What are some ways to teach a child to read?

Hey ladies! So my 6 year old is struggling with reading. She can do really good with it, she just does not want to and as soon as she doesn’t know a word she shuts down and wants to give up. My heart is breaking. I’m trying to figure out how to help her. Any suggestions??


Tutors are always helpful!! Find someone in middle school or high school who is willing. She’ll find them cool just because they are older, but trust them faster because they aren’t quite an adult

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Take a step back from reading and go back to phonics. The more you push the harder she’ll dig her heels in. Go back to basics with the 2, 3 and 4 letter words. Once she has more confidence with those she’ll be more willing to try the bigger words.


Timer her for 1 min with her sight words all levels the faster she get her reading will in proved so much and you will only stop for new words.

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I don’t necessarily agree with the tutors. I wouldn’t let any random unknown older child spend time with my child even if I was supervising.
It’s normal for children to sometimes shut down when they learn something new. I would talk to her teacher and find out if she does this is class and how the teacher handles it.
There are learning apps that help with reading. You can practice new words with her. Maybe start her off with easier reading material that she knows fairly well and the add in new reading material. Explain that it’s ok and normal to not know a word and she will get there.

Well she is 6 years old. Try reading a book together. Take her to a library.

My 7 year old was the same way. We asked what she wanted to read about and got some books based on that. We also noticed that she would shut down much quicker when she was tired. I would talk to her teacher and see if she’s doing it at school too

This was my daughter until she started her take flight dyslexia program! Now she thrives and loves to read. She may need a little boost!

So my daughter is 8. She has sensory integration disorder. One of our biggest struggles is reading. But something amazing happened. We watched the movie Matilda together and now my daughter wants super powers like Matilda but she knows she has to read to get them. She wants to be the smartest person in the world. And you know she is really taking it seriously. Good luck and encourage it but don’t be too pushy it makes it worse. And she will read when she is ready.


My sons the same way…he really tried and will sound out the words and if he gets it wrong or has to be corrected or told to try it again he gets frustrated and started getting angry and i will have to stop and give him a break to calm down. We get books on his favorite topics and his books from school…i give him time to read it by himself and try and then when he is ready… i let him read it to me…he is doing well but he is having issues remembering what he reads…so im having to write out questions for him to practice answering details and having to go back and find the details( answers) he needs to finish…trying to help him for his AR book/testing…he has come along way but his levels are behind still but not far… but patience has worked for my son also giving him a chance to preview so many pages before having him read it outloud to me has helped with his confidence and speed. When he gets frustrated i let him take a breather…i personally know how much harder it is to focus and try hard when your upset and overthinking or when your aggravated.

I’m right there with you!!! My 6 year old was eligible to be placed into a special tutoring session with just 2 other kids for about 25 minutes a day at school for intervention and really likes it. She likes the focus and feels more empowered to ask questions. I think its helping. Just cements what they do in class. But mine shuts down at the smallest mistake too. So frustrating

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be patient and encourage them

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As much as people like to piss on the idea of using a video game as a learning tool, learning games on my kindle really helped get my daughter interested in reading. They can be invaluable in teaching and in associating reading with fun. Try sitting down and trying a few out?

My daughter is now 8 and reading at a 6th grade level.

ABC mouse has some awesome tools online that they can do. And I don’t know if you can just join lexia online but we have it through our school system and it works wonders.

Keep her reading out loud have her read you to sleep each night she will eventually get better

I struggled all the was until 7th grade. I liked reading just got very mad and aggrivated at myself if i didnt know a word and qould just give up. It helps if you go backwords a little give her things she knows how to read and biuld her confidence. Also work on sounding out fun words to get her use to sounding words out. Try and make a game out of sounding out words. I know LOVE to read. It just took time, patience, and practice.

Speak with her teacher and read with her.

I was like this when I was a child. Unfortunately, the person who was supposed to be helping me would get really angry with me when I wouldn’t get it which would make me shut down even more. I would say just stay calm and help her through it. The outcome will be much better currently and long term. If she needs to take a break and come back to it, let her. It just might help to have a little break

Since she shuts down after not knowing a word don’t let her struggle over a word or sound it out. As soon as she hesitates at a word just tell her the word and move past it. It will take a few times seeing it but with repetition she will learn that word.

Create a story for her, about her and with her. my son hates it but loves being read too. however if you involve her…things can change.

Find some books she really likes. That was what got my daughter to read. Take her to the library and let her pick some. If she doesn’t get interested, try again. That way you aren’t wasting money to figure out what she likes.

Practice makes perfect…Just continue to read everyday. I always suggested they pick a book that seems interesting

Encouragement, patience, and try something like abc mouse.

You have help her out tell her she needs to learn to read tell her she will be the best reader in schools,when she gets old . God bless you and your family.