What are the signs of a miscarriage?

I need to know, a few months back i had missed my period (not unusual as i have PCOS) along with this was waves of nausea, i couldn’t even bend down without feeling sick to my stomach, cramping, lower back pain, i went nearly completely off food for no reason and i had a stronger sense of smell than my dog!

This went on days if not a few weeks and the day i came on it all stopped i bled very heavily (which is normal for me shamefully)… Did i miscarry? Or was i just hormonal where i hadn’t come on in so long? Or was my mind playing tricks where we’ve been trying for soo long?

I didn’t go to the drs as i just wrote it off as a period but the longer ive sat on it the more it plays in my mind, we’re still waiting for the gynecologist i was just wondering if anyone had had this happen or had any veiws


This has happened ALOT to me before with PCOS. I always jumped to im pregnant but whenever I would test it was negative. It could have been a cyst erupting. Bc this happens so much to me when I was actually pregnant I dismissed all the signs and ended up not finding out until I was 5 months .