What are the signs of labor?

I’m 38 weeks and 4 days- pregnancy has been pretty as easy other then this morning waking up nauseous and a really tight stomach. This is my 3rd pregnancy and my other two were inductions. Could the sickness and stuff be a sign labor is near? Just wondering how likely it is for me to go on my own


I’m not a doctor but sounds like labor is soon Momma :heart::innocent:, good luck and God bless you and your family!

I’d say yes that is a sign but I was also induced on my 3rd pregnancy now still a ways to go but I’m hoping it goes like the others I liked know when things were about to happen…good luck

I got dizzy and stuff the day before I went into labor with my third son

I’ve had 3 babies, each pregnancy was so different. Always check with your Dr, you just never know!

I’ve heard being sick and having Diarrhea can be a sign labors coming. I’ve also only been induced so I would be so confused tot he feelings lol

Back labor is a thing

Back labor suuuuuucks


If the cramps are in your lower back n are consistent to the point you can’t get comfortable get checked. I had back labor pains for my first and didn’t know it was a thing and I was 6cm dilated wen I got to the hospital.

Those cramps are likely contractions. It’s normal leading up to labor for sporadic contractions to occur. Once you have an actual consistent pattern with them is when you know it’s actual labor. Start timing them to see if they have a pattern. Doctors typically recommend calling when you’re experiencing contractions about every 5 to 7 minutes, but use your own discretion. I was lucky that both of my labors happened pretty quickly and I live over an hour from the hospital, so if I had waited until they were 5 minutes apart, I would have delivered in the car.

Back labor is real and it hurts. Better get checked.

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All my babies were back labor! The first time I thought I was getting a kidney infection and I couldn’t pee went the hospital and was in full blown labor and completely dilated… had him an hour after I got to the hospital… you might want to go get checked just in case

I was told by the hospital to take a hot bath it will either trigger contractions or stop them…I had back labor with all 3 of my kids

I would time the pains/cramps. If they’re consistently 10 minutes or less apart consistently for an hour or more then I would call your OB and see if they can check you or want you to go to L&D to be checked. I had a weird labor with my youngest and had a mix of regular contractions and back labor. So some contractions I only felt in my back, some were just a lot of pressure down there and some were regular contractions. But it still got me fully dilated. Those pains started around 2am. I was a 4 when I got to the hospital at around 10:30/11am after my water broke. Got pitocin around 7:30/8pm (contractions stopped but my water had already broke so I had to get pitocin) and had him shortly after midnight. I was 35 weeks. definitely time them and call your practitioner. It could be early labor or it could just be your body getting ready for labor.

Personally I think you should go get checked out at the er. Also, do your kick counts this can help you know if your baby is in distress or not

My water never “broke” like you’d think it would, it trickled out like I was peeing myself. My stomach would tighten up, and I mean rock hard. It could feel it tighten and relax over and over but it wasn’t crampy or painful up there, I had back labor.

If it’s boy could be contractions back labor

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I’m 38 I was 3 cm a week ago…sometimes it takes much longer. I still haven’t delivered just been feeling the normal of pregnancy…I think you will know when it’s time to go.

If they’re happening more and more time them. Once they get to be about 5 minutes apart for over one hour, call your doctor because it’s about to be baby time. :heart:

With my son I had serious back labor (to the point I was in tears) and my inner thighs also hurt. I would call your obgyn and let them know what you’re experiencing

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

No question is silly. Especially pregnant.

Call your local ER, ask for the L&D nurse line. Tell them whats going on, they will advise you. Probably will tell you to come in.

Any type of liquid that comes out needs to be elevated by a professional doctor

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Go to l&d. The pressure you’re feeling could very well be contractions. Go now!

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If there’s fluid, go get checked out asap! Super quick test to determine whether it’s amniotic fluid or pee!

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I would call you doc BUT I do want to note that my momma had two sets of twins and this happened to her all the time near the end. They told her it was normal but I would definitely get it checked just to be on the safe side!

Plz get checked to be on the safe side, good luck xx

Could be your waters breaking/leaking, could be your bladder, could be extra discharge that happens towards the end of pregnancy. It never hurts to go get checked out to be safe.

It’s possible that you are just leaking urine but with that said, any leaking of fluid should be evaluated by a Dr. Go get checked out just to be on the safe side in case it is amniotic fluid. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I would go in and check to see if your water broke or not.

I would go.in a dry birth ain’t no joke

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I’m sure you’re already registered at the hospital. Just go in and be seen. If you’re not in labor, they will just send you home. Better safe than sorry.

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Go to the hospital!!!


Call the labor and delivery unit in the hospital your delivering in. They will tell you if thats something you should come in for. I don’t know about during covid but I had a problem during my last pregnancy (pre covid) they told me to come straight to their department instead of er


Better safe than sorry but I will tell you I have had gushes and thought slow leak of fluids but you can have clear odorless discharge that’s super similar to fluid. I was checked and it was just discharge. They say put a pad on and if continues and it’s clear and odorless then yes more than likely it’s fluid. It will not stop. Discharge will.

More than likely just a bit of wee coming out lol…BUT…its yr babies hun don’t risk it, a trip to the hospital is definitely in order

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You should get checked right away! When I was pregnant with my first my water bag started leaking and I went to the doc and they told me I was just peeing on myself, obviously I would know if I was peeing, come to find out my water bag was leaking and they had to induce my labor because my baby almost suffocated!! I was so livid!!! Make them do an ultrasound to check your fluids.

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When in doubt get checked out!!
It could just be wee honestly, but if its amniotic fluid you need to be in the hospital NOW. Im also pregnant with twins and my midwives and doctors can not stress enough that any change for anything needs to be looked into immediately. Dont wait.


Go in and check. It could be fluid or urine but best to see


Twins usually come a month early.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

I have twins, you see fluids call labor and delivery. It’s not uncommon for them to come early. Good luck mama

I was 36 weeks when I delivered my twins . I’d go in and get looked at :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: good luck love :heart:

It’s likely your water is leaking or broken. The best way to tell is to go into the bathroom, take your pants and underwear off and squat and cough. If fluid comes out it’s your water.

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If there are fluids call your ob or go to labor and delivery. They’ll test to see if it’s amniotic


The doc will test the fluids to see if its amniotic… Could be amniotic or it could be trickles of urine!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

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You need to go get checked ASAP for amniotic fluid. It can be so dangerous if you develop an infection.


It’s really good that you can ask on here for the advice that you need x
Please heed that advice and get it checked out xx
Best wishes for a wonderful birth of two beautiful babies xx

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They can do a test with a long Q-tip, kind of like a litmus test to see PH of liquid your leaking. If urine, nothing will change, if amniotic fluid it will get very dark. Then they will probably monitor babies on fetal monitor for about an hour. The doctor on call will be called or midwife and they will assess situation and most likely if your leaking admit you immediately.


Go to the hospital!! I was told with just my single pregnancy to go if I ever felt like there was fluid leaking. Better to be safe!


No you don’t want to have a dry birth. You might be leaking amniotic fluid. I’d go to the hospital.

YOU NEED TO GET CHECKED!!! NOW! I don’t want to be an alarmist, but the thing is, twins rarely go to term. Chances are, its just urine being pushed out, and they are Braxton hicks contractions. But, there is a chance that your membranes ruptured, and you’re leaking fluid. If that’s the case, they will likely want to deliver you within 24 hours or so.


I did that too and the doctor did a blue ink dye test to see if my water was leaking. Nope, I was definitely peeing myself. Did NOT feel that way though. However, I would go in to be checked.


It could just be urine but ultimately it’s best to always check out any concerns. The midwifes/nurses can test the liquid easily and see if it is urine or amniotic fluid. As I’m sure you know, when we become heavier in our pregnancy, the bladder and pelvic walls start to weaken (hence why they encourage pelvic floor exercises). I’m still paying for this issue and my youngest is about to turn 11 lol!


Go to the doctor, they need to see if it amniotic fluid. It’s possible that they will come early, but a doctor needs to check it out. You don’t want an infection. Good luck.

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Twins usually come a month early. I couldn’t eat because of pressure on my stomach. Good luck


I’m surprised they haven’t begun labor my now… twins are almost always early… you need to get checked and monitored to make sure everyone is happy still inside… best of luck mama. So exciting


If water breaks you need to go to hospital now

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My water broke at 32 weeks 5 days and they were
Born via c section 2 days later. We tried to stop contractions enough to have steroid injections. Good luck mumma. Welcome to
The club!!!

Call your Dr. Babies should be born in 24 hours if your water broke. Risking serious infection and lives.


Go to your doctor. Get everything checked.


I’d definitely ring the Labour ward for advice as it could be amniotic fluid. Twins do usually come early too xx


Definitely get it checked. It could be pee or fluid. I believe 36 weeks is considered full term for twins:)

I’d say yeah it’s a strong sign of labor at 36 weeks …your water can break as a trickle…Do you have everything ready?

I’ve had twins & singleton & yes they are different. If fluid is coming out with pressure at 36 weeks you could be leaking amniotic fluid. Better get checked to be safe


I had a high leak with my full term daughter for the last 2 weeks

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Your ob can check your cervix and your membranes. From what I’ve heard its not uncommon for twins to naturally want to come out earlier around 36-37 weeks.

It could be amnio fluid. You need to get it checked asap. I would go to your hospital and see a midwife asap…don’t wait to get into your Dr.


Go to the hospital now, this happened to me and I was in surgery within half an hour

It’s either amniotic fluid or urine. Call your doctor!!

I have twin boys (15) I “leaked” at 6 months and had them 3 months early, they were in the NICU for 3 months…get checked to be safe.

My wife’s water broke …dr said come in resident looked at her wheel and said 37 and 5/7…thats term. Had C section

You should always have any leak of fluid checked out unless you’ve defo just peed yourself :see_no_evil::joy:

I’d go up the hospital and get checked out just to be sure.

When in doubt go to the triage


See fluid go to Dr or hospital now.

Go get checked, they test the liquid

Always the doctor if your unsure… trust your gut.

Why are you asking Facebook? Go to your Dr.

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This is a question you should ask your doctor.

Go see a doctor and get checked out.

This is a doctor question not a stranger on Facebook or online who doesn’t know you. Who hasn’t checked you and Isnt weekly monitoring you

Please get checked out asap xx


Hope to hear a followup with blessings.

Go to LD . They will check.

Why don’t you page your DOCTOR?! and get off FB.


Ask your doctor… Call your doctor… Don’t rely on strangers to answer this for you. 🤦

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Fan answer,its called go see a doctor…if you need to ask on social media your too stupid to have kids…

Go to a doctor instead of Facebook cucks

Better get checked out

Call your doctor for answers.

Please go to hospital

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Ull know when it happens

Yes and as such your open to infection go to your hospital

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Could be one always go get checked and they will test the liquid.

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At 36 weeks you should be in labour if it’s twins!

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At 36 weeks with twins it’s possible u are leaking from bag. I would definitely go get checked

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