What are the early signs of pregnancy?

How early have people felt pregnancy symptoms. It’s been 2 weeks and my eczema is totally clear. The last time it was clear was when I was pregnant with my daughter. Had a broken condom.


(didn’t know for sure until three months due to some crazy biological mysteries but) I felt the symptoms about two weeks after conception.
However my first pregnancy I would have been 4-6 weeks along and didn’t know until I miscarried. Every pregnancy is different.
If you think you are, home tests and a doctor’s office blood test are what I recommend. Remember, dollar store tests work just fine as well.

Haha i didnt find out till 20 weeks that i was pregnant… never thought that would be possible…but :sunglasses: i done did it lol


My cousin swore up and down she was pregnant 2 weeks after having unprotected sex so she went to the doctor and had HCG in her blood. They had her come back 2 weeks later to make sure her levels were going up and turns out they were and she really was pregnant lol

With my daughter, I was about 8 weeks before I noticed symptoms and was 12 weeks by the time it was confirmed.

With my son, I felt pregnant by… probably 2 weeks after? Very soon. But I was also antsy and some of the symptoms could have been psychosomatic. Lol. I didn’t get a positive test until 4 weeks.

I knew before missed period. But was doing fertility which i was just very aware of everything… 2nd pregnancy i knew early too but miscarried at 11 weeks

With this one about 5 weeks pregnant I started having symptoms.

First I was about 8 weeks before I noticed symptoms *swollen belly button was why I took a test- thats it lol with my second I knew at 1-2 weeks but we were trying!

I knew early with all 3 of mine, nausea and very sore breasts

Hahaha I have not a clue. My first 2 with a test. Only sign was missed period. My 3rd which came 17 years after my last I didn’t know I was pregnant until 5 months in. Let me explain I have a thyroid condition on which the condition combined with the medication causes you to miss periods so I just assumed it was related to that. I got sick and went to the doctor. Turns out I had the flu. They wanted to do an x Ray to see if I was getting a touch of pneumonia as well. But before they would do the xray they had me take a pregnancy test just to be certain. Well low and behold they come back and tell me they can’t do the xray because my pregnancy test came back positive lol I am now the proud mom of a 19 yr old, 18 yr old and a 18 month old :blush:


With my son and one miscarriage I knew at about two weeks cause I was so sick already.

I knew at 5 weeks that I was more than normal tired. If I didn’t pay attention to that and other pregnancy symptoms, I wouldn’t have known until 9ish weeks.

Omg! Pregnancy cleared my psoriasis!! I thought I was just weird! I’d take a test.

I knew within a week. Crazy nausea and implantation bleeding.

I knew at 2 weeks, test was negative, waited a week and got a positive!

If it’s been 2 weeks take a test. It should be accurate by now

I knew in between 2 and 3 weeks .
My first my boobs were really sore and I was getting leg cramps like crazy . Then my period never came . So I took a test the day my period was suppose to start .
The second time my hair was shedding bad and took a test after my missed period. Both times I was right .

I knew when I conceived. I just felt super weird and a day or so later I had some spotting which was really weird for me. I took a test and it showed up super dark really quick. It was 2.5 weeks before my period was due. I ovulated much earlier than I thought I did.

I get a cyst down there every single time in pregnant. So with this pregnancy I knew 3 days after I conceived that I was pregnant

My 1st I didn’t find out til i was 5 months along. My second I missed a period and was about 6 weeks along. My third we had a broken condom and starting after 3 weeks I took a pregnancy test every day til it came up positive another week later.

I knew at 3 weeks
Tested a week later
At 5 weeks I was very sick
I couldn’t eat anything or keep anything down.

Found out the first time at 13 weeks I was pregnant. My second I just knew at 4.5 weeks. On pregnancy number 3 but we were planning and tracking so I knew when to test. Other than sore boobs no symptoms. Lol

8 weeks.indigestion was my first sign …as i never get it