What are the signs of labor?

Did anyone “just know” that they were about to go into labor? I’ve had diarrhea (TMI) yesterday and this morning but besides that I’m not hurting or anything. No really any other symptoms besides feeling “off”.


I had diarrhea and heart burn (that I didn’t have all thru pregnancy) 5 days before I delivered!

Baby is due soon. Your body detox for hence why you have diarrhea, and down there may feel different? Your walls are thinning and preparing for baby. Drink water

I knew with my son. I was two weeks early. I told the dr, see you Saturday and he was like, no. I’ll see you next week for your appointment. Sure thing. Had the baby that weekend.

I had diarrhea 4 hours before my BABY was born

Idk if I really knew. I was getting something at the dollar store and randomly thought it’d be embarrassing if my water broke there. I was around 36 weeks, never had that thought before. Came home, laid down, water broke lol

I had lighter contractions for around 8 hours before the proper contractions kicked in. Stupidly thought the lighter ones were full blown and, thinking, this isn’t so bad I can do this easily :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I had no idea had to Google if what I felt was labor cause I was to be at hospital at 6 am for induction but at 915 I rolled over and wow what was that so I timed it every 6 min and I’m like ya we r an hour away we should go. Drove myself cause my boyfriend dont drive and bout 4 hours later I had my big man

Can’t sit without back pain , was a huge sign for me!

I had diarrhea for 3 weeks plus I was 3cm and 70% effaced for 3 weeks and ended up induced. I swore I was in labor so many times but never actually was.

I had diarrhea 12 hours before active labor started with all five of my boys

The day I had my 2 year old I wasn’t in pain or cramping at all. I just kept telling my husband I felt weird not bad just weird. At 10 that night my water broke.

Baby will be born soon! The runs is the way of clearing out the body ready for delivery

I had diarrhea and vomiting all day and felt off kinda like I had a tummy bug my water broke that night at 11 I didn’t have any pain

Thanks ladies. I still have no pain besides a constant mild back/hip pain

I was in labor for twelve hours before i realized i was in labor, i thought i was just having bad back pain lol

I literally just knew with my first but this time around I swear I’m going to end up giving birth in the car or something because I’ve been cramped and “sick” feeling for over a week now. I’m a week and 3 days from my due date and the last couple days I for sure thought I was going to go into labor😂