What are some tips for potty training girls?

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My baby girl is 2 years old, and I think it’s time she gets potty trained now that she absolutely hates it when I change her diaper. She’s my first born. What ways will help me get her going?


Read “oh crap! Everybody poops” and check out there Facebook page it was the best

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I put a potty in the living room and tried him after baths or if it’d been awhile since he went in the diaper

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At Walmart they have little toilets for potty training that look exactly like the big toilet

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Put a potty in living room n leave her bottoms off make her sit on it every so often

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Potty chair or step stool and a potty seat for big potty and let her be diaperless and have her sit on it every half hour and if she goes give her a goody

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I set an alarm on my phone every 20 minutes and make mine go… And reward with stickers. This is how i potty trained my almost 3 yo son last year and am now using this method with almost 2 yo twins

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My niece learned how to use the potty by sitting on a baby toilet while her mother used the adult toilet. It made her more comfortable and she learned quicker than my nephew

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My daughter saw big girl panties that she wanted and I told her she couldn’t have them till she stopped wearing a diaper. We got a potty chair and practiced going

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my 2 y.o. daughter went 2 whole day using her little potty without asking all I did was when everybody was let her be naked and bring the potty chair with her to every room and ask her every 15 min gotta pee and when she does it ill give her ice cream

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So not trying to hijack the post, but how do you handle night training? I’m probably going to start potty training with my son in a few months, but he’s such a violent sleeper (tossing, turning, turning around) that we haven’t taken him out of the crib yet. Should we transition that first?

Get thick panties and dont use pull ups or diapers as they will confuse ur lil one and set potty timers for every 30 mins and have them sit on the potty. The thick panties unlike diapers will actually have them feel they are wet and normally dont like it

3 day method! Works AMAZING! I had all mine completely fully night and day trained in just those 3 days. Get rid of the pull ups/diapers completely and just go straight to underwear even for nighttime. Stay home for those 3 days. I never woke mine during the night either. Got them to pee right before bed and as soon as they got up in the morning. Cut out liquids an hour or so before bedtime as well. Pull ups will confuse them and are just like diapers. Do not let them go naked as they will not get use to underwear

Talk alot about it and take her with you ,showing her it’s natural.

Look up the ready signs, get potty books, get a potty buddy, look thst up online too, make it fun and positive

Go when you Go! My son isn’t even 1 an half and tries to go with me! He watched Daniel tiger the episode where they go to the bathroom, I know it word for word he loves to watch it haha but he knows to sit on the potty, flush and wash and be on your way​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I took the diaper off and did it cold turkey… you’ll have a few rough nights, but she’ll hate waking up wet and changing the sheet n will start waking up if she has to go. I suggest not giving her a drink a couple hours before bed and making her go before too

Put the potty in whatever room your in. Put her on it every 30m or so. get really excited when she goes. Maybe do some type of reward system (candy, stickers etc.)

Have her choose big girl panties. Does she have control of when she needs to go?

Leave her naked thru the house anf tkme her every 20 mins to sit in the potty

Have her pick her potty…and some big girl undies for when she gets it…we put my daughter ( actually all 3 but was easier for younger kids when they seen older siblings) but we put her on the potty every 30 min or so…and everytime i would go…and everytime she did her potty mess…she got a candy…a Hershey kiss for every poo poo and a reese cup for every pee pee…she picked her 2 choices of candy and she got her candy every time she pottied…usually threw in one for the extra hand if she come and told me before i made her sit on the potty…took about 3 days of being consistent with the rountine and she got it…she had a few accidents her first real week trying big girl undies at night time but we set up a no fluids after certain times and we had a time set 2 different times at night that id wake her and ask if she had to pee pee and get her to go sit on her potty…she peed 3 times in the bed her first week but after that first week and a half she got it.