What are early signs of pregnancy?

Hi everyone, I need some advice! My partner and I have been trying for a baby for about a year now. I got pregnant at the start of the year but sadly miscarried. That was so hard for both of us as we are so ready for a baby. I’m only 23, but I have always wanted to have my baby’s young. Anyways I haven’t got my period in March at all, and I’m just waiting a few more days to take a test…the last 2days, I’ve been getting bad pains in the bottom of my stomach and in my back…could that be a sign of early pregnancy? What would all you mommas do to try and get pregnant?


The fact that you didn’t get your period in March is a good indicator to test. Take a test or make an appt with your dr for a blood test. Everyone experiences different symptoms early on. Some people don’t even have symptoms. Best of luck to you!

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I had back pains and sore nipples before I found out I was pregnant

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My Montgomery glands and veins were WAAAAY more noticeable on my boobs.

Honestly everyone’s different and almost anything could be an early sign of pregnancy. For me though I didn’t really get any typical signs that I was pregnant until about 5 weeks when I never got any symptoms before getting a positive test.

Sore breast. Like feeling like the are going to fall off when you sit up.
Always been the number 1 sign for me. And I could not drink coffee. You will have cramps as well.


With my first two it was missed periods, with my last one I found out at 3 weeks, I was having weird twinges in my lower stomach and my boobs were sore. I struggled getting pregnant with my last one, and then I took myo-inosital and d-chrio inositol and had my first positive test with 3 weeks of starting that supplement.

Take a test. I did when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and got a blood confirmation test done, which confirmed my pregnancy. Now, we have an almost 8 month old daughter and are trying for baby number 2

Morning sickness is a sign. Take the test. Its that simple.

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Just go take a test. Mine came back positive a week before I even missed my period. If you didn’t get your period in March chances are you are pregnant.

I know the histation behind not wanting to test. But your anxiety behind the what ifs arent worth it. Take your test and if postive make a appointment with obygn and start them prenatals. If not just keep trying girl! Praying for double lines or positive signs for you!


I’ve been pregnant 50 lem times and tired and sore boobies was usually a sign.
Veins chest, ridiculously high sex drive(8-10 time a day in some capacity)…
But missing my period was damn near always conclusive.
The last time it was nose bleed. Never had one before then.

With my first…on and off bouts of exhaustion with some nausea felt like car sickness at first…then also had a metallic taste in mouth,like was licking pennies or something,all the time that made me not want to eat. Second …didn’t know was preggers until 12 weeks along…no period whole time but every pregnancy test came up negative until took one and strong positive. Got a n ultrasound a week after positive test and was already 12 weeks…Definitely take a test. If negative go get tested bc could have a cyst or other problem causing the symptoms.

That’s hard . Because if your young your at that age where if you had endometriosis or poly cystic ovarian syndrome it would start to show amd change periods from average to 45 between them like mine. But my first signs for me always where the nipples change colour slightly . My vag lips turn a purple colour . Smells become intense . Milk or cream gives me a drip don’t the throat . Last time I would wake up and have to pop my hip back into place :joy:. The 3-7 days after conception, usually has a little pinkish blood streak . You can pm if you would like ,

If you can stay off your feet for about a week. I had to cause it can be a sign of a miscarriage. I couldn’t work while pregnant. Hope for the best for you.

i had a super sniffer and weird vision in my early pregnancy days.:joy: and then the morning sickness hit, and super sore nipples and cramps like my period without the period

Missed period
Hurtin boobs
Shattered n drainned
Sickness and feeling sick
Belly felt different
Dizzy and wit daughter passed out but could be other reasons but that y took test
Goin off things u like
Need n really enjoy some thin (cravings)
Goin of food u usually like
Maybe take a test and re test in another week xx
Good luck hope u get answer u want chickx

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My indicator is always my nipples. If my nipples are sore then I take a test. When I’m on my period or close my breasts get tender but it’s a crisp difference from my nipples

Could be but could also be tour period coming. you’ll not know till you take a test. After sex lie with your legs up let gravity help. It worked for me. Good luck :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:xxx

I always knew as soon as I gagged when brushing my tongue. Only time it happened was when I was pregnant.

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Sore breast, darker nipples were my earliest signs.

I had headaches and sore boobs and belly felt with my angel baby with my daughter it was severe morning sickness and moods where mayhem

There is no way to know for sure if you are pregnant with symptoms because its all hormone changes as is your menstrual symptoms. Its hard but you have to wait and keep yourself busy for a few more days. Good luck!

Amazon sells jumbo boxes of pregnancy strips and I would test myself on a regular basis. And you don’t have to feel bad about taking more than one because they’re so cheap, but they work the exact same as thr expensive or even hospital ones.

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Morning sickness which can happen anytime. Even just feeling nauseous. Tender breasts. Moody. Exhaustion.

Early signs for me were lower back ache and cramps,. Felt like I was going to start my period but never did.