What are the chances of getting a false postive?

Hey moms so my period is 5 days late and I took a test and it came out positive. I’m super excited but I worry what if it’s a false positive. This will be my second child. I don’t want to say anything yet to nobodyuntil I’m sure


I don’t think it’s very likely to get a false positive. Maybe take another test and consult your obgyn? Good luck mama!


Soooo…go to the doctors


Test one more time and when it comes out positive go to your obgyn. As of now start taking prenatal vitamins just to already have those.

??? Go to the doctors perhaps?;🤦


Id say 2 lines and an absent period isnt just a joking test…


wait another week and take another test, in the mean time I would call your DR and see if you can get in to see them, seems to be most DR offices are out like 6 weeks. that would give you a more definite answer if you are pregnant or not.

I think false positives are super rare and are most likely correct if it is positive

I took 3 or 4 test to confirm

False positives are rare

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I only took 1 with my second. I already figured as much though. :joy:

Usually doctors just do a pee stick test too…unless yours does blood work. So I’d suggest another at home test & save some money to confirm. Hell, take 2 if you’re not sure. :slight_smile:

Wait another 9 months, we shall see what happems by then


Congratulations, it’s a baby!

I’m sure God wills the outcome. Be a positive attitude.

False positives are far less likely that false negatives. Your eggo is preggo, momma.

If you’re that worried go get a blood test done. More than likely you’re pregnant. Congrats!

My doctor initially refused to double check with a wee test cos he told me those things dont lie …id done 2 tests and was really early on… i wasnt even due my next period! Congrats!!

I took 5 with my second child! I was just in shock! The only reason I was taking it was to prove to my sister-n-law that they wasn’t bad test! But once it read positive I agreed with her and got new ones turns out I was pregnant it sunk in after the 5th test🤷‍♀️

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Honestly my Doctor told me its unlikely to have a false positive, and very likely to have a false negative.

Blood test. I found out with my last when I was not even 2 weeks along

Take another test if you’re unsure.

Yayy!! It cant hurt to take another test or two to be sure :hugs:

People say they’re rare but I’ve had 1…been pregnant 8 times, 6 kids, after my 2nd I got a false positive. Then blood test said negative…

I’d get a blood test just be sure. I’m currently going thru it now. Took 3 tests over the weekend all positive. Went to the doctor today and they’re urine test is negative. Waiting on results of blood test. Good luck to you.

Go to the doctor for confirmation … but you did miss your period and you did get two lines so I would say you are pregnant

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Go to the ER they will give you a test & ultrasound!! I got one and after a test from my doctors office came back positive just 2 weeks after actually conceiving (which was 5 days before my missed period) and the ultrasound didn’t show anything (The embryo hadn’t even made it to my uterus) CRAZY!!! But it was nice to know I was pregnant… had a second ultrasound weeks later & the embryo/baby is there🥰

Funny story my mom sent me to Virginia to visit my cousin to get me away from my ex boyfriend well I was there for almost a month went in my suitcase to get my book and found my pads that I had packed and looked at my cousin and she asked me what I then asked her if I had my period since being there she said she didn’t know I took a text she had left from her daughter which she was only 6months old at the time so I took the test it came back positive I start freaking out as I was only 19 didn’t have my own place nothing she bought me a new test to be sure and it was positive I tell my boyfriend at the time and his family was talking shit saying “how do you even know it’s your” or “are you sure it’s not a false positive” it pissed me off. But they are very rare your more likely to get a false negative than a false positive

False positives are very rare. Congrats!

false positives are rare

Call your obgyn and ask for an HCG test. Or retest using a cheapo pink dye test.

Do a blood test. They’re very accurate even at an early stage

I’d retest. But it is possible to get a false negative blood test also despite what people say so I’d wait a week to go to the doctor. Within another week there should be enough hcg in your system to test positive on their urine test.

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Girl you are eggo my Prego! Congrats

You don’t get false positives. Only false negatives

False positives are extremely rare. Basically only if you are on a certain cancer drug or the hormone HCH, or take a long time to look at the results - then you could get a false positive. You’re pregnant! Congratulations!!!

False positives are super rare. So in the meantime until you know for sure I would go ahead and start taking vitamins it couldn’t hurt either way :slightly_smiling_face:

doc told me there no such thing as a false positive only false negative

test and test again…and then wait until the first apt and get the size and date ultrasound…that’ll convince you lol

Go to a walk in or your doctor and have them do a test. Dont go to the ER please though.

Wait a week and test again or go to your doctor and tell them your late and would like to confirm the at home pregnancy test.

Go get a blood test. I always do that now cuz I have had 3 false postives with no medical reasons