What are some things I can eat after a tooth exraction?

Ok Mamas that have had tooth extractions, I just had a wisdom tooth and the molar next to it extracted. What were some of the things yall ate besides jello, pudding, and noodles? When did you drink coffee? This is the first time I’ve had teeth pulled.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are some things I can eat after a tooth exraction?

Smoothies & beef/chicken broth. I had the same procedure as you and was back eating normal foods within 2 days. I don’t think coffee though so I can’t answer that.

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Pudding, pop sickles, baby food, jello. And what everyone else said.

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Mashed potatoes, bone broth soup
Scrambled eggs, mashed a little
Fruit and vegetables smoothies
Stay hydrated with plenty of WATER.
Choose nutritional foods that are healthy it will speed up your recovery time. Follow the dentist recommendations.

I lived off homemade beef n noodles with mashed potatoes when I had mine removed.

Same - I made the mistake of eating chips n dip the day after😵‍💫 I ended up with dry socket☹️ now a bone spur- please don’t eat chips n dip lol stick with pasta, soup mashed taters I did do coffee but not hot.

Mashed potatoes, Mac & cheese, scrambled eggs, soups, pasta etc. anything soft

I did a week of shakes and blender food.

I got some mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC after I had my wisdom teeth out.

Basically anything that can be eaten with minimal chewing.