What are the signs of labor?

35 weeks, Runny stomach, tummy spasms, can’t keep anything down… What can it be???


By runny stomach, do you mean diarrhea?

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Could be early labor or you ate something bad

Could be signs of early labor. That’s how my labor started with my second.

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I agree with Jessica Marie Brooks when in doubt go in could be the flu or could be labor good luck

You’re gonna have a baby lol

Call your on call dr service line.

Pregnancy. The third trimester is fun isn’t it?

Pregnancy…over heated…virus… many things

First trimester symptoms coming back

I had this at 32 weeks with my first turned out to be an intestinal virus

Flu or maybe you’re not letting your tummy rest enough 4 hours nothing for hours sips of water 4 hours sips of soda 4 hours after that sips of broth after that introduce toast and regular food