What are the early signs of pregnancy?

I’m 2 days late for my period been getting few cramps nothing to painful and lower backache this morning I went toilet and I thought my period was starting but it’s just light pink discharge very faint my period normally starts really heavy could this be implantation bleeding or is it to late as my period was due 2 days ago


It could just be the beginning of your period. I’d wait a bit and see if it comes and if not, take a test

Wait a few days and test. It could be implantation, or it could just be the start of your period. I know mine did that a few times when normally it just started off heavy. Our bodies are weird things, lol. Good luck.

Hmmmmm.you just have to wait and see. Fist sign I had was darkening of areola and puffiness in that area.

That’s exactly the experience I had with implantation bleeding…just take a test it’s the only way to be sure

I’d be at the store in a heartbeat getting a test…lol

I’d wait a few more days, your isn’t always going to be that day it’s expected but should be close. If you are worried in a few days take a test. My first sign was not losing weight after barely eating for a month due to being sick and big boobs.

Too late for implantation, but very possible to have spotting around the period date, pregnant or not. Give it a couple of days to come and then take a test if still no period

Give it a week if it doesn’t start go get a blood test!!!