What are some witchy girl names?

Luna, Tabitha, Jade, Posey, Magee, Sabrina, Rose, Endora

I named my daughter Wynter Raven. Wynter for my Native American roots and Raven because of how intelligent and mysterious they are.

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You could name her Meadow Clover :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Came here for the names and love them all but personally I would love to go with Lilith if I ever have another girl. Powerful women need powerful names :heart::raised_hands:t4:


Morgan (la Fey), Rhiannon, Rowan, Raven, Willow, Sage, Gwendolyn

Celeste, sabine, davina

Lilah, Sabrina, Leila, Novaline, Lina, Liliana

Greek mythology

My son’s name is alistair Leviathan lol

Rowan. Morgana, Ursula, Lillith, persephone.

Raven is my dream name for a girl, but I don’t mind sharing

My cats names are Luci (short for Lucifer), voodoo and Salem lol if that helps :joy::joy::joy:

Melinda. Piper. Sumara

Amethyst, Cordelia, Lina, Alura, Cassandra, Aurora, Helena

Willow, sage, Morgana

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Go with the original, Morgana.

Madge, Lilith, Sabrina, Luna

My daughter’s name is Rhiannon. It means divine queen and also witch. She is a Gemini so she’s a bit of both!

Why would you want to name a child after evil

Anything to do with nature gives me witchy vibes

I would remember that why you may want a witchy name.

When your child gets to school they may not

Morticcia, or Angelica


Davina, Bonnie :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Sabrina, Cordelia, Samantha

Sabrina Tabatha Maza keen

Victoria future name?!

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Tatiana, Serefina, Winter

Twila - it’s an older name but sounds witchy and still pretty.

Karen…haha no dont do that.

Samantha :woman_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile: the original witch… I’m not biased or anything

I love the name Lourdes

Ticheba, Elspeth, Carlotta :grin: (I love Bewitched!)

Zyleena. The wicked witch of the west.

I love Jade, Alaura and Penelope

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My daughter was going to be Tabitha with a Halloween birthday. But,she was two weeks late.

Amethyst, Luna, Autumn, (I’d say a lot of “nature” based names.)


Briony, Sage, Belladonna, or some other plant


if I had a daughter I bad picked out
violet sky
not so witchy but more mother nature

I know someone who named his daughter Morticia

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Jade! I wanted that name for both of my girls but just couldn’t convince my husband. Luna, Thora, Thea, and Ember were contenders too.

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Asmarelda that was what I wanted to name my daughter and my teacher from high school said it was a witch name from some show. I wish I did name her that.

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Tabitha, Buffy, Hermione, Myrtle,

Selena, Serena, willow skye, raven

Freya she’s from witches of east end that’s where I got my daughter’s name from she’s even a norse goddness


My son Rowan was going to be Rowan either way :wink:

Raven, Rowan, Endora, Beatrix, Hermione, Acantha

Willow, Opal, Moon, Sage, River

Ezmerelda, sabrina, endora, serena, enchantra

Cerridwen = the goddess of the cauldron of knowledge

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Bronna! Like one character in Penny Dreadful show

Amethyst selena and coral are my fave x

Selene, Calliope, Breeze, Celeste, Morgana

Beatrix, Lanora, Desari, Pristess, Tempest, Syndil, Natalya, Corrine, Calisto, Akerah…

If I ended up having a girl i was leaning towards Freya


Olwyn, Shura, Cailleach, Magissa, Circe.

Nancy Pelosi, Sandy Cortez, Hillary Clinton hmmm :thinking: I’m trying to this of a few other good one…


Grettle, Amber, Jade or Elora

Enchantress Sabrina Tabitha

Rowena, Tabitha, Brielle


Coral- diplomacy and concurrence

My daughter’s name is Salem! Before I knew my 2nd born was a boy, I was planning on using the name Blaire or Lennox if it was a girl!

Lennox is a cool name

Winnie, Marie, Sarah (Hocus Pocus)
Jadis (the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia)
Tia (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Anything nature related could be considered ‘Witchy’. My personal favourite though would be Wysteria. Ypu could use Kestrel, Rowena, Medea, Alura, Luna.


But honestly why would you want a witch name… I pray for your family. Very sad.

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I have a friend who named her daughter Lucinda and her son Alucard ( dracula) spelled backwards.

Celeste, Selene, Aria/Ariana, Circe, Marie (Laveaux), and Hermione!


One of the things in life, we have no control over is our name. This is a lifetime choice made by someone else. A sensible parent would be choosing a name that would be easy to say, spell and avoid mispronunciation and teasing.

Celeste or Celestial, Amethyst, Morgana,


I think there are many flower or herb names that would be fitting.

Annabelle,samantha,tabatha,Aurora,annalise,Renasmae(yes it’s a vampire name but can be witchy)

We have lucia and call her lucy or lulu

Rhiannon. Taken from the Mabinogion (welsh/Celtic folklore) roots original form Rigantona - means divine queen and was the name of the white witch who married a prince, Pwyll

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My husband named ours Lilly after Lilly munster

My grandauthers. Names are Luna and Phoenix.

my October baby is Opal Malynn :purple_heart:

Samantha ARE you old enough to remember the tv show Bewitched

Willow, Birch, Meadow, Sky

Elwyn, Stormy, Rowen

Elphaba !! Call her Elphie

Lillith, Rowan, Raven,

Anabelle, Crystal, Krystal, Sapphirea, Ludovica, Kanstantina, Emeralda

I’m named after samantha from bewitched lol it was my dads favorite show

Mine is Whitley we call her whitty. Sounds kind of witchy I guess lol

The witch in the books I’m reading right now is named Celestial. I think that’s really pretty!

Esmeralda, Matilda, Cassandra

Winifred, Salem, Sabrina, Glenda, Hermoine, Mildred