What are some baby must haves?

Hi, I am not a new momma, but it has been ten years since my youngest was a baby. I am not in the loop about baby stuff anymore and need help/suggestions on what is needed besides the basics. My sister-in-law is planning a baby shower and wants me to make a list of what I need. If you all could please throw out some suggestions or advice, it’d be greatly appreciated.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are some baby must haves?

My saving grace was the rock and play. They’ve had recalls due to people leaving their babies unattended. As long as you are right there watching them or they haven’t gotten too big to start trying to crawl out of it, he or she should be fine. I would do some kind of Diaper/wipe raffle. For my baby shower, we did a gift basket with liquor, custom made baby shower shot glasses and gift cards.

Swing or bouncy, baby bath, diaper rash cream, 2 different styles of bottles/pacificers, sleepers and burp cloths

Zipper jammies… The buttons are so hard with a kicking baby!


Doc a tot was a life saver for us!

This is from a grandmother! The best thing my daughter in-law got was a boppy pillow for my grandson. He has 2 now. That thing is life changing! We didn’t have those back in the day.


These bottles with built-in straws. They’re perfect - the allow baby to feed when you can’t be hands on. Like when they get hungry in the car?

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Great bedtime story book: “Go the F*ck to Sleep”. The audio version is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

Nursing pads and nip cream if you plan to breast feed.

Also. Im 37 weeks, my oldest 2 are 12 and 10. I feel you! Its been a whole reeducation .

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Dont forget mittens for the hands for when babys first born or a shit ton of socks to put over hands so baby doesnt scratch the face. Breast pads, baby first aid kid( nose sucker, comb, thermometer, nail Clippers ) baby bath, wash cloths, lots of blankets and spit up rags, Vaseline, but cream, sac sleepers, night light, baby swing/ rocker chair, tummy time mat, teething toys, books,

Onsies, swaddles/sleeping bags, burp clothes, nappies, wipes, baby bath products, cvlothes towels powder etc, bottles & seterlizer kit if you plan on formula feeding. Swing chair, play/tummy time mat, car seat, pram, bassinet/bedding. A couple of rattle toys & a few teddies.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are some baby must haves?

A mesh teether. You can put real food in it. No fear of them choking. Big pieces stay in the mesh pouch. Frozen strawberry when they’re teething. BEST product I’ve ever used with my grandkids. Best part, you don’t have to wait until they’re teething. Introduce new foods this way.


Boppy pillow is a must!!


Nose Frida snotsucker! You’ll thank me later. Plenty of burp cloths.


Mamaroo swing and graco sense to soothe bassinet

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I loved my swing, rocking chair for late nights, I used the extra swaddle blankets as burp cloths too, bassinet, nipple cream

Not an item but definitely so helpful, download the app wonderweeks. It’s like $3 and by far the best recourse to understanding what development mental milestones they make during certain weeks they are at. There’s a 4 month regression that it lets you know about along with a few others. It even goes into dental what changes you might see in your LO! I give it a 10/10 !

Items that I found the most useful, a swing for starters! My LO loved his and it was something to let him hang out in instead of always on us. Do your research on what swings are the safest!

A few selections of bottles. Make it a point to put away any sizes that are not new born, it’s so tiring the second you get home. I made the mistake of grabbing stage 1 bottles instead of the newborn. I couldn’t understand why he was so gassy and ate fast. I have so much mom guilt over that, so if I can at least give the advice to someone else to avoid my dumb mistake!

Play mat for tummy tiny, get one with toys attached that hang over them. He/she might not actually play with it for awhile but it gives them something to visually look at that’s intriguing and eventually it becomes a goal to reach for it! Really great exercise for them and strengthening their arms!

If you have a large circle of friends and family, buy ONE newborn outfit, make it the hospital/coming home outfit. The amount of new born clothes bought for you will last! Nothing wrong with getting a few long sleeve mitten onesies though. Cheap and a great edgy to keep their hands covered! Their nails are sharp and they don’t understand they can hurt themselves just yet.

Ok I’m rambling! I’ll try to find a few things I had and link here! You are also welcome to message me personally if you want! You can never have too many mom friends!

Where you have baby sleeping, get blackout curtains! It is recommended to have baby sleeping in your room the first 6 months I believe, but do what is best for you guys! We made the transition just at the last few days of his 4 month sleep regression, and he took right too it. He was sleeping better in his room. My husbands snoring keeps even me up sometimes lol H.VERSAILTEX Ultra Soft Blackout… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075F3YDCF?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

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Lots of diapers! From newborn to size 1. And wipes. So you won’t worry about running out for awhile.

Hi, congrats on the baby! One thing I forgot to buy and it’s super useful its that protector for the crib so that your baby’s arms or legs don’t get stuck. Also get a car seat cover. Dr browns bottles are the best. Stock up on things for you momma. That tether someone told you works wonders too, also the new baby item is called a shusher it calms them down and last but not least make sure the carseat you get is for 4 pounds and up because if you have a tiny Baby like me you’ll need to buy two car seats

Find a white noise machine, I used mine from the day we came home. It replicates the sound that baby can hear inside, just a humming static. When you buy yours, I suggest not using the birds and ocean sounds, those have been show to wake a baby. Find a smooth static sound and don’t be afraid it have it half volume. I truly believe is why my son sleeps great (most nights)

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Mom of 5 here, currently with a newborn. My absolute favorite thing was the velcro swaddlers. :slight_smile:


Travel bottle warmer like baby brew or tempo

A baby monitor mine comes with 2 cameras & it plays lullaby music, my 1 1/2 year old still uses it to this day I just play it & he automatically knows it’s bed time. Also wipey warmer works wonders! & butt paste is always better than baby powder

If you’re using formula these for sure. My niece has them for her newborn and I wish they had them when I had my girls. It saves from carrying around the bulky can of formula… Dr. Brown’s Formula Dispenser, Pink https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01C0OKS5K/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_3WJVFJK8T2CH55QB4WBX

Congrats bottle cleaning brush, bottle drying station, breast pump (no matter if breast feeding it really helps those late night feedings someone else can help so u get some sleep), a bouncer, a Walker, a stroller, socks, lots of onesies, diapers, butt paste 4 diaper rashes, wipes, formula (if feeding that way), baby shampoo, baby clothes detergent, swaddled, swing, breast pads leaking boobs, teething brush, the mesh pacifier, I never used them but a diaper changing station, diaper pail, bumbo seat, baby bathtub, my kids hated pacifiers, and never really did much on teethers

Zarbees cough medicine. They can start taking it at 2 months!

Can never go wrong with a diaper fund! I had mine on amazon. Some kind of boppy pillow for nursing and/or lounging. Any swing that can swing BOTH ways and has the rotating thing above that lights up. VELCRO swaddles!!! And don’t spend a bunch of money on just one kind of bottle. I heard baby’s can be finicky. And places like whattoexpect and babylist have newborn “checklists” that you can Google and it can give you a comprehensive list of “basics” that can hopefully help you choose what you do want & need. Good luck!!!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are some baby must haves?

Bath tub, baby carrier like a moby wrap or ergonomic carrier, a couple books, tummy time matt, rocking chair, pillow for feeding (I used one called My Brest Friend and liked it better than a Boppy), a swing, bouncy chair, stroller, laundry detergent for babies sensitive skin, a diaper pail, size newborn and 0 - 3 months clothes,
if you’re planning on nursing: breast pump, nursing bras, nipple cream, nursing tops, breast feeding compatible pacifiers, breast milk storage bags and bottles, a nursing cover if you want one

Crib bassinet car seat and cover changing table or pad burp rags diapers(new born and the next size too cloths shampoo soap cream for diaper rash play pen

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are some baby must haves?

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I hear ya on the ten years part. I just had my daughter a week ago and my son will be ten next week. If you are like me you are scared nervous and excited but let me tell ya it’s an awesome experience. I’m not as nervous because I’ve done this before and I’m older now and it’s awesome being able to afford everything you need for them since you are older and more experienced. So take a breath you got this and deep down you know what to do.

I love my changing table, diaper genie, dr.brown bottles, baby lounger, rock and play, medicine.

Silicone Bib!! Muslin baby blanket, baby chair in the bathroom, black and white flashcards and learn baby sign language😄

My youngest just turned one and twins boys just turned 13, I feel y’a. Baby brezza, it will pay for every penny and wish I had it with my older boys.

If you plant to formula feed, a baby Brezza is a LIFE SAVER

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Mylicon…. Gas drops!

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Play pen
Highchair(not immediately)
I like bassinets personally
Baby monitors
Lots of cheap onesies
Burp rags are great
Baby blankets
Diaper cream
Gripe water
Tommy Tippy or Dr. Brown bottles
Imo this does the trick. I’m sure I’m forgetting a thing or so, but I try to be as simple as possible with my babies.

Boppy pillow swaddle blankets diapers wipes bottles pacifiers if you want them to have them sleepers a pack n play works wonders as a bassinet and converts to a pack n play later used it 3 years ago and just bought another for my little one on the way

Bassinet (or somewhere else to sleep), swaddles, diaper cream, bottles, some formula samples or breast pump, gas drops and gripe water, burp clothes, somewhere for baby to hang out so you don’t have to hold them all the time (bouncer, swing, etc. We preferred the boppy newborn lounger pillow) bath tub, stroller or carrier, nail file and clippers, bulb syringe or snot sucker

Never have enough onesies or blankets and diapers

Warmer for baby wipes and anti gas bottles just in case and sensitive tummy formula just in case like alfamino.

Baby soap wash clothes towels diapers crib bouncer car seat stroller wipes bottles binky nail clippers thermometer. Onesies lotion

Chest carrier diaper genie blankets diaper cream

Prep machine for bottles life safer so much easier having one with my younger two children they weren’t around when I had my first 5 children. X

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Bouncer is a must have!

Some sort of bouncer/chair, swaddlers are a must for us. We never even use the flannel blankets. They have some at Walmart in a pack with a headband or hat, they’re soft and super stretchy, my favorite to wrap my newborn in. Instead of mittens for her hands we use the baby socks. They’re longer, warmer and stay on her hands better so they don’t get cold and she doesn’t scratch her face

Bottle maker if you ever plan to use formula :slight_smile:

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Nose frida, burp clothes, bassinet for the side of your bed, the hatch machine, mamaroo or something similar, boppy, zipper pajamas, and halo sleep sack.

Clothes in 3-6 months, cloth diapers, wipes. I asked for ppl to go to the salvation army or get hand-me-downs on clothes bc I knew how fast they grow out of stuff. Maybe have them donate some money on a gift card so you can get stuff later on


A microwave bottler sterilizer. You put bottles, nipples, pacifiers etc inside, add a little water and microwave for a couple of minutes. Saves a lot of time, didn’t know I needed this til I got one!


Bed side bassinet, if you live in a two story home a pack and play for the downstairs so baby is always safe sleeping. Sleep sacks, boppy, onesies with the zippers, butt paste, baby mat, soft wash cloths and towels. Cradle cap brush.

Zipper sleepers
long sleeve onesies with the built in mittens for when they’re newborns so they don’t scratch themselves
Swaddle blankets with the velcro bc they wiggle out of regular fleece blankets
Mittens and/or socks for their little razor finger nails
Burp cloths bc you don’t want all your shirts getting ruined
Bibs when they start teething bc they tend to drool A LOT
Thermometers! Keep one in your diaper bag and a couple in your house
Childrens Tylenol and ibuprofen, I have 2 kids and I’m due with our 3rd in a couple weeks so we keep the Tylenol and ibuprofen on deck at all times.
Keep a container of wipes in every room along with a couple diapers
Baby bathtub bc bathing them in the kitchen sink is really hard bc they get slippery
Bouncy and swing (definitely both) bc they both help relax baby
Gripe water for gassy baby (Walmart sells it in the baby section)
Diaper rash cream, I recommend boudreax’s bc it’s worked the best with my children and all my nieces
Keep your hair pulled back out of baby’s grip, lol just trust me
If you visit friends and family a lot I would recommend getting a pack n play to take with you, baby’s need a lot of naps/sleep and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed one and didn’t have it

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Lots of of pajamas with no buttons, just no buttons. Lol.

Ask for the Frida Baby kit. The nose aspirator has been a life changer.

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I’m a little bit of an older mama (this is my 4th) I bought a lot of stuff this time to make every aspect of taking care of a baby as easy as possible :joy: I’ll post pictures in the comments :white_heart:

Electric nasal aspirator. Works a million times better than the suction bulbs and not as gross as the frida.

Sleep sacks are amazing

Not nessicary but I loved my dock a tot

Colic/ gas drops 2 weeks being home my lil guy decided he was going to be colicky and boyyyyyyyy was I not prepared for that.

Mama roo is a lifesaver, doc a tot (or something similar) a good front pack, nose frida, hatch baby rest, good postpartum belly band, nighttime swaddles.

We did a diaper raffle. Have people bring a box/packs of diapers to enter (any size), one ticket per thing of diapers. At the end of the shower whoever’s wins gets a prize. (Our prize was a wax warmer). Our little girl is 6 months and we’ve only had to buy one box so far.


Bouncer, swaddles, lots of sleepers! I asked for a hospital pack for me and fiance with basic stuff like deodorant, shampoo stuff like that.

Boppy lounger, kepi swaddle

Diapers wipes bottles and onsies… U could never have enough… But if they buy diapers ask for bigger sizes like size 2 and up

I was so grateful someone have me some baby tylenol, gas drops, and gripe water. Also a baby first aid kit. We overlooked these things when we made our list.


Nose freda(for that first cold/ stopped uo nose)! Wished I had one with all 3 of mine!

A bed, a boob or bottle, a few sleepsuits, a blanket, nappies, lots of love :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: from experience half the stuff you end up buying never gets used and is a waste of time, though I found baby sleeping bags to be amazing… I also bought bottles and then soley breastfed so they never got used :rofl::rofl:

Lavender nighttime baby wash and lotion, still to this day calms my little ones

bouncer/swing, boppy pillow, swaddle blankets and binkies.

This was a life saver when my 2 little ones would get all snotty. In my opinion they work way better than the original nose suction and electric suction ones.

I just became a new mommy after a little over 8 years, so I know the feeling. My little is almost 4 months old and we haven’t had to buy diapers or wipes because that is one thing we asked for. One thing I forgot to ask for that I bought later on was a baby wrap carrier. So much more comfy and helpful when trying to work with the big and cuddle little.

Honestly I love my diaper genie. So many said it would be pointless but it really helps with the stinky diapers you don’t want in the regular trash bin stinking up the place

Pack and play, baby monitor, sound machine, zip up pajamas

A Mamaroo was a big help for us. I got ours used on Facebook marketplace and it was practically brand new. It really helped us those first few weeks. I love our Hatch sound machine, 18 mos later and we still use it. A bottle warmer was also a must for us and a good pumping machine…check with your insurance as it may be free. My daughter didn’t really breastfeed so I pumped liked crazy.

Following! I’m due next month but I haven’t had a baby in 14 years!!! We have 5 teens and I’m clueless as to what I need in regards to what’s currently out there. We didn’t have all this fancy stuff 14 years ago :woman_facepalming:t3:

You can’t have too many diapers or onesies.

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Baby swing a must!!!

Lots of receiving blanket/burp towels and a BUNCH OF ONSIES AND SOCKS. U will thank me later lol

My third baby is 8 weeks old here’s what I use everyday:Baby swing cuz sometimes I need to help the older kids so I gatta put baby down. Hakka silicone pump/milk collector Idk why I didn’t have hakkaa with my daughter it has made my life easier. Sleep sacks and baby gowns that tie at the bottom are perfect use those everynight. Boppy pillow for when dad holds the baby.

Wipes diaper rash cream, thermometer

If you plan on breastfeeding the Hakka Pump is a must! It’s inexpensive, it worked really well to put it on the opposite side for nursing, it collects the let down. Nice to have a little bit of milk on standby.
You can get them on Amazon.

Lifesaver for giving meds! My son didn’t even really use a pacifier, but this helped get meds in so much easier. Also a boppy new born lounger!

Gripe water is a life saver, the Nose Frida is amazing, diaper genie, pacifier wipes, baby carrier like a Moby, a dock a tot, hand and face wipes

Teething necklace! It was the best thing ever when my little guy started teething. I put it on everytime I left the house and it was a total life saver.

I was not blessed with a sleeper until I got this lol

Leachoo baby lounger!!!