What are the side effects of Mirena?

I would like to ask people what side effects they have with the Mirena IUD, and also if they had any issues with incontinence after getting it in.


I have had mine in for 7 years, was changed just before 5 years so I am on to my second one. Best thing I did was I’ve had no periods and my PMT has reduced significantly. I would highly recommend it. But remember it’s different for everyone.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the side effects of Mirena?

I’ve had my Mirena IUD since 2019 with no issues or side effects

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I didnt have incontinence, but definitely had “unexplained infertility” after. I was warned about this and ignored the warning thinking it was one of the side effects they just have to tell you about.

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Hated mine had mine removed … seemed good for about a year than I started getting random shooting pains in my hips to the point it hurt to walk … and started getting some slight depression . Had it removed and than had what they called Mirena crash and was put on actual anti depressants for about 6 months until my hormones leveled back out . It’s been about 6 years gone now and no more issues . … this being said I do know lots of people that it does work well for . Like anything else it depends on the person . Just be sure to do your research

Ahahaha mine failed and I got pregnant


Ive had mine since 2015 and never had any problems just gained weight but it depends on how it reacts with your body

I’ve had mine since my 8 year old was born, getting it replaced after 5 years. Never had any issues other than he can feel it sometimes but usually only when it was first placed for a little while. Works amazing for me!

Uh yeah pregnancy was a pretty big red flag for me :rofl::rofl: 7 months into me having the Mirena I fell pregnant


excessive bleeding, headaches and dizziness.

I had the Mirena implant for 3 years and all was well. After 3 years I had some abdominal pain and a “heavy period” for a couple of days. I wasn’t sure what was going on until my implant actually was expelled from my body. I did not have issues with infertility following the implant.

My hair was falling out in clumps. Worse than any pp hair loss I’d ever experienced out of 3 kids. I was getting bald spots. Constant bleeding for nearly 4 months. Zero sex drive. Awful mood swings. Headaches. Fatigue. Mine migrated and I had to have surgery to remove it after 3 obs could not remove it in office. There’s actually a mirena support group for women who have experienced similar things.

I loved it the first time I got it, took it out to try fir another baby. Second one i got was to stop constant bleeding, which it did but I was having never ending bv and infections. Dr swore it wasn’t the iud but all the infections stopped when i took it out.

I opted to go with nuva ring

On my second one. Got one in 2008, out in 2013, pregnant and then got another in 2017. No issues…

Mine failed everytime. But I am terrible at taking the pills on time and csnt have the shot. So thats why I went with it. We have 4 beautiful kiddos all of witch were surprise blessings.

I had it twice. After my first son, it made me bleed for 8 months straight. And I don’t mean just spitting, I mean a full blown period. After my second son, it was great at first. Until I went to check my strings and they weren’t where they were supposed to be. It somehow got twisted inside of me so I had to get it removed.

Idk how important this is to you, but it was also a very huge problem with my sex life. No matter what we did (even ask the doctor to shorten the strings) it would poke my husband during it and it would actually really hurt him. And in my head, I didn’t really see the point of a birth control that didn’t allow me to have sex

Other than that I had no issues.

I’ve it for a few years and I love it … I haven’t had any issues … Remember everyone is different especially when it comes to this… My dr told me to try it and if I hated it she would take it out … I’m also done having kids…

Bleeding & headaches. Had better luck with the copper iud

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I’ve had mine since 2018 and it causes some pain at times. It’s only occasionally but it’ll feel like a stabbing pain right where it sits if I bend over or something. Also extreme mood swings. I’m in the process of getting mine out but a gyno referral can take up to 18 months with covid and everything.

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Random bleeding every few months and reoccurring BV. My gym said its from the IUD

Mine kept getting poked and caused terrible cramps they cut it to the shortest they could and (Tmi he still would have scabs)

I am on my 3rd Mirena (first one back in 2004) I haven’t really had any complications. My period is nonexistent. I have gotten some cysts that have ruptured a few times over the last 17 years. But other than that- just a care free form of birth control for me personally.

I had horrible mood swings and couldn’t lose weight for the life of me. But everyone has a different experience. But it worked well for pregnancy protection.


Had one put in right after my daughter was born in 2019. (I had a C-section) Went to my 6 week check up to make sure it was in place. Found out it flipped upside down in my uterus. I was td it cpuld move outta place just didn’t think it would happen lol… Doctor tried to get it out in the office and couldn’t. Had to have a surgical procedure done to pull the original one out and replace it. 2 years later I was still having super heavy bleeding every month like I do when I’m not on birth control. Had an ultrasound done and turns out it was not in the right place in my uterus. It was sitting in the bottom of my uterus instead of the top. I had mine pulled out in Nov 2021. To be honest the doctor mentioned possibly trying it again if need be, but I probably won’t since the damn things keep moving on me. Other than the issues with them moving our of place. I never had issues. Everybody is different though so you should really sit down with your doctor and really weigh the pros and cons of whether that’s best for you.

I’ve had 3 so far and due to get a for my next one with in the next 2 yrs. I have had no issues with them. And have not gotten pregnant on them. They have been a life savor. I plan to use them until I go through menopause. No periods is amazing
My 15 yo daughter got her first one about 8 months ago. She loves it. Only light spotting ever now and then. She got it bc of super bad periods/cramping. It’s worked great for her

I’m currently using it and have had none, no pain, no periods nowt! Loving it

I love mine! No periods! Not planning on having any more kids so I’m thrilled

I’ve had Mirena 3 times and each time I had different side effects. Ended up getting it removed this last time because of awful cysts and pelvic pain and back pain and I was shocked how as soon as the doctor took it out the pain went away. I also had regular periods this last time, and pregnancy symptoms during ovulation.


My number one side effect was pregnancy :rofl::sweat_smile: I also had random spotting, and severe pain. I’d have to pull over while driving because my leg pains were so bad. My hair fell out and I lost almost 30lbs in less than a month. I got it out and every single symptom stopped immediately! Besides my pregnancy, it was perfectly healthy.

Heavy bleeding and blood clots…mine came out in a blood clot the size of my hand 10 months after having it out in, no prior problems got it after my 3rd child 10/10 don’t recommend I also researched and a nurse at my Dr’s had it no problems now hubs is snipped and I’m bc free and i had novasure procedure

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I love mine also! Best side effect is no periods! About one a year I will have a little spotting… other than that, zero side effects.

It was HORRIBLE for me… I became an emotional wreck, bitchy, super short tempered… I was STARVING all the time and ate so much. I got bad break outs… I gained over 30lbs in the 3 months I had it in. I had to pay out of pocket to get it removed early because my insurance wouldn’t cover early removal… the next 2 weeks or so I literally withdrawaled from the hormones. I felt dizzy & lightheaded. Almost dropped my 5 month old daughter from a dizzy spell. (Thank God I caught myself) I got terrible hot flashes and cold sweats. Restless legs and arms, headaches… it was terrible. I won’t touch ANY hormonal birth control ever again because of that experience with Mirena… I know people who have it and love it and swear by it though. The problem is that you don’t know until you have it in.

Mine punctured my uterus and I might have trouble carrying to term if at all

I’ve had mine for almost a year and i absolutely love it, I hated it for the first 6 weeks but once my body got used to it, it’s been great. I’ll never use any other form of bc.

I’ve had mirena since 2016. I’ll have spotting on occasion, maybe a few times a year. Other than that, it’s been amazing for me. My twin sister had the opposite experience and had hers removed.

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I had that sharp pain once in a great while, and absolutely no period. My mood swings are mine :rofl: my weight gain is me :woozy_face::rofl: so no other side effects, the first one was 3 years and the second had an expiration date of 5 years but I removed it at 3 years anyway.

My body doesn’t like these or the nuva ring, I get extremely sick.

Had mine for about 3 weeks, hubs felt it. And it came out on its own. I don’t recommend it.

I had the Mirena for a few years and loved everything about it until my face started breaking out so badly and my doctor believed that was the cause so I had it removed and my face cleared up. I will say that I have always been fairly easy to break out so it doesn’t mean that it will happen to you :relaxed:

I was told my symptoms were normal. I had no period. The only plus. Painful intercourse. Random, frequent double me over pain. Pregnancy symptoms but never actually being pregnant.

Major side effect hardly ever mentioned is the wires stabbing your partner during sex :joy:
Also some women can and will get pregnant and miscarry

It effected my hormones bad. I’ve heard of people having their cervix grow partially over it by the time cane to get it removed.

My only side effect is no periods. I love it.

I got pregnant. And then had to have it surgically removed. Almost died because of it.

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Lol … pregnancy. :upside_down_face: was not a fun doctors appointment for removal either.

I have used it for 12 years now. Had a tubular pregnancy, lost right tube. But havent had a period since day 1, im going 49, on monday to b exact … doctor said this the last 1 then hopefully menopause… i wouldnt recommend as only form of birth controll but as an end for periods … go for it … unless u want kids/more kids.

Mary Boyle read this.

Has anyone had it taken out and lost weight?

It seems to me the pill is the most effective, less side effect option out there if you take it at the same time everyday short of having your partner get a vasectomy I think everyone reacts differently to Mirena

Mine worked as birth control because I never wanted my husband to touch me. :woozy_face:

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Low sex drive, irregular but extremely light periods, & weight gain. That’s all side effects I have.

I felt like an absolute crazy person after a few months of having it. Like bad depression and painful periods. Got it removed and felt sooooo much better! I would recommend the implant over morena any day.