What are the side effects of getting your tubes tied?

Only difference for me is longer periods, heavier flow with clots of blood, and severe cramps. Mine have been tied for 22 yrs now.

Had mine 10 years ago, cut, burned, and tied. My periods are extremely heavy, but that could be my age…other than that best thing I did for my self.

No side effects. Well just the one where you DONT get pregnant.


I never had a problem my knees and back bother me now and that’s cuz I’m 62 and worked hard all my life

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Talk to your OBGYN! But I will add this, remember your body will go back to its natural state. No hormones! So that could be a good thing😁
Or a not so good thing :cry: depends on your body!

I highly don’t recommend it. I had/have so many medical problems after getting mine tied after having my second son during a C-section. I also didn’t have a choice and was forced into having my tubes tied. I highly recommend doing alittle research and really looking into it before you decide if you want to have it done or not. I know everyone is different but all my friends and others who have had their tubes tired had problems. I’ve seen more cons than pros when it comes to women getting their tubes tied

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My PMS was worse after I had my tube tied ( or maybe going from one child to two on top of being full time nurse and pretty much only breadwinner in my house made it worse)

I had a triple ligation. No side effects. I was only sore for about a day or two. One tiny scar from incision near my belly button.

from my experience , this isn’t 100%. I have a daughter that proofs it. after three years after my surgery I became pregnant. After she was born I made sure to get them cut and not just tied with metal clips.

I had mine done and I’m fine it’s been 6 years


I literally just had my daughter on the 4th, had a c section and tubal right after. So far so good, I even got to see my tubes after removal as I laid on table lol

I had little twinges for couple of months but all settled. Had it done yr ago had tubes totally removed as they gave me choice of tied or removed. Had two periods since very short ones.

I had horrible periods and terrible pain in my stomach after 4 csection and a tubes tied. 5 years later ended having a partial hysterectomy. Unfortunately the stomach pains never left but the upside no more periods for two years now and am 37 years old

It depends how things are done. Many doctors are just completely removing them now which prevents cancer. I had mine removed 2018 and still adjusting period wise. But really it was simple

I had mine done after 3rd c-section. Had a little heavier period. 14 years later had partial hysterectomy - 10 years later had to have ovaries removed due to cysts and tumors. My tubes were cut and tied…

I had my tubes laserd in 1991. I still had periods. was painless and easy. I had 4 children and didn’t want to get pregnant again. The surgery took and I never had any problems.

I’ve had mine clipped since 2016, I’ve had no issues, my mood swings aren’t as bad, and periods are normal now, but everyone is different, some people (like me) get clips due to them being reversible, just in case they more babies later on.

I had mine removed and no problems at all, it’s been a year now. Post surgery sucked for a few days, but it all turned out great for me.

I have had my tunes tied , and burned. U get back pain due to still getting your period. No more then usual mine have been tied for 15 almost 16 years. Honestly I wish I hadn’t tied them so very young. Make sure you absolutely do NOT want more kids down the road. Thrn there are days I’m glad they are tied

I had my tubes removed 2 years ago. I get really bad cramps and have way heavier periods. And way more acne than before.

I get pain on ovulation and very heavy periods, but I also have endometriosis and take blood thinners for another medical problem I have

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I had have them tied. I get shorter periods but bad cramps. I now regret having them tied.

I had my tubes tied after my 2nd Cesarean…my periods are soooooo heavy now…I have to wear overnight pads the first few days and I am bleeding out of them every few hours…my periods were very light prior

I had mine tied after my third baby. I developed endometriosis and had horrible pain resulting in a hysterectomy at 39.

I have had my tunes tied for 8 years now. Only problem I have is my period is much heavier and the cramps are 10 times worse

I had mine tired in Aug 2019, right after a c-section, other than heavier periods, and a bit more cramping I don’t have any other side effects. It is different for everyone though, my best friend had hers tied after her 3rd baby and she has/had different side effects.

Had mine done outpatient 40 yrs ago (age 30) thru belly button. Tubes cut then cauterized. A personal relief of no worry of getting pregnant. Didn’t change periods. Might have caused menopause to start a little earlier (48), but no other issues. Discuss procedure with your dr. I did.

I didn’t have my tubes tied I had them removed and it was the best decision ever. No side effects other than short periods.

I had mine clamped. It’s been over a year and periods are better then they were. First 6 months I had heavier and more painful

I had mine shredded after the 4th. (9lb 14 oz vaginal delivery). No side effects at all.

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Had mine removed during second c-section 2 years ago. No problems. Maybe lighter more sporadic periods, I don’t really keep track anymore

I had mine done in march…and my periods have been awfull since…alot more painful and heavy x

I had bad cramps with my periods after the surgery

No side effects. Well, I did have to give up birth control pills. Wasn’t sad over that.

only side effect was lack of pregnancy!! :joy::tada::tada:
-many woman say stronger cramps… but those increase with each pregnancy also so :woman_shrugging:

I had mine removed. My doctor doesn’t tie them he takes them out completely. I have not had any issues from it.

I had my tubes tied only side effect is I have had zero sex drive since the babies were born 9 months ago I had twins via csection had them tied right after birth since I was opened anyway. But I don’t know if it’s bc of the thing, twins or no sleep lol. No other notable side effects for me personally

Nothing changed for me , I never cramped before and I never cramp now

I had my tubes tied when I gave birth to my twins and have never had any side effects.

No side effects. The ladies expressing frustration over more cramping and heavier periods…your just missing the side effects of the birth control pill.

I had my tubes tied and I had no side effect.

Your periods are worse. Mine were like 10 times worse!

No side effects at all.

Had a tubal ligation done…best decision I ever made! My periods are lighter and shorter now than they were before.

No side effects going on 10 years

No problems at all!! It was the endometriosis that was the issue later on after I stopped taking birth control. Therefore had a full hysterectomy.

No side effects at all.

Had mine tied after 2nd baby. I was 29. Had horrible pain and heavy periods after til I went through the change.

No side effects at all.

I had mine clamped and cut at 22… They clamp they cut… Only issue with mine is they used plastic stilche clips that only have a life span.of 5 years . And big issues of clamps degrading and tubes reattaching … so they changed them to metal…
When I had my son at 32 I only had one still on ,don’t know where the other one went… He was ivf I didn’t need tubes. But had absolutely no issue ,pain was no worse then a laparoscopy .

After a couple years my neighbor complained about abdominal pain she things it related to tube tie.

Had done 15 years ago no problem just heavy period for first two and bloated stomach for a couple of weeks

Don’t get your tubes tied unless you are a million percent sure because if you change your mind it costs a lot of money out of pocket…You may feel now that you don’t want more kids but maybe you will change your mind in the future and regret having it done…Just like I do :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

No side effects. I never heard of it having side effects. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Recovery is painful but my periods went to nearly pain free

I had mine tied after my 4th child and had no side effects at all.

I had my second I have one boy and one girl and I’m 20 years old. I want my tubes tied so bad but since I’m not married nor am I 21 I’m not allowed. And its horse crap.

Everyone is different, had mine tied 37 years ago, Zero side effects

No side affects had it done thirty six years ago

I had my tubes tied after my second child (6years ago) ever since I got them tied I have had horribly heavy periods, the worst cramps ever. And severe mood changes.

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Mine were cut and burned a LOOONGGG time ago, like 1979…no side effects

Only side effects I’ve had is not getting pregnant lol

None…35 years later still none

I also had horrible periods after, but my doc did ablation and I have not had one since 2007.

No side effects ever.

Ive never had any issues and has been 14 years

I had no negative side effects.

I want to tie my tubes but worry it will untie. Has this happened?

I. Had. My. Tubes. Tied. After. My. 4th. Son. There. Was. No. Problems.

Nope! Best thing I ever did!!! It was great!!!

I had my tubal ligation done many many years ago no problem good luck

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speak to your Doctor or the practise nurse for accurate info

I cramped worse than a teenager

I just had mine done September and I’m fine.

My monthly period became much more painful and my flow much heavier.

My bleeding was 100 times worse, terrible cramping

Never had a problem for 25+ years

Went right into minapaus, I was 40

Nope. Never had any pain.

My doctor told me i couldnt :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: after two kids.

My family all had issues with super heavy painful periods and irregular, as well as pain everywhere else too, I won’t ever get it done because of that. My husband and I decided he will be the one to get fixed

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I’m having my removed.
So many chances of each year that passes that they can grow back. So many women are getting pregnant after having them tied. And I hear lots of bad cramps and bleeding .

The only problem i have had is heavey period and i cramp more

Had no problem; best sex after as I didn’t worry about getting pregnant

Have your husband done. Much easier…and reversible …easy peasy

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Cut ,burned ,tied ,all good

You sleep more bcoz u have no other small kids

My daughter didn’t after her three.

I had no side effects

I had no side effects

No problems at all. Just make sure they are cut and burned.

Definitely talk over all decisions with your doctor and what is best for you. There is also other options as an iud, shots and patches. but idk how far they have came in the last five years. I would suggest staying away from clamps, they have a higher rate of ectopic pregnancies. I had the clamps and two years later had an ectopic that ruptured and had to be rushed in for emergency surgery due to the internal bleeding, I would never want to see anybody go through that

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Had one done in 2007. Got pregnant in 2010, had a miscarriage, I came unclamped. Ended in hysterectomy in 2011

Research post tubal ligation syndrome. Also be aware getting your tubes tied can and or will wake up any predisposed autoimmune/endocrine disease/syndrome. Also raises your risk for different cancers, can aldo cause adenomyosis/endometriosis/ ovarian cyst , your hair to fall out, raises risk of blood clots etc among so many more issues. There are 1000s of us that suffer horrific side effects. Some see those changes immediately (i did) and others will see it years down the road. Please be careful and be aware.

Got mine tied 6 1/2 months ago after two kids, best decision ever! I am 41 years old so I knew I had to be done with babies. No side effects I feel fine! At my age great idea but like early 30’s I wouldn’t have.

I got really really heavy (but shorter) periods… That was it.

Hands down best decision for me and even with a tubal ligation I could still fulfil my dream of becoming a surrogate.

27w with a desperately hoped for and planned miracle!!

I had mine done 8 years ago while I was having a c section. I personally have had worse cramping and bleeding BUT it’s with it to me not to have that worry of getting pregnant again especially now that I’m 40!

Discuss how the tubal will be done. They used to cut, burn and tie them off which was the most permanent but my mom had it done and hasn’t had any issues. Ive not had the recent ones but I’ve been told they are metal clips that clip onto the tubes. This has caused more problems just from talking to people. They can come off which can cause pain and pregnancy etc. But none of this is recent enough to negate what your doctor says. I would discuss with them and get a second or even third opinion. Doesnt hurt to check multiple times for a major surgery like this. :heart:best of luck!

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No side effects here😊
Got mine tied a year ago, I’m super fertile and no birth controll worked. I’m happy with my two healthy, wonderful kids😊

I had mine done when I had my C section. It took a little longer to heal after the procedure. The incision area was tender for about 1 yr. Meaning lifting heavy objects it feltva little uneasy. But my honest opinion, be absolute sure you want one. My husband was more for it and I was like…yes…but was on the fence. After 5yrs now, I really felt like I could of had one more. Yes I know theurs other options but I felt depressed/ regretted having one now. You can still have healthy babies in your later years. Yes, I went through post partuium depression and had to really work myself through that. It was hard on me and my husband in the bedroom cause mentally I had closed up shop. So I had to seek some counciling. It had alot to do with hormones. I’d definitely encourage research. But this is my story, can only speak for myself. God bless you in your journey. I’m hearvif you need a friend to talk too. Mom’s support moms!