What are the best shoes for being on your feet all day?

Favorite shoes while working on your feet all day?? (I’m a server and need comfy shoes). Also does anyone use a belly/back support band? Does it help? Which is your favorite?

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I heard sketchers are super comfy. Idk from experience though

I love the adidas with cloud foam

Before I got sent on leave by my doctor when I waitressed I wore a belly bandit upsie belly and omg it helped so much…I never did find good shoes though :sob: thanks to swollen feet nothing was comfy for long

Former server now a nurse… danskos hands down! They’re pricey and take a few days to get used to but eliminated not only my feet hurting but my knees and back too!

I love sketchers. But my all time favorite most comfortable shoes are my crocs

Maybe try orthotics !

Get your number on one if those dr schols machines and use those inserts

Nike shocks for my 12 hr shifts at the hospital

I used under armour shoes they worked wonders on my feet but a bit pricey

Belly band was awesome when I worked in retail all day. Never found shoes though

I would recommend nursing shoes or restaurant non-slip shoes. These tend to be very comfortable because they are designed for being on your feet for long periods of time. Also, if you’re used to buying top end name brand sneakers, these are actually more affordable. They also make them in a variety of colours now, but basics like black or white can go with almost any casual outfit.
For your feet’s sake, I hope you find something you like and that suits your needs!