What are the symptoms of being pre diabetic?

If you are pre diabetic you shouldn’t be drinking so much orange juice it has to much sugar👍

Get your hemoglobin A1C checked. It will give you the answer. It shows what your blood sugar average has been over 3 months. Less than 7 is where you want to be.

You may be leading toward being a diabetic if you are not already if you don’t get any answers somewhere maybe you should go to the emergency room and then from there The emergency room should recommend you to a diabetic doctor I hope you get some help have a great day

That very well could be diabetes please go have yourself checked out and get under the proper medication I wish you the very best

Orange juice is loaded with sugar… please drink water if you’re so thirsty. Second… either get a new dr immediately or take yourself to a holistic dr

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Make appointment with an Endocrinologist ASAP!