What are the best vitamins for kids?

Hi moms I’m looking for some advice or any tips on some kind of vitamin or supplement I can give my son. He’s 19 mo this old and I swear this boy aaaalways has colds. And nasty awful colds. He has allergies and dairy allergies. He can’t have any dairy at all, allergic to sunscreen. He’s such a sweet happy boy but I feel like every time he gets healthy it’s only a matter of time before the next cold strikes. We have 4 kids and he’s the only one who gets sick so easily. His dr says everything besides the allergies we know of are normal. Any advice is appreciated!

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Elderberry syrup and vitamin D daily to help boost the immune system, and echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C at the first sign of a cold.


Really you should take him to his dr and he will send to an ENT. They also deal with allergies along with the typical ear/nose/throat. It could fix and save a lifetime of issues for him.


I got the year one for my little girl becus she was always getting sick an from I started her on this she’s been brill I’ve had to start the bigger one becus she’s only turned 3 but this is brilliant I give her 5ml a day… hope it helps all super markets an chemists sell it.

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May be the dairy in the vaccines? Also get him on a good probiotic

Try Zyrtec. My almost 8 month old has bad allergies and her doc prescribed a low dose to her. We just started it today and I already notice a major difference.

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I swear by saline nose spray to prevent and speed up cure of colds.

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