What are the side effects of taking an iron supplement?

Sorry if this is gross but has any other pregnant moms been but in the iron supplement due to anemia and it given to the poops??


Not gross- just normal. :heartpulse: Yes that’s unfortunately a side effect. You’ll eventually kind of balance out.

Annnd your poop will probably be black and sticky :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I was started on iron before my pregnancy the pills gave me that problem and the liquid gave me heartburn on top of pooping like crazy :woman_shrugging:

I have iron deficiency with this pregnancy. It did at first but now im constipated and hate it… few more weeks to go :persevere:


Yes at first changed color & sometimes had even hard go now :disappointed_relieved:

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Yes. You can ask for a lower dose of iron and if you drink orange juice with it it will help you absorb the iron better

Usually iron causes constipation


Drink orange juice!!! Vitamin D helps you absorb iron and keeps the side affects to a minimum

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I started the iron and my doc said pair it w/stool softener :person_shrugging:

It always made me constipated. But everybody is different.
I was always told if supplements gave you diarrhea it meant you didn’t need them. But the rules change every time I turn around, so what do I know :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:

Yes. Its gross. But normal
I’m anemic. I have to take iron twice a day. Also a stool softener in case of constipation. Never was anemic until I got pregnant.

I have to take iron glucanate which is easier than iron sulfate on the stomach and a prenatal. I’m anemic but haven’t noticed an issue.

I became constipated to a point. I am on Folic Acid now for anemia.

It made me constipated and I had to be on colace

It makes me constipated so I have the opposite problem. I would talk to your MD about possibly taking the flinstone vitamins with iron. Sometimes that helps or see what they recommend.

This is my fifth pregnancy (34 weeks), I’ve been anemic with all of the pregnancies and usually am on a stool softener for constipation and this time my doctor wrote me one as well because I was on high doses and had iron infusions following a blood transfusion because my iron was so low (6.7). BUT this entire pregnancy that I’ve been on the supplement I’ve had horribly loose stools! The blood specialist I’m seeing this pregnancy told me it’s rare that that happens but it can give you diarrhea OR constipation! So yes it’s a normal side affect. Also be prepared for black and sticky stool and heartburn!!