What are the first signs of pregnancy?

My SO and I are trying for another baby, started last week. What was your first symptom when you knew your were actually pregnant? For the past 3 nights I’ve been having weird dreams, even when I nap. That only happened when I was pregnant with my other two kids. Also my period is suppose to start this week. So fingers crossed for a baby. :crossed_fingers:


My husband had a dream I was pregnant and a week later the morning sickness started he knew before I even peed on the stick

It took us about 6 months of really trying & tracking ovulation to get pregnant. My 1st symptom was heartburn & wanting ketchup on my eggs. Then when I was 8 days late I tested and now I’m 6 months along.

I had a dream I was pregnant and I felt really tired all the time

I always had nightmares during my pregnancies

It’s only been a week since you started trying. You’re not going to have symptoms already.


My first symptom was extreme moodiness with both my kids. My husband with my second the one I’m pregnant with with now knew I was pregnant before I did. I asked him how he knew he said you’re being moody again. That and I was craving really weird stuff

To close to your period won’t take


With 4th nausea day period was supposed to startle or few days before and next few days, 3rd tired ran down no energy, 1st and 2nd nausea/getting sick. The 3rd we decided try in Oct and by Jan I decided to quit trying and keep trying lose weight. Found out early April conceived in March.

You wouldn’t have any symptoms within days of conceiving. Stop “trying” and just let it happen.


My boobs started hurting really bad!But if you only started a week ago I don’t think you going to have any pregnant Symptoms!lol

We knew before i even had a chance to get any symptoms! Found out at 3 weeks and 3 days. Bought the test for a few days later, when I was planning on testing. But i woke up the next morning after buying them, just feeling magical for a lack of a better term. I remember my first symptoms though… my emotions were out of wack and my boobs were sore.

Mine was sudden extreme inability to stay awake.
The whole day I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
It was intense.
That’s was a week or so before the day I was supposed to start my period

Alot of things. But I think the weirdest was the dreams of death, had it for months. Very detailed and horrific deaths. Like I was going through someones timeline in their past lives.

Dreaming is normal during the luteal phase, even if you’ve never experienced it before. It takes 6-12 days for the egg to implant. My first clue were morning sickness and fatigue. MOST people dont start getting symptoms until 6 weeks. Few will have them before a missed period.

2 weeks before I missed my period, my boobs hurt more than normal and I started dreaming vividly. Of course, none of those said “pregnant” to me. But, what tipped me off was my boobs didn’t stop hurting and I was really tired.

Even if you got lucky and first werks the charm, lol, baby wouldnt produce enough hormone to stop this weeks period.

Most women don’t have symptoms until 4 to 8 weeks of pregnancy- so don’t even worry about it. Just enjoy the great excuse to have wonderful sex (or to try new toys/positions), and let it happen when its ready to happen.

I was 5 weeks pregnant when I knew i was pregnant. Not from any symptom other than “hmm, I’m supposed to start bleeding today, but now that I think about it, i haven’t had any of the uterine heaviness or pre-cramping I normally get a few days before a period…”. Took a test, saw the bright blue positive, and that was that.

I was around 9, 10 weeks whrn i started getting nausea lol

Heart burn and really sore breast…especially the left one

Craving cheeseburgers & my nipples were very sore.

When I was super tracking and trying I’d have dreams too, probably because it was on my mind too much. I decided to relax, still track or have an idea of when I could be ovulating and have fun with it.

My first symptoms were always getting really cranky and my boobs hurting.

With my 1st Slept all day ate 3lbs a pizza rolls and huge pan of spaghetti in two days.Got Ultrasound a week later , showed I was 3wks & 2days

Cant smoke a cigarette

Fatigue and I don’t miss that shit at all … !

When I hate coffee. Lol as soon as it starts tasting bad I know something’s going on :joy:

That’s so weird :joy: I was pregnant with my second baby and didn’t know but kept dreaming about sperm meeting the egg :joy::joy::joy:

I actually had a crazy dream after not having my period (my periods aren’t regular so that’s normal for me) so I checked

My boobs hurt and nipples were sensitive

Sooooo emotional, driving in my car and song and the radio sends me into tears :sob:

My boobs hurt!!! Like bad lol I couldn’t even have the water hit them in the shower. I was 3 or 4 weeks.

Dreaming can have a underlying meaning. Usually something ur going thru

DEFINITELY sore boobs was my first clue each time but I also swear I could smell things that were a mile away! And I always got morning sickness super early.
Good luck!

I had this overwhelming need to look at baby clothes. Passing through Walmart and I would find myself looking in the infant section looking at the tiny clothes. I have 3 children living and 2 up in heaven (all unplanned, same father) and every single one was the same thing. When it happened for my 2nd child I said hmm let me take a test and sure enough so everytime I had the urge to look at baby clothes I bought a test and every single time it was positive. So weird.

Each pregnancy had different symptoms for me so it’s hard to say.

I actually didn’t even know I was pregnant. I had zero symptoms. The only reason I took a pregnancy test was to prove my husband wrong. He kept insisting I was pregnant & bought me a test. I took it out of spite.
She’s 15 months old now. :joy:


My boobs were sore and I had severe migraines. That was it. No morning sickness or any of that still don’t have morning sickness thank god!

Everything smelled weird then missed period

If you just started last week I don’t believe you would be experiencing systems yet. If any the sperm would be implanting into your uterus if you were pregnant.

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Mine was fatigue and boob pain

With my twins I was nauseous for 3 days so I decided to take a test. With my youngest I was more tired and just felt pregnant

My husband told me I was pregnant with both pregnancies so I couldn’t tell ya lol good luck

My entire body was aching
I felt extremely tired and wanted to sleep all the time
I was eating less but gaining weight and bloated and couldn’t fit in certain clothes.
I knew 2weeks earlier then when I was supposed to get my period