What are the side effects of the IUD?

So I just got my iud 3/4 weeks ago. Kinda lost the count. But any way. Well my last period was valentines day. I know funny. A week after that I got my Iud. Well I guess I started my period.ije yesterday. And my periods last me 3 days. Well today 3/12 would be the day my period would be on its 3rd day. Mind you I have never been on birth control. And this is the first time I have. Only because (sorry for TMI) Well my partner is tired of pulling out and want our intimacy to be more like romantic I guess. Lol. But any way my question for the ladies who’s had the iud. Did it mess up your cycle??? Did you just have ot removed and got another opinion???. I don’t want to switch birth control. Because 1) I’ll forget the pill. 2) I probably won’t make it to my appointment for getting the shot. 3) I don’t want to get the patch because Well I’m a 4/20 person. And was told that. With the patch you can’t smoke. I don’t have heavy periods. And the iud… hasn’t made me to the point we’re I have to remove it. To were I’m bleeding filling up pad after pad every hr.

I got an IUD two months ago. I was fitted for one because my periods are irregular to the point that I have only a few days mess-free every couple of weeks. The gyno said that basically other than stopping pregnancy nothing will change for about 8 months so I will still be irregular until around Christmas and then it should level out to be like an average healthy menstrual cycle.
I have had no side effects at this time.