What are some things I can do to get my contractions going?

I am 37 weeks and two days pregnant; I’ve been away from home, my kids my common law for two months now due to being sent out early with my pregnancy; today, I had a doctors appointment and was told I am 4cm cervix is at 80% thinned, I’ve tried walking around lots, I’ve tried raspberry leaf tea, squats literally anything to get my contractions going, I am homesick I miss my kids what else is there to help me get my contractions going, if I don’t have my baby over the weekend I will be getting induced, and it’ll be my first time, and I am scared, I need help any tips? *PLEASE DO NOT SUGGEST CASTOR OIL


I would say sex maybe…

I think you should let your body do it’s thing… it’ll know when you and your baby are ready…


Sex might work or try one of those balls that you sit on

Sounds so strange but I was 40 weeks+ 7 and I was fed up I got down on all fours and cleaned the living room floor by hand . Nothing too strenuous. That night my contractions started . I wasn’t dilated at all prior and when I got there was told I was 4cm and they were keeping me in to break my waters if they didn’t go by themselves

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You can try everything under the sun and it will only work if baby is ready to come. You aren’t required to be induced, unless there is a medical reason. If you don’t have a medical reason and don’t want to be induced, then tell your doctor no.


Good luck. I tried so many things to get my contractions going with no luck. Walking, squats, sex, bouncing on a birthing ball you name it. Nothing worked! Let your body do what it’s made to do. Baby will come when ready.

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Pray, you must relax. They told me to walk.

All I can suggest is walking and bouncing on a birthing ball! Don’t try anything that may put baby in danger

They are going to induce you at 37 weeks? Why? Why not let the baby come when they are ready? You are risking preterm birth.


I was 4cm dilated for a week at 37 weeks as well. Being intimate with my husband was the only thing that got things in motion. Had her the same night.

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Just lay on your left side

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Sex anything pineapple walk bounce on a ball

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An exercising bouncing ball! It helped me. Try not to lay down for a long period of time and walk around as much as you can.

I was induced at 41 weeks and 3 days! I had to be induced, TWICE!! Did walking even had TWO membrane sweeps. Baby will come when they are ready!!! It’s not scary to be induced. Just keep walking!! Good luck and congratulations!

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Cum just softens your cervix and you’re plenty soft but if you can orgasm that can cause contractions. I can’t orgasm that far along lol. Pumping and breast play may start contractions. After that your body just has to do its thing.

You wait until you are 40 weeks. Baby is just not ready yet


Still plenty of time. Baby will come when baby is ready.

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I was close to full term and tried everything and nothing worked. Everyone is different so try all the suggestions. But no need to be afraid if you do need to be induced. I ended up getting induced on my die date and it only lasted 4 hours

Intimate with husband
Spicy food
Keep exercising

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I have tried everything, girl. Nothing works. Just have to wait till your baby is ready.

Nipple stimulation and orgasms. The serotonin helps contractions start.

Why would they induce you? I thought 40 weeks was full term…

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Stairs mama. Walk some stairs.

You are only 37 weeks… Also why cant you see your kids? Nothing makes sense here…

Try not to be overly afraid.You are having another baby.Try to be excited.Congrats.

Sex usually works, especially if you orgasm. Since you’re away from your significant other, you’ll have to make yourself orgasm.:woman_shrugging:t4:

I’m trying to figure out why you are wanting to induce labor yourself bit you are scared of a Dr doing it. I have been induced twice and I had no issues what so ever. Both times it was needed though, not something either of my drs wanted to do so they could go on vacation or have a break.

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Nipple stimulation/ orgasm… seems you’ve tried everything else lol

Dancing made me and my sister go into labor

Fresh pineapple worked for me xx

Top gear set me off im sure of it
I was laughing so hard at them that it set off the contractions. I woke up the next morning and my waters had gone

I was a week late and uncomfortable so I decided to get induced and it wasn’t bad! I had him in less than 10 hours, first baby.

Nipple stimulation for sure! And spicy food

I don’t see why they are doing that. I’m 39 weeks at 4 cm and 80% effaced and lost my plug. I’m getting induced the 25th if I make it that long. I’m sorry you have to deal with that mess.

My water broke at 39w when I bent over to change my two year olds diaper.
She was laying on the floor and I was sitting on the couch. I bent over, changed her, sat back up, and leaked a little. Went to the bathroom thinking I peed. Came back in the living room and had a gush come out.

Your child decides when they come!


You can try nipple stimulation, warm baths, orgasms, an exercise ball sit on it and bounce while rotating your hips ( if you don’t have an exercise ball the corner of your bed should do).

The only thing that worked for me, was eating some pineapple. Be careful though, worked super fast for me :joy::joy: my little one was here from start to finish in 5 hours :sweat_smile:

I was induced with my last one, pitocin is the devil but I’ve had 2 of my 3 kids naturally because of a messed up epidural with the first one. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I would still rather chance the pitocin again than the epidural. Having a baby is scary every time but I wish you all the best and know you have more support than it feels like

Pineapple juice! Drink a ton of it.

Nothing people say will make your baby come, it’s a myth. Those that say “this worked” only think it did because baby was ready to come. Relax, mama! Take the opportunity while you are kid free :relieved: xx


Sex and orgasms from both you and your partner! Lots of deep squats. Also don’t forget to take time to rest too. Take a bath and paint your toe nails. Some times relaxing and doing things to make yourself happy and relaxed does indeed do the trick! I’ve used it to get myself into labor. If for some reason everything fails and you do get induced, it isn’t that bad. I’ve had pitocin with 5 of my 7 kids. It does make the contractions stronger and more frequent, but is not as bad as some people make it out to be. Ask for a basic simple induction where they break your water and give you pitocin. Your cervix is already dilating and thinning on it’s own, so you should be able to just get pitocin and have your water broke. That is usually enough to get a baby out (again, that’s all it took with 5 of my 7 kids). You can also ask your doctor to sweep your membranes, that usually seems to help too (not always, but since you’re already at a 4 and 80% there is a good chance it will do something to help). Good luck to you mama!

Walking up and down stairs

Scrap membrane! I was 4cm like u for 3 weeks then i went to doctor he scrapped my membranes around 9/10am and my baby was born @ 10:57pm in my car cause i wasnt going to make it hospital

Walk the curb. Spinning babies.

I tried it all nothing actually works unless babes is ready. 1st one came right at 39 weeks. And my second i got induced at 38 weeks.

Sex. Went into labor within four hours after.

I had two of my babies at 37 weeks both times induced by my doctor and my first son i went into labor naturally i do have to say i rather ve induced it goes smoother and any where between 37 and 40 weeks is considered full term

Pumping will cause contractions

Eat a fresh pineapple!

Sex. Lots of walking. If you have a peanut ball or just a large body pillow place in between your legs and rotate from one hop to the other about every 30 mins. Helps work the baby down. Worked with my stubborn daughter. I was 8 cm dilated 100% effaced and the doctor still couldn’t reach the water sac to break it. And 1.5 hr with a peanut ball. She about shot out. 3 pushes out.

Nipple stimulation was the only thing that brought on contractions for me but it didn’t put me into labor. I was scheduled to be induced with both of mine or else I wouldn’t have even tried to bring on labor. Baby will come when he/she is ready.

A friend of mine put kayro syrup in orange juice. Nothing I tried got mine started.

I ate Buffalo wings on a Thursday, that Friday I went into labor.

Lots and lots of walking (I actually went for a hike and I hated every moment)

I hope this helps !

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I went over my due date by 2 days and for me as skeptical as I was before trying it out was that sex helped me go into labor. The next day around noon my water had broke.

I had one glass of red wine and went into labor that same night

There’s a trend on tiktok (I know, I know but hear me out) where heavily pregnant women are dancing and some of them actually have their water brake on camera while filming.

So… dancing?

Bouncing on a yoga ball helped me. And if there’s anyway you could get a peanut ball that’s what made me dilate the fastest.

sex, spicy foods, walking, bouncing on an exercise ball. practice kegels.
all 3 my kids were born 38wks, 39 wks 4d- (induced) and 37w 4d

Evening primrose oil (I tried it, no idea of it worked), sex and spicy food were my tries. I walked miles for days and finally started the contractions 2 days before my due date :heart: best of luck getting them started and congratulations momma!!

Go have some really good sex… orgasms can help bring on labour

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If you have a breast pump, try pumping. It can cause contractions.

Your baby needs the full time to develop their lungs. Early delivery puts them at a disadvantage.

Nipple stimulation
And try sitting indian style… my delivery nurse told me it helps open you up and use a peanut ball

Acupuncture, hiking, sex and nipple stimulation

Literally NOTHING worked with my first four and had to be induced. Castor oil is dangerous and has actually killed babies due to complications it causes. Im on baby 5 and im 37 weeks and 5 days and nothing is bringing this kid out…no amount of sex has helped, pumping has done nothing, walking did nothing, I have raspberry leaf tea so I’m gonna try that since it worked for my bff. Ive eaten pineapples, like this kid is trying to live in my uterus for life. Thankfully, she has until March 10th before theyre inducing and I can be done

The hospital gave me a sleeping pill and told me to go home and sleep and I fought them on it but it put me into labor within an hour.

In my experience since I are 4 centimeters and 80 I would rest as much as possible and keep walking u will be having that baby this weekend.

Walking up and down flights of stairs lots of sex and eating eggplant Parmesan sent me into labor

Sex. Semen thins the cervix

I had a membrane sweep done and by the time I left my appointment I was feeling contractions, had my daughter the next night


Dance. Go on YouTube and look up labor inducing dance moves. There is a dance specifically for inducing labor

I was induced at 41 weeks it was not bad at all. Started pitocin around 5:30pm and my daughter was born 11:30 the next morning. Epidural worked for the pain for the most part.

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Ask for a stretch and sweep! I had one at at 39+6 on my first and 37 weeks on my second first made her appearance the next day (long labour due to being back to back) and second that night made her appearance. Just make sure they are a bit rough when they do it

I would sit and rest when the baby is ready it will come you need your strength for the full labor .


I second nipple stimulation, Google it up x

Try this video. Went into labor a day after doing this. Activating Labor - YouTube

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Sex and Castrol oil BUT not to drink…bathing in it!!! Nipple stimulation is great too. Yoga ball, squats, dancing.

Why are you being induced early? Let nature take it’s course until its time to be induced

My Dr swept my membrane (without my permission) & I went into labor a few hours later

If your body & baby aren’t ready then nothing will work. Hang in there mama :heart:


You just wanna have an orgasm … self induced or otherwise


I feel like some of these things don’t help everyone out. I’m 2 cm & fully effaced at 39 weeks. Everyone is different. The baby will come when ready.


Nipple stimulation and masterbation

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Patience. If your baby isn’t ready why force them out? Why would you allow them to force your child out? Because it’s more convenient for your schedule? Well, welcome to motherhood. Your schedule is permanently out the window, you will now forever do what’s best for your child. Sit back, relax and enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy. My only regret as a mother is that I failed at pregnancy. My child was forced into the world at 31 weeks. It’s heartbreaking watching them struggle to thrive in a plastic box, holding your empty stomach where they should be because you can’t hold your child.


sex,squats,membrane swept

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Tons of spicy food and sour drinks

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Don’t be afraid of being induced, I was and everything was fine, baby was out in less than 6 hours after that and I only have to push 3 times to get him out. You got this!! :muscle:t3:


I was told by a mid wife if you start pumping your brests it will help


Midwife told me a few days ago that you will need to have a serious amount of spicy food for it to ever do anything unfortunately :roll_eyes:
But she said nipple stimulation, raspberry tea, bouncing on the ball, walks and sex. Sperm helps soften the cervix, the tea helps strengthen the muscles used for labour and also softens the cervix, walking helps bring baby lower, same with bouncing on the ball.
Good luck mama. You’ve got this. Have faith in your body. It knows what it’s doing and baby will come when good and ready :heart::heart: xx

If you’re getting induced before 39 weeks then you clearly have a high risk pregnancy. Why in the world would you think it’s a good idea to induce labor on your own at 37 weeks? :woman_facepalming:t2:


tell that kid it’s time to see the light!

I was induced all 5 times, no issues with labor or delivery.

Nipple stimulation started my baby contractions then I just kept them going when they would start to stop, and then I just walked until I got the painful contractions went to the hospital and had a baby

Nipple stimulation worked twice for me

My only suggestion was bangin like a bunny :grin::grin: it typically helps. Buuuutttt seen as how you can’t do that. I’m not sure

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Let your body work. That’s all

Oregano. I got domino’s garlic cheese bread with extra seasonings and went into labor with 24 hours with all 3 of my kids and will be doing it again with this little one when it’s time!