What are some things you do with your SO once the kids go to bed?

Date night today… something simple, but we leave our phones for at least an hour to just talk about random stuff and enjoy each other’s company. We have an almost two-year-old and an eight-month-old, and for a while there, we were just constantly arguing, and when we had a minute of free time, we were each on our phones. So we are trying to implement date nights and trying to stay away from phones and it has really helped a lot in our marriage. What other things do you guys do with your SO once the kids are in bed and asleep?


Sleep :grin::grin::grin:
Seriously though movie and snack time. Gaming together time (hubs is a gamer i am not… But it literally makes a gamers night for their SO to play with them). Board games. Build a fire have some drinks. Just initimate connection without kids or a cell phone

Netflix and chill

Sometimes we get our favorite food and drinks and pig out.


Have some wine or a cocktail and play a game. ‘What do you Meme’ is awesome

Movie night. Find a new movie. We usually check out Vudu or start a Netflix series

We do movies, games, and just cuddle and watch tiktok

Kick his ass in rummy :woman_shrugging:, have an adult beverage, have sex, watch a movie, snuggle… depend on our mood.

Movies, our tv shows we binge, we talk, my husband will sit in the bathroom with me while I take a bath or shower & well talk about our day or our kids or whatever lol. Just basically a lot of down time together. It’s my favorite part of the day :heart:

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We all watch a movie after dinner before bed, kid sometimes goes to bed early… we all go to bed at 9 lol
Video games sometimes or just random conversations. But mostly we all chill and watch the movie each night

Unfortunately nothing he puts his head phones in and plays his video games untill he falls asleep and I just take care of the baby till he falls asleep then I go to bedm

Order food, Netflix and chill

Play board games. Play video games. Play fight/wrestle :joy: binge on our favorite takeout. Put on a movie. Cook together. Tickle fights.

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Old music and a bottle of jack Daniels


Music, candles, sex (or at least cuddling)
Physical contact is so important.

On fridays we usually feed the kids supper & then once they’re in bed we make appetizers together & binge watch whatever show we have been watching or find a new movie together. We usually give each other massages & sometimes we play cards or board games in our bedroom :slight_smile:

Honestly we lay down, chat a bit, put a show on. I wouldn’t call it a ‘date night’ it’s just time we get to spend together just the 2 of us so it is really valuable.

There is a tictok challenge where couple pick 5 categories and each buy their SO a gift for each category…ie snacks, movie, something they wanted, gag whatever you decide. Its fun, we did it one night. We chose favorite snack, favorite drink, favorite movie, something wanted (price limit set) and gag gift

Work on a puzzle together

Back massage and conversation some nights, relaxing and simple. Most nights we watch an episode of a TV show together or a movie. We also have stash piles of snacks that we dig into once the kids are asleep. That’s probably our favorite thing :joy: besides the really fun stuff :wink:

We sit and we talk. I mean we both sit while he does all the talking. He talks more then a girl does :rofl: but I love him

Relax. Decompress and have an adult conversation.

James Swann you eat all the snacks in bed while I sleep the second the kids do :joy::woman_shrugging:t3:

We make dinner and then have a couple of drinks and talk or watch a series

We save dessert for ourselves until after our little guy goes to sleep- one so we can enjoy it together& also so the toddler doesn’t ask for more! :crazy_face:


We always put a movie in and rewind back to our favorite parts and cuddle or make popcorn with the movie…or we go and take a bath together with candles and oil in the water and give each other messages…or we have a pillow fight or we pull out the game twister and just have fun playing together…we think of alot of things while the kiddo is asleep of course our 2 yr old sleeps like the dead lol she doesnt hear us laughing

We watch movies and catch up on things we can’t talk about around the kids, we usually fall asleep super early though lmao!

Have some drinks, talk, reminisce, sometimes watch TV.

Find a video game you can play together. Or just good old fashioned card games. Find a tv show you can both get into. Make a snack run and just snuggle up with snacks and a movie

We watch our tv shows that we have always watched together…have a few drinks and usually play Fortnite! Yes, I said that…LOL

Board games or card games

Watch movies :heart:
We haven’t been on a date since 15 years ago lol :laughing:

We talk watch a movie xx

Put some soft romantic music on and dance in the livingroom.

We’ve done a painting competition. We pick a painting to do on a canvas or a shell and see who can do better. Also board games, a nice dessert and movie, making a candle :candle: couples massage to each other by candle light


We pick a show to watch or a game to play together (board or video) just spend time together, sometimes we buy munchies just for us, just to add another little something.

Sometimes we just cuddle no electronics no tv just hold each other… Sometime talk sometimes not…The peace is unbelievable.
We have done the intimate no sex touch…that was amazing and a way to reconnect sensually. Deeper connection and reflection. We have written ideas or challenges (without telling what’s written) put them in a shoe box mix them up and pulled them one by one each nite (we did ours for 1 week the first time the next time we did it for 3 weeks) you determine how many nites

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Binge watch horror movies and eat snacks

We usually go in the basement and listen to vinyls or we watch a horror movie. A delicious charcuterie board or an unhealthy plate of nachos are also a good time :relaxed:

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try going back to something you did pre-babies, pre marriage/living together. My late husband and I used to put my son to bed then we’d battle each other on Tetris like we did when we were dating. we’d even order in, and it took us back to the “beginning” and reminded us of what we saw in the other. It would allow us to open up and talk about life, our marriage issues, and other things going on. It was a great way to do it with out yelling or screaming. Or we’d surprise each other with a random card during the week(like I’d leave his in his work truck so he’d see it in the morning), just to say “hey, love you, miss you” etc.

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My SO goes to work the night shift usually as I’m putting baby to sleep. On his nights off I usually work some of the day, so I’m in bed early while hes awake late :sleeping: havent really had more then 1 hour together alone in months and then both to exhausted to do much, really feeling it atm x

Buy a few games from Bonding bees :yellow_heart::honeybee: They make different kinds of games specifically for you and your partner to play together. They have a good variety of games and they are pretty fun to play. You’ll learn new things about your partner, have to do something sexy or silly, finish song lyrics, answer trivia questions, etc. My husband and I have 4 of them and we love them.

Video games, sex, a tv show that we agree to only watch together (just finished Mandalorian).

We have shows that we’ll only watch together or I’ll cooks us a nice dinner that we normally wouldn’t have cause the kids won’t eat it

We finally get to have our talk . cause thru out the day we are so busy . for me its one of the best parts of my day