What are must haves for a new baby?

I want to make sure I have everything and I didn’t miss anything

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are must haves for a new baby?

I don’t have a baby monitor this time for my second and I wished I bought one before she was born

singlets i prefer the clip ones, bodysuits, face towels. normal towel, bath stuff like all the body wash and shampoo, baby oil, baby powder or sudocream etc, nappies, wipes, baby nail clippers, baby brush, and then personal choice for bottles, dummies, baby blanket

Baby gowns! I hated fussing with zippers/buttons in the middle of the night when changing diapers. The gowns saved my sanity!

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-Wash cloths
-Bath items (body wash, shampoo, lotion, rash cream)
-footed pjs

  • Swaddle Blankets
    -The Sleep Sacks (really easy for night time)
    -Baby Soap (Detergent)
    -Somewhere to sleep (Crib, Basinet, etc)
    -Car Seat
    -Diaper Bag
    -Pump of some type (Haka pump maybe?)
    -Milk storage
    -Baby bottles (only a few you don’t know what they will take to)
    -Something to wash bottles with and somewhere to dry them

I feel like those are the essentials everything else you can get later on depending on your individual needs.

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Burp cloths
Bottles (if using)
Pacifiers (if using)
Pump (if using)
Snowsuit (if taking baby out in cold)
Baby powder
Baby Tylenol/ibuprofen
Lots of snacks for you

Diapers, wipes, bottles, bottle brush, baby bath, towel and washcloths, baby soap, pacifier, blanket, clothes, backpack. I have 3 kids and I could live without everything else, but these are a must

With my first, I got everything the registry suggested because I just didn’t know any better.
Now, less than 11 weeks from my due date with my second, the only things I’ve bought are: newborn/0-3mo clothes (lots of super basic onesies, plus warm clothes cuz winter), basic bathroom kit (brush, shampoo, soap, lotion), basic newborn first aid kit (nose squeegee, baby fingernail clippers, etc), a stroller that my toddler and newborn can use together, a carseat that clicks into the stroller, a bedside bassinet instead of crib, and a baby wear I actually like (Konny baby wear, I tried everything else and hated it). I’d suggest mittens, knotted sleepers/elastic end sleepers.