What are the best diapers?

My son is 7 months old, he has been peeing out of his diaper alot. I change him at least twice every hour. We use pamper swaddlers. Has anyone else had this issue? What diapers work for you mamas?


I’m a big fan of target’s up and up brand. They really work well

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Probably time to put him in the next size up


Huggies work best for boys.

do you make sure when nappy goes on he is pointing down and not up or to the side


Huggies I find hold more then pampers, and use a size bigger and u shouldn’t have any issues with leaks

I second the up and up brand targets diapers are awesome. And they carry up to size 7!

We love targets brand and pampers baby dry work really well. But I do agree when they leak size up!

Move up a size. But I use the hello Bello brand. Pampers arent the greatest atleast not for my little boy. Huggies would be the second brand I would recommend.

My guy wasn’t able to use Pampers for that exact reason after like 5 months. Switched to Up&Up and have had no issues

We like Parents Choice (Walmarts brand) because we didn’t have any issues with leaks. But I would also try moving up a size.


We used the dollar general brand, way better than Pampers and luvs

Huggies are best in my opinion. My daughter is now 1 1/2 and I’ve used this brand since birth.

For my boys, Luvs held up better than Huggies

Try huggies overnights

I had to stop using swaddlers by the time my kids were old enough to crawl. Huggies and Pampers both always leaked for us. We do best with the Dollar general brand or Target brand in my experience.

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I started with Pampers, but always switched to Luv’s for that reason!

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The Kroger brand diapers are really good. My little boy had so many problems peeing through his.

Up and up is #2 for us. You’re using our #1 lol

*Try to remember when you change him to always aim his sprayer down :joy::wink:

Best of luck Mama!


Tesco loves baby brand are brilliant 3 packs for just ÂŁ10 never had a rash or leaks from them xx

Try buying the next size up.

Target brand everytime we used walmart brand they smelled like pee bad overnights especially my daughters room would reek like urine in the morning so if your son pees alot I wouldn’t recommend but aldi and target are amazing little to no leaks and my daughter is well hydrated!

Huggies. They are the only ones we’ve tried my son doesn’t leak out of

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Parents Choice always worked better for my two than the expensive name brand.

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Go up a size we had to do that with both or our sons.

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I’ve come to realize when ever my daughter started leaking through her diaper it was because it was that time to go up a size in my experience anyway.


Time for a bigger size

I changed to pamper cruiser wen my son started walking love them! Never had a problem.

Ive had the same problem with Pampers. My kids always seemed to leak out of them. We switched to luvs and had no problems

The swaddlers are bad about leaking, when we moved up sizes we got away from the swaddlers but still stuck with Pampers and they worked great!!

Cruisers are the best now that he’s mobile crawling soon to be walking ect. And go up a size for sure

Try sizing up first. You really can’t go by the weight on the package.


I hated Pampers. My son always leaked with them, even after going up sizes. We switched to Huggies and haven’t had any other issues :woman_shrugging:t2:

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You need a bigger size

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For my boys is used Sainsbury’s little ones, tried these with my daughter but she leaked every time so I use pampers for her xx

Babyganics! But honestly if it’s that bad then the diapers probably are the wrong size.

Def try the next size up

If hes sleeping on his tummy he needs boosters!!! Thats what my 8 month old is doing.

Huggies for boys pampers for girls

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Try going up a size my sons a heavy wetter I use luvs I have not had any issues

At 7 months my babies were in size 3 because of leaking but if you think that he is peeing an excessive amount ask pediatrician, excessive peeing can be a result of other issues. Not trying to scare you at all but if diaper size is right and your changing them twice an hour that’s polyuria

Do next size up if you think that will help. I have 2 boys and they always peed out of pampers. Huggies worked ok. But Luvs actully were the best along with parents choice. At night we have to put a Poise pad in their diapers also since they seem to pee a lot at night and hate having them wake up pee soaked.


Loves, the target brand dispers, point his stuff down in his diapers

Huggies little movers

We like huggies little snugglers.

Pampers didn’t work for me. My son had the same problem. I had to switch to huggies.

My boys leaked with pampers. Mom of third word of advice, we use parents choice walmart brand. Much cheaper in cost and as good as any top brand out there. Don’t have any issues with parents choice. Buy a small pack and try them out.

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Just move up a size. If they just fit they will leak. One size larger and they wont be baggy and wont leak. Swaddlers work the best for my son and he pees alot too, especially at night time

Luvs work better for my son than Pampers. When he wore Pampers his skin would be wet even if he had just been changed.

Parent choice, they have held up the best with my children, fyi- parent choice is huggies, just different name

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Pampers sounds like u need to go up a size

Huggies little movers all the other ones my little one peed out of

Maybe the nighttime huggies will work for you

I always preferred huggies

Make sure his manhood isn’t pointed to the side. I found papmers fell apart or leaked and Huggies too expensive. Always stuck w Luvs

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I always used that brand as well but then as my kids got older I switched to huggies

We use huggies, everything else leaks. My girl can last through the night with one huggies nighttime diaper and it never ever leaks.

I had the same problem with pampers… we switched to huggies and have been using them since. Plus they’re regularly on sale in most places.

Higgies work best for us.

I had the same problem with pampers, huggies worked much better for our son

Try cuffing the top inward. It helps.

Go up a size and make sure his bug is pointed downward when putting new diaper on…

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We use Pampers BabyDry, and a size bigger of Pampers Swaddlers at night. Try sizing up if it’s happening regularly

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And always “tuck it down” lol

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I used Huggies and didn’t have any problems

Honest company diapers never had a leak or problem with them coming off and they are all natural

Huggies Snugglers have always worked best for me.

At night we used the Pampers overnight. Loved them !!! They were more absorbent and not bulky at all.

Maybe try going up one size. My son is 7 months and wearing a size 4. He’s under the weight for them, but they’re just a better fit. Also, make sure his little private area is straight and not off to the side when putting the diaper on. This was happening with my son & his pediatrician pointed it out to me while changing him at an appointment!

I had to use Huggies for my son bc he would pee through everything else too


Parents choice (walmarts brand) are best hand down… luvs leak horribly so do Pampers…


Huggies and point the wee down lol

I only had this issue when it was time to move up a size. Also with boys, make sure their penis is pointed down. If it happens to be pointed up towards to top of the diaper they can pee out of it.

Go up a size. I had this problem until I went up a size :joy:


Go up a size. Honest are the only diapers my son doesnt leak through at night…they are amazing. I also like targets brand up and up.

Huggies little movers were the most absorbent for my 2 boys, and they stay on better than other diapers because of the extra security they offer when fastening the diaper. Pampers leaked always for me so I switched to those and haven’t used others since then!

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Go up a size and make sure he’s what we called winkie down. For nighttime I lined his diapers in maxi pads. Worked much better than expensive overnight diapers and way cheaper

Huggies and tuck it down. Try a sz bigger

One time we tried store brand diapers and my baby was left with chemical burns (not sure what exactly, took days to heal) all over where the diaper and pee touched her! So we went back to huggies. Never any issues!

Had good luck with luvs

I love parents choice

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I had that issue with my son wearing pampers. We use luvs and as long as I make sure the sides are pulled over when I close the tabs we are successful in containing!

Huggies little movers are the best!! I have 4 and I stopped using Pampers after my first for that same issue. Never had a problem with Huggies

I hate Pampers. We had the same problem with them and my lil guy is only 2 months old. I like Huggies and the honest company diapers. We have tried them all in only 2 months. Parents choice was great for my two daughters but with my boy he always seems to pee out the top of them, not the sides.

Huggies have been best for me, tried luvs those never lasted more than an hour with out his clothes being wet.

I put huggies on my son at night because they are the only kind he doesn’t pee through. I use cheaper ones during the day!!

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Luvs with both my littles

Huggies little movers!


Luvs are the only diapers my kids wouldn’t pee through. I, like you, changed them often. If they weren’t wearing Luvs, they would pee through every single time they urinated.

I liked Pampers when my son was smaller but when he was able to start moving around more I liked huggies and the target brand. :woman_shrugging: just my opinion

I’ve used pampers babydry for both my girls with no issues

I like Luvs. You may need to go up a size.

Target diapers were great

Put his diaper on backwards and it doesn’t matter which brand you use…try it believe me it works.

My friend has boys i only have girls and luvs seem to work for her boys

Point it down. Size up


Huggies little movers and maybe you need to go up a size

Change nappy brands or put the size of his nappy up

That happened with my son and pampers. I used luvs. Make sure his lil member is pointing down as well when you change him lol

Huggies little movers always worked best for my girls