What are some early signs of pregnancy?

What are some early signs of pregnancy that others have experienced?


Extremely tired, hightened sense of smell, grossed out by smells, gagging when brushing tongue.
That was my first pregnancy.
My 2nd pregnancy had no symptoms.

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Spotting, cramping, sore breasts, frequent urination…

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With my last baby I bit into a slimjim which I love and thought it was bad. Hubby and nephew both said they were fine. Took a pregnancy test the next morning and it was positive! I was 3 weeks

Extreme exhaustion. I woke up on a Sunday and immediately went back to bed and slept the entire day which is completely unlike me.

I was drinking apple juice all the time and was very tired

Just a late period. Took a test came back positive. I didn’t get any symptoms until roughly around 8-9 weeks … morning sickness 24/7 my entire pregnancies !!! It was awfullll no glow for me :rofl:

Sore breast’s. Tiredness. Nausea when eating. Those I think are the usual ones

I thought I had a cold at first. I was run down and sniffling. My stomach was upset. Took off from work early to go lay down and rest only for my best friend to ask me if I could be pregnant. Took a test that night and sure enough I was 3 weeks.

All I wanted to do was sleep

Tired, sore breasts, heightened sense of smell and funny sweet smelling urine for me.

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Completely irrational emotions to anything!!:rofl::rofl::sweat_smile:

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Period pain cramps…the same I would get every month just before my period, except this time my period didnt come!

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Lightheadedness. No other symptoms. I was out walking and almost blacked out. I googled what that could mean and pregnancy popped up. And I sure was!

Had to pee every 5 minutes lol

I didnt have any symptoms. Just felt it deep down.

Vomiting the second I was pregnant sore boobs

Exhaustion, and sore breast, and some Nausea…

Very tired and tender breasts

Puking 24/7 sore breasts, tired, light-headed. 5 weeks pregnant.

My first signs are always super tired and bleeding gums. With my first i was really sick too right from the start but i thought i had a tummy bug :joy:

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I always had swollen ankles after working

Every pregnancy I woke up sick and it was a different kind of sick. I knew before even taking a test.

My first sign was heartburn tbf, and I thought it was because I’d had a bacon sandwich, but someone at work said I was pregnant, took the test and yes I was, and 8 weeks along at that point!

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I didn’t have any symptoms until after I found out I was pregnant. My positive test came at 17 days pregnant and symptoms didn’t show up until 6-7 weeks.

:joy: I knew right away bc my breasts got so painfully sore

I tracked my period so if I started feeling crappy before my period I knew and my last 3 kids I knew at 3 weeks 5 days. I also could feel it but with my 3rd child my Boxer I had actually started being really overprotective and laying on my belly which she never did. Took a dollar store test and had a positive. And with that trip an old gentleman was like, why do that test with a cheap test? It’s all I ever used and it’s the same kind Dr offices use… No point in spending $8+ bucks for a test that’s not as great as the dollar store brand. Lol

Light cramping, dizzy and just unwell feeling.

Sore breasts and heartburn. I had heartburn so bad with both pregnancies😩

Period was late, then after I took test i had constant nausea

None that i can remember

Absolute earliest symptom for me was a metallic taste in my mouth. This was between 4-5 weeks.

Heart burn with my son. Craving strawberries with my 1st it was so bad and weird I knew something was off. Being more exhausted than normal with all of them

Sore breasts was always my first sign of pregnancy.

With my first 2 was late. I had no symptoms early on. Later I had heart burn something fierce. With my 3rd I had mo symptoms at all. I even bled monthly for 5 months that’s when I found out I was pregnant. My 4th I was sick the entire time, nausea, heart burn and migraines from conception to birth. Was miserable.

I couldn’t hold in my gas :joy: but that was the only thing odd that I noticed with my body and I was 6 weeks when I took the test.

Light cramping and a 1 day period. Found out the next month I was pregnant.

Nipples too sensitive to shower, I was overly emotional. I could kind of tell my period wasn’t coming, still waited till I was late and my hormone levels were very high they thought I was having twins :joy: explained the BAD attitude I had

Sense of smell and constant sinus congestion

Sharp stomach pains.

Around your nipples are always a dark brown color and they are very sore

And Bad Heartburn 24/7

sleepyyyyy. i was soooo dangerously tired. i could literally fall asleep driving.


My boobs hurt so bad and I had to pee a lot I was also nauseous like I have the stomach bug and tired

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I was very emotional. I cried over the silliest things.

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I got 2 pimples on either side of my mouth. Which was super strange, I don’t get pimples often. And then I thought I caught a bug, flu symptoms. Then breast tenderness came, and its still here. :unamused:

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Boobs were sore, I was super tired all the time no matter how much sleep I got. I had a weird craving for mushrooms (which I’ve never liked) and broccoli cooked with steak seasoning. I also started to hate the smell of my boyfriend for some reason.


Very sore boobs and sensitive nipples. It hurt not to wear a bra. Smell aversions, heart burn

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Tired, tender breast and craving sour

Going to the bathroom a lot, thirsty, nausea, hormonal, exhausted, and my boobs where sore.

Bleeding gums
Could smell anything nasty from miles away
Aversion to the smell of meat :face_vomiting:

All before i found out i was pregnant

I got intensely nauseated

Passed out in hot spaces. Happened both pregnancy.

Had to pee all the time, had sharp pains when I would cough in my lower abdomen, headaches and really tired. None of the other symptoms showed up until like 10 to 12 weeks for me. Then again, I had a miscarriage a few months before I ended up pregnant again

It’s always the fatigue that gets me first. In bed asleep by 7pm. Just totally exhausted.

Nauseous and dehydrated

Changes in emotions for me.

I had hot flashes!! We were trying to get pregnant so I had an idea that maybe I was…so right after work I went and took a test and sure enough it was positive !!

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Acid reflux gave it away for me with all 5 pregnancies

Nausea was my first clue. I wanted to vomit the same times every day for a week before I got the pregnancy test.

Sore boobs and sooo hungry!

Sore breasts and nipples and nausea and irritability

I realized I was pregnant the first time when I finished an entire foot long sub in one sitting. Very abnormal in my case

With my son I didnt feel my ovulation and instantly knew.

Now this time. This time was a whirlwind. 2 days after taking an ovulation test and it said I was at my peak and I was curious to see where I was at so I took another one. For shits and giggles I took a pregnancy test too and it came back positive. I felt no different. It threw me so off. Here we are a couple of months later still extremely confused lol.

Oh man I didn’t read the question. Haha
12 weeks when I found out I was soo tired, neasous. Thought this stomach flu sure is lasting awhile. Turns out It was twins. I could not stand smells. Which should have been an indicator. I was clueless .

I couldn’t stomach coffee or cigarettes my body was not having it lol

Super tired and any smell would trigger dizziness and vomiting

With all mine I was extremely hungry from the beginning. No real sickness.

My first born I was exhausted from day one and wanted slot of milk and creamy food and got motion sick my second one I slept a lot and my third one I was a space head and was constantly zoned out and my mom kept commenting on how bitchy I was lol. I found out at 5 weeks for my first, 3 weeks with my second and the very day I should have missed my period with my third

Breast soreness, cramps, extreme fatigue, hot flashes, food aversion (temporary, especially meat).

For each of my pregnancies I tasted tin or blood, took a test and Preggo!

Super tired! Felt like I got hit by a truck or had the flu and super hungry, bigger boobs

I was a smoker at the time, and ciggs made me super nauseous ( I quit when I found out why). Also I took a bit of my favorite kind of pickles and almost threw up. Took a test as soon as I got off work.

Food aversion and nausea.

Nausea, sore boobs, tired. Missed period or late.

Itchy nipples :joy::joy: for real though that was what made me know every time


I take that you mean early pregnancy signs as in before the missed period and nausea… I have two kids and both times, I was really thirsty; which of course led to frequent urinating and that’s what flagged it for me to test.

The inevitable feeling like there is not enough pee’s in the world…


I thought I was coming down with the flu, achey and tired, no energy

Waking up having to pee URGENTLY

Missed period obviously
Very tired
Sore/tender boobs
Swollen feet/ankles
Abdominal pains
Break outs
Peeing a lot

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My very first symptom was extreme thirst. That came before ANYTHING else for me.

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For me was the change in appetite and disliking foods i normally ate.

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For me sore boobies and being able to smell everything. My last pregnancy I was in San Francisco on the pier even though I can smell the fishy air I was able to hunt down a donut stand

Fatigue and peeing alot

So I had ZERO symptoms which was a red flag for me. Normally before my period I’d get that feeling, sore boobs etc but when I got pregnant I felt nothing which is what made me think something was up and Then my husband hugged me and asked if I was feeling okay because he said it felt like I was running a fever. I thought hmm something isn’t right here nothing is normal for my period coming so I tested and sure enough I was pregnant. The “pregnancy” symptoms for me didn’t show up until much later and the sore boobs didn’t hit until the end of my pregnancy. But every woman and every pregnancy is different.

Tired all day long even though I was sleeping 7 hrs at night.

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Change in smell- my sense of smell became way stronger! I was also more sensitive emotionally than normal as far as being worried or something hurting my feelings.

I was very fortunate to have never had morning sickness. Not saying I felt great 24/7. My first sign with all my pregnancies were sore breasts!!! Like early, before even taking a test

Car sickness, lower back pain, slight fever, feeling like i was coming down with some sort of sickness but never got fully sick and i started getting grossed out by foods i normally liked. With my second, i was getting clogged ducts but everything was the same with that pregnancy too in the early stages before either pregnancy was confirmed.

The first tell for me was that rather than my face breaking out near my expected period it got really clear.

My nose became so sensitive to smells. And I just had this weird feeling something was off. And that was before a missed period. All 4 of my pregnancies.

Feeling lightheaded and crampy. Didn’t really have an appetite

well PMS has all the signs of pregnancy. Stress can cause a late period. I’ve had many moments i thought i was but it was just the signs my period was starting. Change in taste, smell, bathroom issues, over sensitive, sick to my stomach, headaches, sensitive breasts… All you can do is wait a week after a missed period and test

Hyper sensitive breasts, tiredness and sense of smell heightened

With my first son before I found out I had terrible stomach pains one day that had me laying on the bathroom floor lol but never had any other symptoms and that only happened once

For me I got an awful taste on my mouth. Was getting quite queasy/tiered in the evening which turned into hyperemesis :face_vomiting:

Uncontrollable emotions. Couldnt stop the tears from flowing. Nothing was right. I was 4 weeks pregnant.

Sore boobs and eating a giant tray of strawberries by myself lol

Ears ringing from the extra blood flow and CRAZY dreams