What are some unique boy names?

What are some not so common baby boy names?


Colt, wade, Waylon, Rhett, Coy, Reid, Trent, Nolan, Rowen, Garett, Jace, Jude

Sharon, wyn, chosen,

Archer, dean, jaspers, Jensen, axel

If our last kid was a boy it would have been Silas Graham

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Alaric, Arrow, Atlas, Auden, Baylor, Beau, Benji, Bodhi, Bowie, Cullen, Culver, Dorian, Echo, Elyan, Enzo (Lorenzo), Emric, Fenix (Phoenix), Gannon, Hawk, Jareth, Kovu, Lennox, Lynx, Oakley, Oynx, Phineas, Sage, Salem


I have a Sylas and a Synjen

My husband’s dad was Rollie (rah-lee pronounced)

I haven’t met a Clint in a long time.

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Ryder, Jase, Waylon, Kyler

My sons name is Xavier :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I also love the name Finnegan or Theodore :heart:

My sons name is Asher & it’s not very common :slightly_smiling_face:


I was going to go with Ledger for my new little guy but ended up with a name i liked more . :slight_smile:

If we had a boy we were going to name him Rhett

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I have a Tavian, Teagan, and Titan

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I have a Letson. And a River. But river is pretty common

I named my son asher

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Wanted gunner octavious

Gideon Theodore will be my sons name once he arrives in a couple weeks.

My sons name is Silas :blue_heart:

We named our son Carson :blush:

I have Loki and Kylo


Following, I have a boy that’s due soon and still having trouble with a name

I’m pregnant with a boy now and am naming him zayden emmerson :heart::heart:


My 3 boys
Elijah Onix

Octavian and short name Tavi :slightly_smiling_face:


My boys names are Braylen & Kaique :blue_heart:

Treyson is my sons name

My sons name is Malachi

Prometheus, Kyson, Kylar, Cannon, Kage, Gage, Blane, Phoenix, Xailyn, Sakari, TYCE, Orion, Laken, Dash, Xielan, Nolan, Javior, Titan, Larkin.

My sons name is Caius Alexander

I have Warner and Lawson :two_hearts::two_hearts:

I have a Camdyn Jensyn and Bransyn

Corvo or Corvin maybe?

I have a Damien and Jace…if i had 2 more they would be Wilder and Rowdy. I like Danger and Cash too. Brantley and Brentley are cute. Kyler and Cannon are cute too. I love different names :blush::heart:

Bailie Newman here is a bunch of boy names for you!

Chance, Damion, Danté

Riter, Talon, Duelle

Named my son Aleksandr Niko :woman_shrugging:t3: odd enough but he’ll get through life just fine
Possibly that no vowel on the end of his first name has already caused a few headaches and he’s not even 2

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As a former preschool teacher, PLEASE, for the love of God…Don’t try to shove extra letters or use replacements like “X”, “Y”, “Z” in your child’s name.
We’ve seen most of these “original names” MANY times spelled all kinds of crazy ways. And, believe me, parents get their panties in a bunch when their kid’s names aren’t spelled right when you’ve got 3 Zaydens in your room and they’re all spelled “unique”…:smirk::unamused:


I have a Caiden (20), Cash (14) and Cole (12). Youngest was going to be Cannon.

My baby’s name is Elias

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Cason, Sebastian, Trenis, Jaylon, Demitri.

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my boys are called ritchard-mathew damion hes 14yrs and dominic-nigel hes 8 weeks

Everyone’s a girl now so I’m not too sure

My sons are Caiden Chance and Kai Nohea. :relieved:

I’ve always liked Harley or Blue.

Selena Cooper
Breann Jill
They have some really great names here !

i have a Ronnie Dean & a Peter Thomas.

Varrick. We had two names picked out. We had a girl… but if we were going to have a boy this was his name (my other son was Vincent so we wanted both boys to have ”v” names. :woman_shrugging:

Named my son Alvery after my grampy it’s not very common but simple so I love it!

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My sons name is Achilles !

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my boys are Jamie & Levi😁