What are the signs of fibroids?

So I’ve recently been having some horrible lower back pain, like to the point where sometimes I can’t stand or walk; I’ve been on my period like a normal heavy bleed for 20 days, also I’ve gained a lot of weight due to severe depression. I’m wondering if anyone has ever dealt with fibroids? Idk if this is what it is; it is just a guess from the symptoms I have. I’m currently waiting for my Medicaid to be approved so I can see a doctor, so I just see what others have dealt with these symptoms and if they had fibroids. How was it resolved, and were there any other issues? Idk I’m tripping over this shit mainly cause I would love to stop bleeding, ya know?


Hi there. I had fibroids pretty bad. I was 38 when I had my hysterectomy ( due to the condition of my uterus ) firstly that shouldn’t be your first option! Talk with your medical provider about all your options. Fibroid ablation are a viable option. Do your research! I bled heavily for 25/30 days each month and had to have several blood transfusions. I struggled for two years with this (I also have other medical problems I needed to get under control before having surgery) it was a horrible experience. The bleeding and clots were horrifying ( I hope I am not scaring you) when you finally get seen I hope you can find an empathetic and knowledgeable physician who will give you all your options after thorough testing. If not I suggest you find another doctor (yes even with Medicaid) you may need to select and managed care plan to see physicians outside of your neighborhood. Good luck!!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of fibroids?

I’ve got this problem with fibroids & having all the same problems as you, I’ve been put on 3 different pills since May of this year & nothings helped so I’m awaiting for an appointment for a hysterectomy

I’d recommend seeing if there’s a free clinic in your area (they usually hold them a couple times a month) or going to the ER (Medicaid will pick up bills 6 months past) you should get an ultrasound at the least

I had severe fibroids and due to being dangerously anemic (because of horribly heavy periods) my gyn did a hysterectomy. I only have my left ovary.

I have fibroids and I had the same symptoms my doctor prescribed me medroxyprogesterone

If you’re still in the child bearing stages, they will try a pill to help slow it down and shrink it, then if not they will move to shots And then surgery is the last option to remove it. If you’re done having children a hysterectomy is the next option. I have a fibroid tumor and going through this now.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of fibroids?

I have had A pretty large fibroid removed before. My symptoms included heavy bleeding and large clots, weight-loss, anemia, extreme menstrual cramps. It was surgically removed twice.

I personally have not experienced any of those side effects. Just painful periods and sometimes during sex. My Dr has recently told me in the near future I will need my uterus removed. I think it is probably different for different people. But you should definitely go to Dr.

I had a fibroid around 35 years.old and my gynecologist recommend I take anti inflammatory to slow down the bleeding I had to take an injection each month for 3 months to stop my periods to dry.up the fibroid then it was surgically removed never had a problem again and I’m 58 now. So go see your gynecologist for help good luck

The extreme pain would be in your stomach also. A really large stomach would be a sign too. My fibroids used to have me bent over whereas I couldn’t walk sometime.

Do you have endometriosis? Everytime one bursts others attach to your organs.

I haven’t had the long bleeding but certainly days where I’ve bled through a tampon and pad in an hour. I’ve passed clots as big as my palm as well. The stomach cramping on my period is so bad. I can go through 24 caplets of Aleve in 2 days. So I had to stop taking those due to the large amount of sodium I was ingesting in a short amount of time. Now I take 4 Tylenol at a time for pain on and off my period. Ovulating can cause just as much pain as period cramps. I am also tired all of the time. I can sleep 10 hours effortlessly. Sometimes I feel the fibroid on my ovary randomly hurting outside of period/ovulation. I have 5 fibroids but my largest is on my left ovary. I am in the process of changing doctors because the past two that I had were only trying to recommend birth control instead of actually trying to figure out why my fibroids aren’t shrinking. It took 2 ultrasounds and an ER visit for them to find my largest fibroid even though it could be felt during a pelvic exam. I bring up my thyroid as a possible cause and they just disregard and start talking about birth control. I was also on birth control for 10 years. I think that is why my body is out of wack now. I am considering surgery to remove them.

I hope you can see a Dr.soon bleeding 20 days is way to long.You May need a DC.Or go to ER.


Sounds like endometriosis… i have it and its terrible, i dread having a cycle. The pain is unbearable. Its hard to walk, let alone move. I went to the OBGYN and she prescribed some pills to help with the blood flow, it was 6 pills i had to take a day while on my period, but nothing helps with the pain. I was told a hysterectomy would help me…

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I just had surgery to remove a fibroid. You need to see a doctor ASAP before any other problems occur


Definitely see a Dr. I bled for 2 months straight and finally had to have a hysterectomy.

I use to bleed like that and extreme pain doc thought it could be endometriosis but was a growth wrapped around one ovary. Removed ovary and things were normal again. See your doctor asap, don’t wait.

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Sounds more like endometriosis. It does cause fibroids , pain , prolonged bleeding , irregular menstrual cycles … get to a gynecologist

Please go get an internal ultrasound. It could be an ovarian cyst which could burst or lead to cancer.


Fibroid tumors are helped by an iud. I had them and bad except for the last 4 years with an iud.

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There are so many reasons why this could be happening. There are health centers that accept people without insurance for free or sliding scale fees. Please see if there is one near you and make an appointment. You can call 211 and they may be able to help you or Google medical clinics with your city and state, or free or reduced fee health care with your city and state. Even your hospital may have information. If it’s really bad go to the ER. Don’t worry about the bill. If you can’t afford it you can apply for Compassionate Care to pay the bill.

I am wondering about going to a planned parenthood to at least get an exam covered asap.

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Fibroids no joke!! Go to ER (and send bills to medicaid once it clears) cause losing all that blood is not good. My doc gave me iron pills and Motrin to slow down bleeding. I’m scheduled for hysterectomy next month. Good luck🥰

Had endometriosis and fibroids that were as big as being 3 months pregnant. Ha do to have a hysterectomy

Definitely see a doctor. I bled constantly for 26 months with doctors trying all different contraceptives before I was referred to the gynaecologists for more tests. I ended up having a hysterectomy and afterwards the doctor said my whole womb was filled with fibroids. But operation did the job. Good luck x

It could be anything, you can only guess without seeing a Dr. Fibroids and endometriosis both could be a possibility. Best to see a gyno specialist and make sure you get a sonogram, biopsy and full exam. I have had a 2 cm fibroid for 8 years, it hasn’t grown at all but at first it actually slowed my period, then it was irregular and I became anemic. I have struggled with issues since then but only diagnosed with endometriosis last year… Keep in my their is not a removal for all fibroids depending on there location, and even if someone suggests a hysterectomy it doesn’t cure endometriosis. gl

I’ve had to have 3 surgeries for fibroids. You can have multiple at a time or 1 or 2 and depending on how big or small or how many you have, they can wreak havoc on your body. The symptoms for my first diagnosis of fibroids were nothing like the symptoms I had for the 2nd time I was diagnosed 6 years apart. (I’m also not an average case of fibroids either as my first surgery was botched which caused my body to grow fibroids on several other organs in my body, that’s not normal as they usually only grow in/outside but attached to the uterus). But there are different types of surgical procedures you can choose from (depending on measurements, location and how many you have) but a hysterectomy isn’t always the only option. There are minimally invasive surgeries and sometimes medications that can help… The best thing to do is to see a gynecologist. Not all are created equal either. Try to find one that specializes or has a lot of experience dealing with fibroids and/or endometriosis as well (just in case it is that too). Endometriosis can almost always only be 100% diagnosed by exploratory surgery- as there is no imaging that can detect it.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of fibroids?

I have 3 uterine fibroids, they were discovered whilst pregnant. However the signs were always there. I have extremely heavy painful periods with large clotting. I do only have a normal 5 day cycle but a very short cycle. Xx

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Yes it definitely sounds like what I had. Awful awful awful. I had a hysterectomy and was done with all that. YMMV of course.

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Please go get checked out. My little sister 32 years old was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Please go in asap and don’t take no for an answer.


Definitely the symptoms I had. On July 8 I had to have emergency hysterectomy due to them


I don’t really have pain, a lil back pain but I have bled for 9 weeks, with a few days of no bleeding Mostly spotting. I have PCOS

I’ve been bleeding on and off since 16th June few weeks after getting depo injection 7w after baby , still waiting for my emergency scan the drs has referred me for but they give me nothisterone which I take for 10 days sometimes get a week free but as soon as I bleed again they give me more xx

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Well I had two kids 88 and 91 then I got on birth control in my arm that tube they put in your arm after a year I had it took back out because all the people was having complaining of them busting in their arms so then I got on birth control pills I took them for 5 years I never had a period that whole time nearly so then I go on I get a divorce and move to a new town in 2010 now I did have my tubes tied in 2001 I finally got on Medicaid in 2017 cuz I’m disabled and after I got on Medicaid the first thing I did was made doctor appointments eye doctor medical checkup OBGYN check up teeth check up I did all of that well when I went and seen the OBGYN they did a pap smear they did a bunch of tests blood test he did all that pushing on you like trying to feel stuff I guess he knows what he’s doing I don’t know what he was doing but he was checking and he told me then that I had a fibroid in my uterus they did the ultrasound and he measured how big it was and he told me I could come back in 6 months which would have made it 2018 and in the meantime I got a blood clot in my leg cuz I was taking birth control again trying to get things straightened out so 6 months later I go back and when I went to first time it was like 5 cm or however they measure it and when I went back 6 months later it was seven and a half all my tests come out good the pap smear come out good just that fibroid was in my uterus now he gave me the choice had the whole uterus took out and he can leave everything else or he could go in there and take the fibroid out of the uterus and leave the uterus so I told him to leave the uterus so I went in like a C section they cut me all across the stomach put those little tape strips across it’s what was holding it together and they sent that off after 2 Days in the hospital I got to go home and when the results came back from it it was negative too thank God but that’s how he found mine I didn’t have no symptoms I didn’t know nothing about it until he mashed on my stomach a certain way and he could feel so it’s better to go to the doctor and find out since then I quit having a period all together I had one one time and one year and then this past December was the first time in over a year and it hadn’t had anything that since but the one that was in December was very very bad could not move that was how bad it was I could not move well he told me when I went back and seen him later on that my hormone levels was high and he sent me to another doctor but I didn’t go I didn’t have no way to go to a different town so after I go and he tells me to go to a new doctor and all of that they told me that that’s probably why I’m not having a period it’s because my hormones are high don’t know why they’re staying high though I’m just glad everything turned out right and I hope and pray for you that you can hurry and get your Medicaid so you can go see a doctor and find out what’s wrong I wish you luck and I pray that it’s nothing wrong or not a big problem anyway so take care hope you get to the doctor soon I’ll be praying for you

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Take aleve that’s what I was told to do when I was a heavy bleeder

Go to the doctor, my back started hurting, went to the doctor on Wednesday had surgery on Monday, two tumors, one the size of a football, one the size of a baseball. I had gained weight in recent months for no apparent reason

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If your bleeding 20 days that’s not good…get to a doctor .

I have quite a few fibroids but no issues from them…

I had fibroid and had removed a year ago before found that out I had crazy bleeding after they were removed no more bleeding and before removed I was in pain felt worse that cramps at my end. Also I would bleeding a month then nothing and repeat some short months some longer months or nothing

When I went to dr. He checked me said doing doing surgery practily next day to remove fibroids

See an obgn. They will know. Sounds like me. But it can be other things

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of fibroids?

I had fibroids with excessive heavy bleeding. I got myself treated by a homeopath/naturopath and all fibroids gone now.


I had my uterus removed because they were getting so large. They may be able to laser them and also there are natural supplements you could investigate

Sounds just like my symptoms and mine was an Ectopic pregnancy. Seek help sooner rather than later.


Fibroids can run in family’s ,similar symptoms I had ,but if they are small the doctor my leave them ,or maybe could be lasered, but if big or several suggest a hysterectomy, no dig a deal as usally non cancerous, so try not to worry ,your doctor or gynecologist ,will give you the best advice,

I think you need a scan to determine if you have fibroids or not. It’s difficult to determine otherwise.

FYI. Excessive and uncomfortable periods. I chose to have a complete hysterectomy. My doctor told me some of the things that can happen. She did NOT mention vaginal atrophy. She also neglected to mention that fibroids go away with menopause.

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Well when I started my period at 12, for years til I was 16 it was never normal. Huge blood clots.Severe cramps, bloating, hemorrhage in a school class. Had to wear 2 to 3 pads at a time. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I was sent to a specialist. They did exploratory surgery. This was back in the late 60’s. Here I had a fibroid tumor wrapped around the outside wall of my uterus. They had to cut my uterus in pieces to get to it. They said one more day and I would have bled to death because it was getting ready to rupture. I was 16. So no having kids. Back in the day they didn’t have the technology they do now.


I bled for 3 months till I had surgery. Myomectomy I had a fibroid and polyp removed. I gained 20 pounds and I’m still having trouble losing it. Also. I didn’t have my first period till 6 months later. See a doctor bleeding that long is miserable and only gets heavier

Had a hysterectomy do to Fibroids at 46 it ran in my Mother’s family. It can be very debilitating so yes see a Doctor as soon as possible

I had fibroids. Same symptoms. I had to get a hysterectomy. But go to your doctor as soon as you can. The only danger from constant bleeding is anemia. Nothing big to worry about. But I had a lot of cramping. Just go as soon as possible. I will pray for u

You need to have a scan i had to have a hysterectomy because they were so big good luck

It vould be fibroads. Please see the Gynaecologist. You could have an operation for it. Depression could be the result of a lack of Iron bussen by the bleadings. I had this. Get well snd good luck🍀

I had fibroids and a cyst once the cyst was removed had no more periods thank the lord :pray:

I ended up having to get a hysterectomy because of fibroids. They literally had to take everything to remove them. Haven’t had a problem since.

If you have been bleeding for 20 days, get to the er.


I had them. You need to have a doctor examining you. The only way they corrected mine was with a hysterectomy.


Endometriosis- hysterectomy worked for me . Does not have to be a complete one . Hope it helps !!

Start taking iron tablets too will help you alot

felt like I was laying eggs had to have an eplasion(?) but am better now & no period either (daughter hated me for that😁)

I had 2 fibroidss. They were 9cm and 8cm. I found a doctor who removed them so I wouldn’t have to get a hysterectomy. All the stuff I had to go through and cost of medical bills after made me think maybe I should of had a hysterectomy. Definitely see a Dr asap. They ran in my family. You should if you can ask your mom if she had them.

"Please"Go to the ER or See Your Dr. Don’t wait for an Insuranse approval first. Your Life is more Important :mask:

PLEASE…see your GYN asap!! Everyone’s symptoms could mean totally different things.

I bled for 5 years straight before they found mine. They did a d&c and placed a Mirena IUD.

I know you said you were waiting on your Medicaid to be approved but go to the ER. You dont want to wait to long and something ruptures.


Did you get the jab?

You can get medication for the bleeding your body lacking progesterone.

I hope you get your paperwork approved soon to be able to see a specialist.

Severe bleeding can be many things. See your Dr asap.

It can be a number of things. You need to see a doctor and get an ultrasound done.

The things we go thru as females …the hormones hit the roof n then theirs the period pains clots n mood swings …if only our so called medical experts were woman focused then we may get more help n support …
Sadly theres alot of woman in the same boat as you struggling to deal with this n fighting a defunct health system who fob it off as feminine woes


Go to a doctor. Could be that or something else.

Go to the ER. Medicaid will go retro 3 months if you are approved. You didn’t say how old you are. Fibroids cause heavy periods and pelvic pain. You could have ovarian cysts, an ectopic pregnancy, infection or even cancer. We just lost a young woman 45 years old to uterine cancer in our area. Do not get a hysterectomy unless you have cancer. There are other treatments and they will shrink to nothing when you Go through menopause. Go to the ER. We could all guess forever what is wrong with you. You need to see a Dr.

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Complete hysterectomy cured mine ! had excessive bleeding, pain and bloating Cramps were so painful .

I had them, and the same symptoms you have. The bleeding, blood clots, and pain was out of this world.

Go the drs, ist thing to do.

All good advise- go to Doctor!

’ Removal doesn’t always need to be the first answer … You need to understand your body …
You have Fibroids because you are oestrogen dominate …
The precursor to all our hormones is Progesterone
You need to get this into you so your system can balance itself … Fix the imbalance your fibroids will shrivel up and disappear … You’ll lose weight and feel so much better …
Best around Dr John Lee
Progesterall … All bio identical … Completely natural … Transdermal
( You rub it on your skin )
Your body takes it up …
You can start to feel better within 20 minutes in some cases … Want to learn about your body and how hormones determine how well we feel …
Dr Sheryl Sellman ( Hormone Heresy )
This has helped thousands :pray:t2:

I have a fibroid. Found in a sonogram. But it has never given me problems. But everyone is different and fibroids can be in different locations. I would get a exam.

Add some iron to your daily intake so you don’t start having effects from that if you are feeling tired all the time.

Nobody bleeds for 20 days

Sounds like an ectopic pregnancy

Go to the hospital and ask for charity for the bill for now. When your insurance comes through there’s a question that asks if you had medical treatment within the last few months.

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I bled heavily for a whole year. They did an ultrasound and I said that my uterine wall is too thick, can be due to being overweight. I had to have a dnc but still have been taking provera to stop the bleeding. You need to be careful because you can become anemic.

I had those symptoms too, unending heavy periods, pain, going to the bathroom Constantly as if 6 months pregnant. Had a d+c to stave off maj surg for 4 months, but wound up with a hysterectomy, had fibroids and ovarian cysts, and in two weeks post op, other than s little surg pain, felt better than I had in 10 years!!!

I had all your symptoms but worst.
I didn’t realize how bad I was. I tried homeopathic rememdies- nothing worked. I eventually had the fibroid removed which turned out to be the size of a small watermelon and my uterus removed as well. Life is better and my pain is gone.

I had endometriosis. Suffered with it for two years before my doctor finally agreed to a partial hysterectomy. The first day of my periods were the worst. I had a glass of water and a bottle of Advil on my bedside table and would take three or four of the Advil and not get up until 30 minutes after taking the Advil then I would take two more Advils throughout the day about 3 to 4 hours apart. The bleeding got heavier month by month. When my doctor finally agreed to do the hysterectomy I was having a heavy full on period and then nothing for a week and then again a heavy full on period complete with massive cramps. It got to the point that I would just bend over to pick something up and the blood gushed out. That’s when I finally had a hysterectomy. Any tests that were done prior to the hysterectomy never showed that I actually had endometriosis until the doctor did the hysterectomy.

Had that same problem for over a year. Didn’t find out it was fibroids until after a hysterectomy.

I had this problem and had surgery going on 4 years ago Now the recovery was fast, best decision Made, check with your ObGYN

Planned parenthood also practices women’s health don’t k ow where you live but no insurance is ok with them

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I have them and have an IUD to control the heavy flow which the IUD has all but stopped. I agree you need to see a doc

Go see a doctor ! None of them demand cash on the barrelhead.

You definitely need to see a Doctor, I hope your Medicaid application is approved very soon.