What are the signs of labor?

I’m 37 weeks as of today, and two nights ago I noticed everytime I used the bathroom during the night my underwear would be a little more wet. By morning my underwear was soaked and even with a panty liner. All through my baby shower yesterday and all last night same issue. My husband and I went to labor and delivery and she did a swab. She said it wasn’t my water leaking. She said it was either sweat or discharge, but never in my life has that been an issue. Did this happen to anyone else while pregnant?


You may have sprouted a slow leak :wink: this is how my water broke with my son, and it took 36 hours for labor to begin.
Good luck Mama!

It happened to me when I was in my last month of pregnancy. Went in numerous times. They said it was just discharge. No leak. I was a week late

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I leaked for a week. Friday I soaked 3 pair of panties and we went to hospital they did 3 test, told me it wasnt my water leaking. We were back at the hospital not even 24 hours later on saturday having a baby. The doctor said I didnt have any water.

So just be ready :woman_shrugging:

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Mine done the same thing. They done the same to me and said mine hadn’t broke but kept me because of my blood pressure. As soon as I got into the labor room the nurse said she was pretty sure my water had broke so they checked again and it had.

Mine did the same thing. It got excessively damp down there the last month or so of pregnancy with both my babies. It was uncomfortable.

This happened to me, claimed it wasn’t amniotic fluid but when they did a stress test at 41 weeks only 2 cubic centimeters of fluid was found. Turned out my water did break and it was a very slow leak

It happened to me but it turned it was slowly leaking

Slow leaking for me also…with all 4 kids. Time to go in. They can test the fluid see if it is or not. Risk of infection from 12 to 24 hours after it broke!

I have this issue for almost my entire pregnancy and with both my pregnancies. It’s frustrating cause I’m afraid I won’t know when my water breaks.

This happened to me with my third pregnancy…starting at 35 weeks… I constantly thought my water had a slow leak or something (waters never broke with other 2 pregnancies) …I was constantly having to wear pads or change my undies…3 times I saw my Dr and it wasn’t my water…he said it was just watery discharge…my water broke at 38 weeks 6 days.

Ask for a sonogram to check babies fluids


Of course you’re dialating don’t be worried you’re fine

I would go back and have them double check. My water literally KASPLOOSHED all over the floor and they did the test, came back in, said I must have just peed myself. I was like “um, no, you need to retest because my water clearly broke” when it came back a second time they said “yup it sure was your water”


Closer i got to labor I had more discharge that was a watery base I ended up going into labor 2 days later.

Yes I worried about it thinking that I was leaking amniotic fluid but it turns it was just urine because of the pressure of the baby on my bladder. Just wear a pad

I read somewhere online the other day that only around 15% of moms have their water actually “break” before going to the hospital… I went into labor and they broke my water when I was in the hospital with my first one. I’m 37 weeks with my second one and I woke up with my underwear pretty wet one morning a few weeks ago… I was so sure I hadn’t peed…? TMI but didn’t smell or look like pee… :woman_shrugging:t2: they checked me and said it wasn’t my water … the last few days too I’ve had more fluid it seems. Idk. Every pregnancy is different it’s hard to say…

I have to constantly wear a heavy Flow pad because I leak so bad. When I say I need to pee I have to go right then or I’m peeing on myself and I leak without even knowing it most of the time. #thankyoukids

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Pregnancy changes your body :woman_shrugging:t2:

With my 3rd pregnancy this happened. They did the swap and said the same. And I knew something was NOT right and refused to leave until they did further test. So they did an ultrasound to measure the fluid and it was low so they induced labor. If you are not comfortable with what they said go back. You know your body. Do your kick counts. Buy a fetus heart beat monitor and monitor. Keep your own mind at ease

Please return to the dr or er this is NOT right! My neice leaked all the anomic almost lost our baby…and he is extremly small size 3 t and in 1st grade

Could be bladder leaking with the pressure of the baby (things they don’t warn you about😒)

My water broke when I was sleeping, thought I wet the bed. I changed the sheets and went about my day. Had a doctors appt that day. When I got there I asked about it. He examined me and said yes my water broke. Went up and moved the baby. At 6:30 PM my husband I left to the hospital. Delivered at 7:10PM natural birth. I didn’t have to have anything other than learning how to breath!

I always had major night sweats toward the end of my pregnancy. It could be that? :woman_shrugging:t2:Also, significantly more discharge is also perfectly normal during pregnancy as well.