doesnt help. If not take nice bath relax and sit and drink plenty of water see if that helps.

Happens to me sometimes and I’m not even pregnant. Its usually when my bladder was full before sex and it must get squished, squashed, moved something in the act. Its super painful but feels like bad period cramps… Usually goes away after awhile…

Go in !! I went into labor at 34 weeks after things got heated sexually with my boyfriend


Sounds like you are in labor. Go be checked.


Having sex I have heard can start labor. Maybe get into ER to find out? Sounds like you are in labor to me.