What are phantom kicks?

Very possible to be phantom… my organs move and muscles “spasm” and it looks and feels like baby kicks! My daughter is 13 and I physically can’t get pregnant so it’s definitely a weird feeling

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Id ask for a blood test. My last baby, i took pregnancy test, all negative. I felt kicking and still negative, went for blood test, i was pregnant. Went for an ultrasound and i found out i was 18 weeks with my 4th boy.

Pulling out is not an effective method of contraception


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I just knew that people were going to be judgemental because of her age. Fully grown adults bullying a child. Gross behaviour.

To the 17 year old, phantom kicks are a real thing. To be 100 percent certain, get a blood test from your doctor, because if you are pregnant, pre natal care is important.
Pull out method isn’t the best form of preventing pregnancies. Best you use a condom, or go on the pill. The mini pill can be used if you’re still breast feeding.

Don’t take to heart what these judgy pricks are saying. Getting advice is the right thing to do when uncertain. You’ve done the right thing.


I haven’t been pregnant for like eight years and I feel phantom kicks all the time. I have no idea if it’ll ever go away. 

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Muscle spasms can cause the skin to move and you can feel them inside.

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If your wanting another little one yay!! If not pull out method will get you another one soon… IUD is great


Muscle spasms are common.

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Wind feels like that…

Pull out method does not work lol. Just sayin’.

You’re too young to have kids if you have to ask this question and think your belly is moving when you’re not pregnant


The pull out method is NOT a method. No judgment on the fact you have a baby congratulations on that. But I hear grown men and women saying they use the pull out method and my only thought is did y’all not listen in sex Ed at all. Hope everything works out for you. And if another little is ok with you guys then congrats on this one too :two_hearts:


get on the pill n you proably got gas

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that is a post that dont need to be put on fb


Pull out is not fucking birth control.

So you got pregnant at 16. It happens, cudos for keeping your baby. But seriously go to the doctor and please don’t quit school.

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Try going to the doctors?

Pull out method is a guarantee to get pregnant again.


Go to the doctor for a blood test. You are too young to be asking this if you think the pull out game works. It doesn’t. You both sound young. Be responsible and go to the doctor. You already have a baby and we all know how babies are made.:woman_shrugging:


You can still get pregnant “pulling out” that’s not a method or bc. And you can still get your period while pregnant


That’s all they are, are phantom kicks. Woman feel those motions years after giving birth, for some it never stops… its been 9 years for me and I still get them

Get on birth control!
Pull out don’t work.
Plan parenthood will give it to you for free.


I had my tunes tied 25-30 years ago and still go through this. Sometimes even feels like baby with hiccups

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Im 26, have had 3 kids. Phantom kicks happen but doesn’t indicate any pregnancies. Your body felt someone move in it for less than 9 months, phantom kicks are muscle spasms that simply have you reminiscing the kicks you once felt.
But keep using the pull out method and there will be real kicks in there again soon.


Go to the doctor and get a real pregnancy test and/or ultrasound to confirm. Step 2, either stop having sex or get on birth control asap. It’s like you’re trying to have another baby before you hit 18.

I used to think I was feeling a baby kick, I had an awesome Dr, he told me (after checking everything, just to make sure) that often times, we THINK it’s that, but our bowels are moving and apparently at times, very “active”. Lol my tummy always has gurgle alot!. Lol


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Oh God, dont they teach you kids about sex and what NOT WORK AS BIRTH CONTROL! :see_no_evil: keep doing
This amd baby 2 will be soon in the way

My daughter is four and I still have phantom kicks lol

Pull out method are you FKN SERIOUS??? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

You do know A lousy pre cum can you pregnant
and you can still be pregnant getting you’re RAGS. you need to get ON contraception ASAP
If you don’t wanna get pregnant again. :joy::pregnant_woman:

This post sounds like it was written by an immature teenager.
Like mature woman would of listened to their doctors when told to use condoms and contraception after having the first kid. :100:

Pulling out is not birth control Jesus Christ🤦🏻‍♀️


Pull out method is very unreliable!!! Prepare to be pregnant!!! Sooner or later it’s going to happen.


Pull out method is the quickest way to have baby number 2


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Make him us a rubber or keep him out unless you want a new baby


I get these too and I’m assuming it’s gas or something cuz it’s definitely not a baby lmao


It’s your intestines

My youngest child is 5, I’m 36. I still get phantom kicks. Get on birth control or use condoms if you’re not ready to have another child


You can gave your period/bleeding while pregnant. Get to your doc to make sure. Also, pull out is very unreliable. You are fertile myrtle after you have a baby. If you don’t want another right now(body needs 18+ months to recover) than no more sex. Or at least b.c. and condoms. But even then, there is still a chance you can get pregnant.

My oldest is 10, my youngest is 2 and I still get phantom kicks. My tubes are cut, tied and burned and I still have symptoms. Please use protection, if not birth control.


Pull out method is a silly joke - does not prevent pregnancy … If you don’t want to get pregnant either do t have sex or use birth control :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

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Pre-cum can still get you pregnant so the pull out doesn’t work I know

Lol. Like someone else said in these comments. They seem to never go away. I’m 34 and a mom of 2 and my youngest is 3. I still freak out sometimes. I’ve had my tubes tied lol.

No sometimes I feel phantom kicks and I had my last baby 2 yrs ago lol but plz for the love of God stop using the pullout method, you can literally get birth control for free, I suggest nexplanon it’s a implant that goes in your arm and lasts 3 years. I use it and have had no side affects. You are 17 with a 8 month old, last thing you need right now is another baby. Trust me.


Pull out isn’t a method of birth control. Semen leaks out during intercourse.
Phantom kicks are a thing. Hard to say if it’s real kicks or phantom kicks since you aren’t using birth control. You will probably get pregnant pretty soon unless you use real birth control. There are many options available. Talk with your dr.

Bahahahahaha the pull out method bahahahaha yeah I tried to use that excuse knowing damn well it wasnt the truth…now they spend 2 months a year the same age…my irish twins!!!

Someone should tell you that the"pull out" method isn’t birth control in fact that way is all about luck. You should get on some kind of birth control if you don’t want anymore babies any time soon. I had my first baby at 18 and then one at 20, 21 and 24. I know what I’m talking about


The “pull out” method? How’s that working for you? I mean, you’re 17 and already have an 8 month old and think you might be pregnant again??? Clearly you’ve decided not to do any research on pulling out. Your boyfriend is just as much at fault. This is a perfect example as to why kids shouldn’t be permitted to vote in elections. You seriously need some Reproductive Health & Sex Education. You can get that from your PCP or OB/GYN. Tell them you’re relying on the “pull out” method and watch the look on their face change when you do it. If I were you, I’d cut your boyfriend off until he agreed to wear a condom. Let him whine about it not “feeling as good.” Here’s what doesn’t “feel as good.” GOING THROUGH 12-24 HRS OF LABOR THEN DELIVERING A BABY THE SIZE OF A LARGE ROTISSERIE CHICKEN. That’s what doesn’t “feel as good.” There are ways to responsibly prevent a pregnancy from happening. Show some initiative, take responsibility for your body & your future. Your birth control would be free.

After my first born I had phantom kicks for up to a year. :grinning:

#1 all 3 of my kids were pulled outs… I have 3 crotch goblins because of that!

#2 could be poop moving through the poop shoot :poop:

#3 go to dr…

#4 I’ve never ever heard of phantom kicks

Please use a more reliable birth control method. Pull out is very unreliable.


You do know of Pre-cum, and that it is loaded w sperm just like regular… most men (or women) don’t realize when this is ejaculated. So, the pull out method is not to be trusted.
As far as phantom kicks. We associate spasms our body has w baby kicks once we’ve had one. It’s just an association our mind uses🤷‍♀️

Pull out method does not work lol


“Pull out method”. I hope you know that the man can pre cum an not even know it. Even tho it’s not supposed to carry sperm there always a possibility it can happen an still chances of getting pregnant. If you don’t wanna get pregnant either don’t have sex, get on birth control an use condoms.

Get an ultra sound. One of my friends kept getting negative tests (urine and blood) and her period. She also had movement feelings and could swear she could see movement. Doctors refused ultrasound because no way since blood and urine tests were negative. When she went to hospital for severe abdominal pain they tested her again. Negative. She delivered about 10 minutes later a healthy baby.


Withdrawal isn’t a good way of birth control, you know? There could still be some semen making its way to your egg and semen can mean another pregnancy. I’m sure you two are aware of this.

The contractions do seem to go on for a while after baby comes but the duration is definitely random. I liked to think it was part of my orgasm but I’m sure that was just wishful and wistful thinking on my part.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, by the way.

I get them too. Its so weird lol. I know it’s never pregnancy since I get my period every month but man it’s such a strange feeling!! My youngest is 3 & all the time still, I get them.

Girl pull out does not work


girl haven’t you learned that method DOES NOT WORK🤣


Previous comments say educate yourself however, you have already had a child so I would assume you are educated. I have 3 kids and have carried and delivered two of them. My baby is Almost 7 years old and my husband had a vasectomy years ago. I still feel phantom kicks and see my stomach move from time to time. Even knowing it’s not possible is still freaks me out and makes me miss being pregnant lol. Chances are it’s gas… if your period is late and your nipples start to hurt, take a test. You know your body when you’re pregnant

Still have fantom kicks for YEARS in between pregnancies. I dont think it ever goes away

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My ob always said to me “you know what we call people who use the pull out method? The answer was parents. Lol


My kids are 5 and 2 and I still have phantom kicks… you will have them probably forever lol

Maybe is just :poop:? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: lol jk. Just go to the doctor to make sure.

My youngest is a pre cum baby :joy::joy: pull out method doesnt work! Id go to the doctor for a blood test to be 100%

My grandmother’s sister played safe by using the pull out method.
She ended up having 5 kids :sweat_smile:


My son is 4 and I still have phantom kicks every now and again. I would strongly suggest a form of birth control that can actually work like the pill or at least condoms


I’ve been having phantom kicks for almost 16 years and my youngest is 9. They used to be sporadic but since I’ve switched my birth control in September they’ve been constant

My sons 11 and every now and again I swear I can feel a kick in my belly the amount of panic pregnancy tests I buy I could fund :rofl:


The pull out method doesn’t work so go on the pill. If the test is negative then either it’s false or it’s correct. Either way go the docs.


The pullout “method” is not a method. Men claim they have a level of control that they simply don’t. If you don’t want another child right now, get a reliable form of birth control, such as the IUD or implenon.

I realize this doesn’t answer your question, but you and all your friends need to know that the pull out method is a myth. Sperm can be present in pre-ejaculate.

The pull out method don’t work you’re about to be 22 with 5 kids.


Old be gas or ur insides moving like ur intestines

The pullout method is a myth girl…

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You really think the pull out method works? Nope. Some of those rascals can swim in before the pull out. Better get a pill, shot, or condom’s.


The pull out method :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Seriously if you believe thats a method your not old enough to have children.


Its gas. I still have them and my youngest is 15

The pull out method has worked for my husband and I for 9 years! We only got pregnant when we tried.

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Omg i never knew this was a thing and I have experienced this as well!

Some women can’t tell with peeing on a stick you may nd a blood test

Get real birth control. Use Medicaid. It’s free. Probably just gas.

I get them phantom kicks all of the time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If get a check up for piece of mind.

“Pull out” omg. When a man… or a boy apparently… gets turned on… the tip gets fluid on it already which means 100s of little guys are already going into you at the get go. Honey if you don’t know enough to know that then you don’t know enough to be boinking in the first place.


Your shrinking and sometimes that close together it shrinks different. I had that. However I also had my period for three months thought o was pregnant and the tests were negative til four months

I’m the mom of 5… pull and pray method also :wink:


Pull out method is unreliable, at best. Good luck… do you want to get pregnant again???

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