What are good self care ideas after having a baby?

What are the things you did after you had your baby to take care of yourself? What do you recommend what teas are best to drink during postpartum? What belly band is good to keep things tight? Let me know what you did?


Yoga! Easy or restorative yoga. It saved me… seriously, from my post partum depression.

Breatfeeding and swimming does wonders

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Rest but don’t be lazy and cuddle cuddle cuddle!!!

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Make sure to do your hair every morning and apply a little makeup and get out of your pjs. Even if its into stretchy pants and a t shirt. You’re still caring about your appearance. Always nap when baby naps and remember everyones body and pregnancy is different so dont feel pressured to lose weight right away


Stand on one leg when you brush your teeth. It engages your core and you are doing it any way. Switch legs half way through.
Put a lipstick by the door. In your hand bag.powder room. So you can wizz it on when you are washing your hands or going out - Brightens your face. Makes you feel good.
Sleep when your baby sleeps.


Can’t advise, I was lazy, ate copious amounts of takeout and never shifted the weight but oh well! :rofl:

Rest, lavender oil for healing, nap when baby naps & don’t forget some you time x

Rest and nurture. Ignore all this nonsense about how you should look. Give yourself some grace. You just made a person.

No I agree put on a little make up and get dressed even get your hair done it really does help

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I’m 4w postpartum with my 3rd baby and I had my second csection this time and I drank chamomile tea after to help with bloating and I feel like it really helps. Honestly I think drinking warm liquids for awhile really helped get my digestive tract back in order

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But I’m curious what others have done😊

Honestly, any time anyone offered to come see the baby I’d make sure he was fed, changed and ready to sleep so that I could take a quick shower or walk by myself. It helped me mentally reset and the person coming over was always more than happy to hold and love on him.


I managed to give myself a uti…I suck at the self care lol

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My self care after giving birth was eating and sleeping😂 I would suggest meal prepping a ton.


Well, I have 5 kids… with each it was different…but with the last 2, I got lots of rest, only got up to do the necessary… and took care of baby, and spend time with kids watching movies and stuff… My husband helped a lot and also my mother-in-law…

Don’t worry about the weight gain. Relax as much as you can. Nap with baby. Get a couple of new clothes eat plenty of melon. Keep taking vitamins. Just be good to yourself. Your going to be so busy just don’t forget about you. Self care is a must. And reme.ber what you feel the baby can also pick up on that. Just Breath. :two_hearts:

Drank coffee and ate McDonald’s. All the .99 heart attacks that one shouldn’t eat. Doritos. Kit Kats. Basically ate what I ate during my pregnancy lol. I’ve been back to my pre pregnancy weight since I left the hospital :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I still go get pedicures all the time because I can’t sit and nurse my baby while I’m being taken care of :blush:

Massage. Pedicures, meal kits or prep. Keep taking your prenatals

I requested a sensory deprivation tank session and did not regret it!