What are some must haves for your hospital bag?

Hey ladies! So I am 25 weeks pregnant today. After I scared the past week with the placental abruption and the contractions yesterday, I feel like I need to pack my hospital bag. My question is, what are/were your must-haves for you. Dad and baby?


2 pairs of comfy socks of your own! I hate those yucky ones they give you there. Also your own travel size toiletries, it makes you feel human to have your own stuff.

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Robe, slippers, Cell phone charger, gum, hard candy, toiletries, chap stick,

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Robe, slippers, granny panties, long & thick pads, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, lotion, brush, baggy t shirts, sports bras, sweat pants, socks, blanket, ipad, zipper pajamas for baby, outfits, socks, mittens, hats, breast pump, baby blanket, receiving blankets, burp rags, swaddle, pacifier & boppy.

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Chargers, electronics, good book, comfy non-slip socks, comfy leggings for time in hospital wearing gown, outfit to go home in, toiletries, blanket from home, outfit for baby to go home, onesies for time in hospital, wipes, diapers (hospital gave me a ton though), must have a car seat too for the hospital to release the baby

Extra clothes for mum and Bub, including underwear for you and singlets for Bub.

Phone. Phone carger. A pair of sweat pants. a comfy oversized top. And an outfit for baby. :joy: The hospital pretty much provides everything. I wouldnt over do it. Just grab your favorite comfort items.

Your favorite feminine pads, and lots of them, if you are a tampon user you still need pads. Comfy clothes for wearing home, like sweatpants, leggins, even a house dress, something to pass time, book cards phone laptop. A comfy nightgown and robe.

So my first child i bought all of the listed above. Ended up not needing anything but going home clothes for baby and me. Phone charger… they gave me everything my baby and i needed

Lotion and chapstick!

Adult diapers, I thought I’d be a medium but they were tight on me !

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Snacks for both of you
Hair ties
Chapstick (!!)

I was 17 when I had my oldest and 19 with my youngest. I didnt pack much either time because I didn’t want to haul so much back and forth. Carseat, outfits for baby, sweats/yoga pants and pj bottoms with baggy t-shirts for me, bathroom stuff, make up and charger.(pretty much think of what you use daily and comfy clothes)
The hospital supplied diapers, wipes, a robe (new mother gift), baby lotion, pacifiers, diaper powder. Not sure if all hospitals do this. Both mine were born at the same hospital it just moved locations between.
I packed a bag for me and the baby stuff in the diaper bag. You can never be over prepared thou. Just depends on your specific needs and wants.

Chapstick!!! Phone charger.

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Chap stick and hair ties. DO NOT forget those.
Shower stuff and loose comfy jammie pants baggy t shirts socks big old granny panties a couple outfits for baby and a charger for your phone and snacks

While it’s true that the hospital provides a lot for you and the baby, and it’s also true you shouldn’t overdo bringing things, it’s so hard to say what you will need since every hospital is different. My hospitals food was decent (wouldn’t say amazing but I wanted more of it while I was there) but I still ate my own snacks as well. The hospital has diapers and formula, though if you want a specific formula you’ll need to bring it. I loved wearing my t shirt and yoga pants while I was there. I also liked having my own pillow. Also, I suggest just getting the small bottles of things like shampoo/conditioner because the ones at my hospital sucked.

Comfy clothes (3 days just in case)
Pads if you want your own specific ones
Chargers for whatever electronics you bring
Going home outfit for baby
Cash for vending machines
Body wash

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What everyone else listed but also, just had my 2nd 3 weeks ago and it did not dawn on me until the nurse came in and pulled out my iv, but if you have hair on your arms, shave them cause that medical tape sucks! I have a bald patch on my arm because of the tape. Lol


Pads, toothbrush.
I hardly used anything tbh cause they provided a lot.

Snacks in case you have to stay in a while!

I just rrmember having a baby bonnet in the bag. It’s a good thing we did. Our first daughter was born in the car on the way to the hospital. We tore the ribbons off the bonnet to tie the baby’s umbilical cord!

An actual WARM blanket from home. Hospital blankets suck.

Dry shampoo and face wipes.

Chapstick and gum or hard candy. Your mouth gets super dried out.

Chap stick , overnight pads. Yoga ball

Your own cup! Ours are so small and I found I was just chugging them down lol felt bad asking non stop.

I absolutely loved having my own pillow from home, my own throw blanket, robe, slippers, a comfy longer length nightgown, and I even brought a portable fan which was awesome because I got so hot LOL. They have lots on Amazon, but I got one that was USB powered and doubled as a stroller fan for summer. I even brought little battery operated tea lights (candles), which really helped calm me down and set the mood. Worked great after delivery too, when I just needed some comforts from home! Oh- and an extension cord (to charge your phone) because the outlets are usually far from your bed! I also loved my extra large beach towel for my first shower. Hospital towels are TINY.

For dad, make sure he has snacks, charging cables, more than one change of clothes, a pillow, maybe a blanket … depends how “comfy” ya’ll like to get.

Biggest recommendation for baby: at least two different sizes of going home outfits! I was told I’d be having a 9+ pounder, so I brought 0-3M clothes. Out popped a tiny 6lb baby! NB sizes were too big! Someone had to go grab smaller clothes for him :sweat_smile:

I cant exactly tell you what to pack because with either of my kids I never actually got to pack a bag with my first he was born at 36 weeks and his dad’s sister packed some clothes and our chargers and my hair brush and camera my second was born at 32 weeks and my husband rushed home from work to grab some thing so my only real advice is to pack a bag early just incase especially if you do have special things you want or need at the hospital with you

Your bathroom bag. For each kid, my bag was smaller and smaller. You don’t need much.

Clothes for return home, insurance cards, car seat, hair brush, camera, cellphone, face masks, they will offer to take pictures of baby some places want payment so cash/checkbook/credit card (could call ahead to find out), book, tunes, bath robe and slippers, baby blanket and one outfit, baby book for documenting, get doctor’s autograph in it, medication list if you take any.

Chap stick, your usual hygiene products, pillow and blanket for your spouse,

U may also want to bring things with u that will help u to pass the time all 5 of my kids I took my laptop to play games or whatever

Take some comfy gowns, your favorite pillow (not white case) and always bring my own toiletries and a few was cloths, your bits are gonna be sore and hospital wash cloths and towels are rough. Snacks… most hospitals aren’t allowing people to leave for food

Granny panties in bigger sizes than you were prepregnacy (maybe 2 sizes. because…) humongous overnight pads that look like they could double as a crib mattress!

Otherwise, just think through your days for what you will need. Extra charger for phones, tablets. Going home outfit pre- laundered for baby . Maybe a premier and a newborn size if you’re packing in case of premature labor.



I always buy myself a new pair of jammies as a gift to myself lol hair ties, phone charger, hair brush and toiletries in case they don’t have any there. Also pads in case they’re being stingy and only give out 2 at a time lol

Not to be gross but if you prefer a special kind of pad bring your own the ones the hospital have are horrible …

Granny panties are a must… something comfortable to wear easy on and off … oh if your hair is long dont forget a scrunchie or rubber band nothing worse then feeding the baby and your hair getting in the way …

Oh and maybe slip on shoes or slippers especially if your feet are swollen…

Oh and I used those light day pads for inside my bra for leakage … if you plan on breast feeding bring something to store your milk in just in case you cant actually breast feed …

It might sound personal but i had a problem breast feeding and had to pump my milk right away…

Anyway good luck…

Carseat, maternity/comfy clothing, pjs & or robe, sanitary pads, toiletries(hairbrush, toothpaste, toothbrush etc.), outfit or 2 for baby, blanket, phone charger, snacks, etc.

Lots of lotion! Chapstick or such for your lips, comfy slippers, comfy gown or pajamas and a robe. Charging cord(s). Camera. Socks or mittens for baby. Pads and undergarments. Lots of pads. Comfy “going home” clothes. Your own shampoo/conditioner. Hairdryer, but may not be able to use, call and ask.

You have to have your carseat. Pack light because they will send all sorts of things home with you. Talk to your hospital in case of odd Covid restrictions. If you think your baby may be early and spend any NICU time you will only be allowed to put clothes on at first that snap all the way up for their monitors and lines. Comfy clothes for you. Going home blanket and clothes for baby. Comfortable breast pads.

Definitely lotion for yourself, hairties, if first child- stop by firehouse and have them double check the car seat base is put in correctly and that the carrier snaps in like it should.


I e never packed a pregnancy bag,but I’ve definitely spend plenty of time in hospitals. Don’t forget toiletries! Toothbrush, tooth paste, dry shampoo, deodorant. Bring socks/house slippers. Pack snacks! I always brought my own pillow and blanket. I like to have a comfy hoodie. Chargers for your electronics. Bring an extra bag for any gifts or free stuff you get while in the hospital.

Good luck!

Comfortable gowns, slippers, large sanitary napkins underwear. Brush, mirror. Hand cream or lotion. Something comfortable for baby to wear home. Dad could get baby car seat ready. Pacifier for baby. Best wishes for a safe delivery and congratulations to you and daddy. P.s. maybe a book of baby names.

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I never had a bag. Both of my kids was born early. I came home without one. Just clothes to go home in is just fine.

Pack extra baby clothes , nice warm blanket, pacifier, something comfortable for you to wear and things you’ll want for a shower like shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush ect…I had to have my husband run back home for more baby clothes because she’d spit up so make sure you take extra! Car seat, phone, charger,slippers.

I suggest to bring some clothes for your husband too. God bless!!! :heart::heart::heart:

Also nursing pads if you plan on breastfeeding

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Chap stick, phone chargers, biggest pads you can find (size 5 overnight in the purple wrapper), blankets for everyone, clothes, shower stuff, your baby bag

Tennis ball in case you have bad back labor. Having someone roll it up and down your back can help.

Chapstick. Slippers and warm cozy socks. Chapstick.

Phone charger!! I forgot mine :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Dont forget your phone chargers or you will have to buy a $50 one in the gift shop :laughing: it happened to me. But i realized after having my first that you will want to try and get what you absolutely need but try not to pack anything you dont because ya gotta carry all that crap back out plus all the extras you get and of course the new baby. I brought one outfit for baby for going home/ pictures. Otherwise i used what they gave me. I also always stay in the hospital gown until they are done checking on me . Then a bag with one change of clothes for husband with snacks.

Comfy, but short, bathrobe. Maternity clothes to wear home.

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Lollies, Ural, Kleenex wet wipes for you,

Chap stick. Your shampoo/conditioner. Lotion. Mittens or socks for baby’s hands. Snacks. Camera. Phone.

Phone and charger in case you can’t have visitors

My essentials for me personally were the nipple cream, nipple shield(helps a ton with nursing until your comfortable and used to that pain/discomfort without it) and a comfortable outfit. For baby I packed a couple outfits, a warm blanket and mittens. In theory you feel like you need a lot but you really don’t. Most times you go home the day after birth.

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Comfy jammies, slippers, chapstick, your own toiletries

I thought it was silly when people said to bring your pillow until I had my baby… but, bring your pillow. You won’t regret it.

housecoat and bedroom slippers :wink:

Breastfeeding pillow if you have one. Made learning to nurse a lot easier and staff helped us figure out what worked for us with our own pillow, so once we got home it was easier to know how to get positioned

Silk night gown and Tucks

As little as possible. Either your lugging your bag around if your induced or there is no room for your bags. 1 small bag. Your toiletries cause after the baby your gonna wanna shower brush your teeth. A pair of pants for after the baby is born Something light and high I preferred. A baggy shirt or breast feeding shirt. Lip chap and something to make your mouth not so dry cause it gets reallllll dry. And a water bottle. Couple outfits for baby. They puke a lot and scratch mits. Vaseline for babys bum for tar poops. Makes the clean up way easier. Try to use as many things from the hospital that can stay at the hospital as possible. They will provide pads diapers wash clothes hospital gowns. I wore crocks.

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I didnt have a bag. I didnt even have a carseat to bring my first son home in. My aunt went out an bought my son his first outfit bc he didnt even have that to go home in. Now with my second son I didnt have a bag either just grabbed an outfit an the carseat😂

Your own WARM and cozy blanket

Extra baby clothes. We went through about three or four outfits a day. Super soft sleepers, and baby gowns, cute hats and the tiniest socks you can find. I had no idea how many outfits they would need. Congratulations!!

Just don’t over pack! I had my robe and socks and loved it. Also had a blanket and my pillow and they were so nice to have too. I brought my shower stuff so I could shower while there and that was nice.

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I recommend getting numbing spray and a bottle you can use to rinse off your lady bits at home when you use the restroom.

Your pillow, your blanket, phone charger. Toiletries.

I took a long night gown, blanket, pillow, pads, tooth brush, bodywash and shampoo. Also, I had something to do. They give you diapers and wipes. Bring clothes for the baby too.

Phone charger lmaooooo

Nipple cream if you’re breastfeeding

I had chronic placental abruptions, I was in the hospital for 5 weeks before my water broke at 34. Honestly, I would worry about getting a go bag packed for you. An extra charger, comfy cloths, chap stick, lotion. Start sleeping with a receiving blanket so it’ll smell like you just Incase baby has to do a nicu stay.

Charger pillow blanket. Baby needs about 3 outfits socks mittens hats. You need 3 very comfy outfits. One to wear there one after baby and one to go home in I’d prob bring your own shampoo brush tooth brush tooth paste. Chapstick. Bring dad 3 outfits

A robe, and cash for vending machines. Outfit in a few different sizes for baby because you never really know. And a portable phone charger box if you can find one? Very helpful if theres no outlet close to you

Clothes for you and baby for the day you leave. Everything is provided (at least my hospital it was. So check with yours)

Disposable toiletries! Use them at the hospital and throw them away when you leave instead of bringing home the nasty airborne germs and such home on your toothbrush. Target $ section was my go-to.

Your own underwear and ones that fit the biggest pad you can imagine. Comfy jammies and a robe. Baby clothing/going home outfit

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Try to stay small and simple. Like your basic toiletries, tooth brush and paste, hair brush and some nice comfy pants and t shirt and socks. And same for the babys stuff. I waaaaay over packed for the baby lol just stick to a couple outfits one or two bibs and bum cream

Snacks- Some hospitals are limiting how many times people leave so I’d bring LOTS of snacks in case partner can’t leave to get food.
-Chapstick- my lips were so chapped after labor and delivery
-Night gown- easier to use the bathroom after delivery
-Nursing bras- if you choose to nurse
-dry shampoo/shampoo, body wash, deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste

Phone, charger, comfy clothes to go home in, going home outfit for baby, outfit to take baby’s pictures in, snacks, toiletries. See what your hospital provides. When I had my baby a month ago, I didn’t need much because the hospital provided a lot.

Definitely a pacifier for the hubby! :joy: