What are the signs of ovulation?

during ovulation does anyone else feel like they have the flu?

for 2 years now I have been tracking ovulation and periods and ever since I started I noticed that during the week of ovulation I feel sick like nauseas more tired just out of it then after ovulation I’m back to feeling fine.


Not impossible, you are going through a hormonal change. When i was on a certain birth control, i would break out in hives, but only on my lower sides. After about 3 months, i figured out what was causing it, changed pills, and haven’t had a problem since…

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I get nauseated during those 4 or 5 days. But that didn’t start until I got off birth control. I’m 30 and never experienced it until 5 months ago :woman_shrugging::thinking:

I have “painful ovulation” … I get extreme pains in my side, headaches, nausea, low grade temp, and I could sleep for the whole week straight and still be dead tired … I also get cysts so it could be cysts

This is what happened to me…it only happened twice but during ovulation I would get the most painful pains in my stomach…and it would last for a couple hours…the only thing that would help is to lay in a fetal position or take a hot bath…it was worse than any of my kids being born no lie…after the second time I went to the doctor and come to find out when I ovulated and the egg dropped it wouldn’t seal off properly and blood would actually end up in my stomach and blood is a toxin to the stomach…thankfully it hasn’t happened in a few years and pray it doesn’t happen again