What are the side effects of depo?

I just got the depot shot after havimg my baby about 2 months ago. I got my first period since having baby shortly after that. That was about a month ago. I might be worrying about nothing but I have pcos in my family and have wondered before if I had it. Everything I looked up on google about this said irregular bleeding is normal 12-24 months after getting the shot? But it hasn’t even been close to that long.

I’m going to the doctor either way but…
Opinions/experiences would be great…
has anyone else experienced this? I don’t want to bleed once a month for a whole month :joy:


It probably means it will take 12 TO 24 months for it to even out… not during 12 and 24 :slightly_smiling_face:

Was on depo shot over 3 years and never had a period, alot of women dont and most that do have irregular periods

I bled for 6 months after I got the depo. One of the main reasons I went off of it. Doctors talked me into the second one saying that it’s normal and should stop after the second one.

I have pcos and went on depo after my son was born and I had irregular periods. I didn’t get it the second time but went on the pill and now I’m pregnant with baby number 2… but my period straightened out on the pill.

I’ve always heard bad things about the depo shot. My doctor wouldn’t even let me get the depo shot

Depo stopped my period completely after about 2 months. I have pcos as well. It made me gain about 60 lbs though which was probably another reason why my period stopped.