What are the symptoms of being pre diabetic?

If you don’t feel your body is normal you need to get to a dr who will do something for you especially if your life could be on the line I would be finding a different primary even if I had to travel I take my health and life seriously

just go to the ER they will run a glucose test

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That’s basically the same thing I went through. I was so thirsty I would clear out everything we had and water. The cottonmouth came in strong. I was waking up every hour to go pee.

Sounds like you need to have a blood glucuse test. Be INSISTANT!! When I was 12 yrs old medical personel ho-hummed around til I was down to 61 lbs. Back in the 60’s they didn’t test for diabetes unless it were in your family line. Don’t delay! The sooner you get the upper hand. Lthe better for your health. Good luck. Let me know if my suspcions are close.

Hypothyroidism will make your hair fall out and also makes it more difficult to regulate your body temp

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You need a consultation with an Endocrinologist.


First, leave the orange juice alone. It rises your blood glucose levels. Secondly, your thirst could be coming from dehydration. Lastly, get you a blood glucose meter to check your levels.

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Diabetic here…for the records, there is no such thing as pre-diabetic…you either are or you aren’t. Thirst is one of the biggest red flags of untreated diabetes. It’s important that you see a doctor, an endocrinologist is a good start for a diabetic. Untreated diabetes can cause all kind of life long problems if left ignored. Diabetes is known as the silent killer. Some of the other symptoms can be diabetic related. Did your doctor mention by any chance that your creatine levels were off? I’ve been a diabetic since at least my diagnosis in 2008. My blood sugars have been spot on since I started medication at the time of diagnosis. Recently, though, I have been experiencing a lot of what you describe, the nausea, vomiting, sweating…turns out I am in 3rd stage kidney failure…just one of the many organs diabetes can effect. If you’re not getting the answers to your questions about how you are feeling I urge you to see an endocrinologist…they specialize in diabetes.

Get your A1C and fasting glucose tested and that will show for sure if you’re diabetic or how “pre” diabetic you may be. Sounds like a good check up is needed. (Honestly this is how I felt my whole pregnancy, is that a possibility?)


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the symptoms of being pre diabetic?

My son had very dry lips, frequent urination (wetting the bed it was so bad) fruity smelling breath. He lost weight. He just looked sickly. If his blood sugar gets too high it can cause vomiting and nausea. It does sound like you’re in DKA which is very very bad. Go to your doctor and demand a urine test and blood test. They can detect it in your urine as well as blood. Good luck!


I’ve been pre-diabetic for a couple years. If your number doesn’t reach a high enough number they won’t send you onto the next level of care is what I see.


Have them do an a1c and buy a monitor or see if ur dr can give u one. I hope u have insurance too. I’m a diabetic. Just watch ur carb intake and orange juice can make u worse. Dry lips is a sign of high sugar.


Don’t drink any juice. It’s better to eat the fruit. Drink water and if you don’t like it that much like me, use Crystal light.


My husband is a type 2 Diabetic you need to have blood work to check you A 1 C normal range for it is 6 any higher than 7 and you are infact a diabetic his when checked was 13.7 but with meds and diet change it came down to 8.3 itcan be done but cut out all soda pops and drink 0 sugar sodas also no potatoes and pasta and breads go with low percentage Carbs and you will omprove.


You need an endocrinologist for thyroid and diabetes.


There is alot of sugar in orange juice you should be drinking water

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Call your local hospital & ask for names of endocrinologists in your area, then google them and decide who to make an appointment with… SOON.


Had it for a couple years before I went to the hospital. Almost died. Check yer sugar and get to the doc

Go to your pcp and have them do a hemoglobin A1C . it will give u a baseline of what your surgan have runned in the last 3 months also try not drink sugary drinks water and anything that says sugarfree. I get zerosugar minutemaid lemonade which is go with no sugar and helps with the thirst.

Request a referral to an endocrinologist or ask your primary to run a 6 hour glucose tolerance test. In this test you only get water. They do a fasting glucose level. Then you drink a controlled amount of a sugary solution. Your blood is drawn at intervals to test the glucose level.

Endocrinologist very important!!! They specialize inn the Thyroid & Diabetes. If not taken care of will cause you heart problems. Hair will fall out etc.

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Get a blood sugar machine from Walmart. Check your sugar before you get out of bed and 2 hours after you eat. Do that for a few days and it can give you a clearer picture of you are or not. My son is a pre-diabetic and I am a type 2 diabetic

If your are drinking orange juice it is raising your thirst level. Orange juice raises your sugar level which makes you thirsty.

Have your doc draw a hemoglobin A1C see what that says. Sounds like you are diabetic. Really pre means nothing. Treat it now so you don’t have really high sugars later. See an Endocrinologist.

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Have your sodium checked. Could be low

I am diabetic myself. Before I was diagnosed by a doctor one symptom I had was getting up to urinate a lot during the night. I would get up like 3 or 4 times I barely slept. Ur thirsty a lot too. Diabetes runs in the family so I asked doc if it was possible I am diabetic… Only certain way to know is to go see a doctor and have labs done. That would be like a fasting blood work. The A1C test tells you what ur average blood sugar is like in the past 3 months or so. Your doctor will most likely have u go on diabetic medications to help u bring those numbers down and most likely have u talk with a dietician and go to regular check-ups to monitor your progress. Im just speaking on what has happened to me. Getting checked out was the best decision I made and health wise feel much better. Talk to ur doctor and have a professional guide u to better health.

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My daughter is type 1, signs before getting diagnosed was thirsty, using the bathroom a lot, Tired. Please get checked out.

I felt like this before I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Super thirsty and super hungry. I also lost 35 lbs in a matter of like a month. Go get checked!

If you are pre diabetic don’t be drinking orange juice the drs told my husband that’s the worst thing to drink


Best Place & Answers Are To Go To A Endocrinologist & Get You Some Labs Done.


These can be very serious warning signs. Please, fire your Dr if he/she is not helping you. Find a new PCP but I would also seek the help of an endocrinologist.

You should see a endocrinologist. They are the ones, who can tell you and treat you the best. I’m a diabetic.

Need to see a doc. A gallon of oj can put you in acoma

Get a new doctor that will listen to you. Some prediabetics benifits from meds. Get on a diabetic diet. Off sugar. A 5% weight lose can change a lot of that. But definetly get a new dr, no, or pa. The days of paternalistic medicine are over!!!

Thirst I know is a sign of diabetes and needing to pee alot, my uncle was diabetic

I’m thinking Diabetic because these are all symptoms. Have you been checked for that?

Being thirsty is one sign of diabetes.

Have you tried checking your blood sugar?

Make appointment with endocrinologist!! Do So Immediately!!

You need to see an endocrinologist

You really need to see a specialist.

Nothing to fool around with, get your Bld Work done, fasting blood sugar

Sounds autoimmune issues

That’s diabetes, not pre diabetes

Go to the Emergency room

My mouth hit the floor when I read half gallon of OJ regarding a prediabetic question.

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Get off OJ, not a diabetic drink!

That oj…has a lot of sugar

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Try diet change and get your blood work done

Stop drinking high sugar juices/drinks and have ur aic tested. Your doctor has to provide you with one

Any time your dr dosent listen to you tell them you would like it charted that you brought this up and they refused treatment.

Well we are not doctors if concerned please go too one

You are in DKA go to dr


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the symptoms of being pre diabetic?

Those were my symptoms before I was diagnosed. I also lost a crap ton of weight and my parents thought I had an eating disorder. Get it checked out you could die if you don’t ( I almost did because I mis diagnosed by my pediatrician)

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Hypothyroidism and diabetics go hand and hand and it can also be some symptoms from the thyroid and or some medication can cause extreme thirst, you just need to have your A1C level check and being pre-diabetic you can reverse it without medication just change your diet just see a medical professional and stay off web md,


See an endocrinologist. They’ll do specific bloodwork.


You should definitely get checked out. Two of my sons have type 1 diabetes and their symptoms were similar before diagnosis. We almost lost my oldest from diabetic ketoacidosis.

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I’m type 2 and orange juice is the worst thing to drink it is loaded with sugar. Usually if u are constantly thirsty your sugar is high. Drink plenty of water to flush sugar out


See an endocrinologist if you think it could be diabetes or a hormonal imbalance. If you have had some blood work done recently then you need to have that done. A hemoglobin A1C will give an idea about if you have diabetes.


I’m type one diabetic and was diagnosed ten years ago. Change doctors. Have them do blood work and find an endocrinologist. Please stay away from sugary food and drinks if you think you’re diabetic. Do a low carb diet and drink tons of water. You can even get a blood glucose monitor over the counter to check your sugar until they give you a diagnosis.

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I’d see someone else. I’m diabetic, type 1, was diagnosed when I was 14. Only one in my entire family that has it. My symptoms when I got diagnosed were extreme thirst, I had cotton mouth, I puked all the time, I peed constantly from drinking so much, lost weight hair, felt no energy. When my blood sugar drops I get sweaty and confused. My blood sugar was 711 when I was diagnosed. Normal is 80-130.


Orange juice is no good for a diabetic or pre diabetic. That raises your sugar level


The main thing is thickening and darkening of the skin on the back of the neck, inside the elbows and armpits. I had that as a teenager and we didn’t know what was causing it. I was diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic at age 23

Find a other doctor. You have something obviously going on. Definitely sounds like diabetes but it also sounds like Hashimotos


Find another doctor. This isn’t normal, and I would fight for a brain scan. :heart:


i would continue going to your doctor,and if no results to another for answers that is quite a few issues you have going on with your health.

Oh is the worst…it converts to sugar rapidly in bloodstream.
Drink plain cold water or seltzer. Watch your food intake to prevent converting to full blown diabetes. Most hospitals have a diabetic teaching ctr . Investigate that

You should get a new doctor and also see an endocrinologist.

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Same here. U need to limit carbs and sugar intake. Go on keto diet. I’m with hypothyroidism and I’m also prediabetic

Did the dr do blood work some is on order .

With those symptoms this is the wrong venue for answers. I would camp out in medical offices till I got some answers.

Girl get yourself another Dr. you should be seeing specialist

I would find another Dr or put your foot down one that 1…also Orange juice will make your sugar go way up. Fast


See an endocrinologist tomorrow! If you can’t see one right away…go to an emergency room! Stop drinking juice.

A simple A1C blood test will tell you about your diabetic status

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Excessive thirst
Frequent urination
Blurry vision
Weight loss/gain
Slow healing wounds

Change doctors immediately and be forceful

Get checked for hashimotos.


If you even believe you’re pre-diabetic…OJ is the WORST thing to drink. Orange juice is used to bring blood sugar back up in an emergency because of all the sugar. Please have your A1C checked

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It could be and if that’s the case, OJ is the worst thing to be drinking. You can ask your PCP to run some bloodwork to check your A1c. Then if you do have diabetes, you should see an endocrinologist, but your PCP should be able to diagnose you.

Find a new doctor ASAP

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I have type 2 diabetes I get really thristy when my sugar is low losing hair u need a regular diabetes doctor there is a good one in McMurray water damn plaza she is awesome

Find a new dr
Get referred to endocrinologist
Don’t drink orange juice for god sake **sugar
Watch what your eating an drinking an take vitamins and any medications as prescribed until you can get seen an have a different physician give you a second opinion an decide tests an treatment plan
Hair loss is thyroid
Urine frequency is DM
Other symptoms could be both realistically but probably the DM sounds like your not pre anymore an needs more labs check a1c etc prob time to start checking finger poke when you are feeling like this though
Good luck DM can be very dangerous very fast so can low potassium I think your supposed to watch your fluid intake with that also … man
We can’t help you you need medical attention

You sound like you have hyperglaecemia. The vomiting, the thirst, the cravings for sugary drinks like OJ. Find a friend with a glucose monitoring kit or get your primary care to do a urine glucose and protein check (they just dip a stick into your pee). I got Type 1 diabetes at 22 and went onto needing insulin pretty smartly. It was just poor luck/ organ failure on my part. Hypothyroidism and low potassium are things I suffer from as part of it. Get this checked out asap.

Go see an endocrinologist.

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That’s how I was . Tell your doctor they need to test your a1c and if they don’t you’ll find another doctor who will listen to you. I was diabetic by time I went in cause no doctors would listen to me n I also had nonalcoholic fatty liver disease but I was able to reverse both by changing my diet which was hard work. Also I noticed since I’m on state medical assistance doctors don’t seem to run tests like they would for ppl who aren’t on state medical assistance (sad but true) so if I was you I would tell them you’re not leaving the office till they run the test you need

If you have hypothyroidism you should be on meds to regulate your thyroid. That’s why your hair is falling out. Also be thirsty all the time is a sign of diabetes but can also be a sign of dehydration.

Diabetic here no oj it’s raises your sugar levels. All juices do.

I’m thirsty 24/7 mostly at night, I get dizzy and nauseous when I don’t eat for a few hours, and I get shaky.

You need to stop the OJ. You need to find a Dr. NOW you could end up with ketoacidosis. This is a very serious condition I was hospitalized last year for it. Please get to Dr.

All that orange juice will make it worse, go see a doctor ASAP to get you started on metformin if it’s type 2

An Endocrinologist treats diabetes. As a type II diabetic I strongly recommend you get checked out. A follow up with a nutritionist can teach you how to avoid crossing the line.

Weightloss with extreme thirst and urnination is a huge sign.

Eat bananas thy put potassium in your body. But I stay they thirsty a lot to .

I walked into the ER feeling awful. Just had a checkup a week before that. They kept me and told me I was diabetic. My regular doctor put me on Metformin and glyperide. I ate right and my A1C went from 10 to 5.4. I was happy but then in Feb this year at 55 I had a heart attack and had bypass surgery. They asked me why didn’t I take Cholesterol and Potassium. I said I wasn’t prescribe them. Here’s the kicker…I didn’t have high cholesterol, no high blood pressure and my sugar was at 5 and 6. Being misdiagnosis and not given proper medication led to my heart attack. When I look back the symptoms were there. I should have gone to a specialist. I’m fine now but I have to take all sorts of medications. Diabetes can lead to further complications down the road. Take care.:sparkling_heart:

Endocrinologist and the thyroid could make u super thirsty I have the same issue

U need a specialist, and if u have sugar issues, u need to watch the intake of ALL SUGAR!! That much orange juice at once is not good!! It sounds like no one has told u shit about what is going on with your body, and that needs to change!! Bless your heart, I am so sorry!! First, for the thyroid, u should be seeing an endocrinologist!! Try to find one fast cuz it really sounds like ur GP doesn’t even know what to do for you and that is ridiculous! What you are experiencing is from all of the ailments you listed. Are u on any medication?? You should at least be taking something for the thyroid. I will say many prayers for you and also your doctors so that maybe they can get you feeling better than this! It can be controlled, I promise. Look up your diagnoses and then google doctors in your area if you have to, but find another doctor asap!!

Well if you’re pre diabetic you def shouldn’t be drinking that much orange juice. Drink lots of water