What are the signs of labor?

So this morning I lost my mucus plug so I went for a good tough walk & when I came back to use the bathroom I had a big wet spot in my pants wasn’t discharge it was like water but I smelt it & it smelt like discharge kinda I called my dr and I’m waiting for a call back now just wondering opinions I’m 37 weeks tomorrow btw also was a little uncomfortable during the walk down there


I would go to the er and get checked out could be start of labor

Go to dr immediately.

Go to the er, doll. Better safe than sorry. Good luck!

If it was your water it would be continuously leaking and trust me youd be able to smell it. I’d still go in and get checked

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I lost my mucus plug and went to work, they obiviously sent me home cuz I was having contractions too and didn’t know it (first time mom) I went home and ended up going in and had to stay cuz I was 3cm this was at 4am. Had my daughter at 9:57am

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Following! :blush::blush: I wanna see what happens

You could just be leaking. Go to the ER and have them check you out and monitor baby for a couple of hours just to be sure.

Could it have been sweat?
There is a good possibility it is your water
It’s not always a constant flow or gush
Every woman is different and it depends on the babies position sometimes
With my first it was a tiny trickle every time I laughed so I thought I was leaking urine
With another pregnancy it was one of those super comical movie type ruptures where it was just an endless flood of water until the ambulance arrived

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I didn’t feel it come out it was just there when I went to the bathroom

My best friend had this happen often, when she’d go to the bathroom or change her clothes…her clothes would be wet. We’d go to the er and they’d check her, her water never broke each time. They never said what it was but that it wasn’t her water breaking.

Are you sure it wasnt sweat if you went on a walk

I had this with my second son. For me, it was just from walking and had a lot of discharge. I lost my mucus plug twice with him and it grew back each time.

It could of been sweat. When my water broke, I was going to the bathroom but it wasn’t much. I actually didn’t go until my contractions got so bad I couldn’t take it. That was 5 hours after my water broke a little. When they checked after I got to the hospital it poured out.

U water is linking, thats part of going into labor u should start hurting tonight cause u water is breaking, this is how i went into labor, you should start spotting but dont get scared its just normal.

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Go be checked to be safe

3 kids and my water never broke on it’s own.
When I passed my mucus plug, it was still two weeks before I went into labor, with all of them.

If your worried get checked, but could be weeks still before you go in to labor even after losing the mucus plug

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If it’s not bloody it’s not the real deal. You prob just peed a little it happens to the best of us lol

The walking speeds it up. When I was close to my due date with my 3, I went to the mall and walked and walked! The next morning I had my baby before noonish!

Good chance it was sweat. My pubic bone has been hurting while i walk since early on. 29 weeks as of yesterday. Mucus plug doesn’t mean anything

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I lost my plug up to a month before labor and even felt pressure with two of them but was still weeks away. So the timing seems right.

You should go in to labor and delivery so they can swab if it is fluid from a leak instead of your water breaking. Or if the baby is so low he is plugging it lol

It happened with all 4 of my pregnancies and you need to deliver within the 24 hours of the bag breaking

That happened to me too lol wore a pad for a few days cuz it kept happening and within 5 days I went into labor. Some women go quicker some up to a week after the plug.

if your still getting wet go get checked. my water leaked slow , got checked told me I would be there 12 hours one pain and with in the hour I had my son

I ignored the “wet” feeling for almost two days. It was more then discharge but I wasn’t like leaking, just like my underwear would get really wet. I called and they told me to get checked if it was my amniotic fluid. I wasn’t having any contractions. I was annoyed going in because I didn’t want to get sent home. I went to get the test and as soon as I changed into the gown my water broke!!! You never know, so get checked :slightly_smiling_face:

The thing about your water breaking is it can be slowly over time or all at once.
From this point on (if you don’t already) go everywhere with your diaper bag and extra stuff for the hospital. Always have a plan and someone to drive you to the hospital.
Won’t be much longer now.
Good luck mama!

Your water may be leaking instead of breaking.