What are the symptoms of postpartum depression?

I had my third baby on 2/12. Im now starting to feel a little more down and anxious. I never really had post partum with my other two. This time my family situation is a little different as my dad is very sick with cancer. Any other moms experience ppd and can someone tell me what helped?


Call your doctor right away.


I would consult with your Dr right away.

I did after my son came home from the NICU. He spent 4 months in the NICU, we lost my FIL and grandpa in that time, and it all hit me really hard. I talked with my primary doctor and she prescribed me a combination of a low dose daily med and an anxiety med for panic attacks (I had ppd and anxiety). We also talked and set up follow up appointments each month for a few months. I stayed on meds for about 4 months and then she helped me wean back off of them.
Hang in there, and definitely reach out to your OB or primary doctor, also seek support from your partner and family. It gets better :heart:

Yes, the only thing that helped was medications.

Call a therapist. Surround yourself with family and good friends. This is a very important thing that you want to get under control before it gets too far
Out of control for you. Give yourself time alone to do things too if you are able. Like hair nails and pedicures or shopping for new clothes. You need to take care of
Yourself too mama. And sometimes putting myself first helps get me out of the funk I get into. Sending you some love. Sorry about your dad :heart:

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First off it’s completely normal to experience what you are feeling. A lot of us go through it and to have a sick parent on top of it just makes things even more difficult. Reach out to your DR either your general practitioner or OBGYN. It’s okay to need medicine, therapy appointments, to feel like you need some “me time”… you are dealing with a lot. I took Zoloft for the first year of my youngest daughters life because I knew if I wasn’t 100% I couldn’t be 100%. Also I would ask to get your thyroid and other hormone levels checked. Postpartum thyroiditis can mimic the signs of ppd too.

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I had post natal pyschosis . Stemmed from childhood, poor care in maternity and nicu, lots of misunderstanding plus had my rainbow baby at 33 weeks on my birthday. She is 2

Could just be the hormones but let Dr know

I would call your ob I have pod with my daughter and to be put on meds to help deal with it and I didn’t have it with my son at all

I had really bad ppd with my oldest… And I have battled depression my entire life so i already had coping skills… For me I just kinda did what needed done even when i didnt want to until my doctor could talk to me… I also wrote everything positive I was doing down that way when i was having a bad day I could read the positive things I did… I was In an unhealthy relationship when my oldest was born so i had no emotional (or physical) help from my partner but if you can get someone else to validate that you are doing good… Thats what helped me

Definitely go to your OB. Let them know how you are feeling and they can help you get thru it. Best of luck

Talk with your doc as I had post I was feeling diffrent noticed I was being ugly to my husband and friends not meaning to I talked to my doc and I have bin on prozac ever since and it is now going on 12 years you body and hormones change when having a baby and the meds level me out I also do lavender essential oils and other oils to

I’m almost 10 months postpartum with my 1st baby and have been suffering with ppd since he was born. But I also have been diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety when I was 13 so I have an increase risk of ppd. The best thing for me honestly is talking to a therapist and also a psychiatrist so they can properly assess you and give you medication. Meds help but you have to give them a few months. Some facilities even have groups that are really helpful as well. I hope everything works out for the best! Sending my love.:heart:

First step is getting to your doctor. Don’t wait and try to go it on your own. And don’t feel bad asking for help. It’s actually a good sign that you recognize it and asked for help. You will get through this!

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So… I read through most of these comments, and noticed the majority all contains medication as the answer… I had postpartum very bad with my second baby. It was more than just anxiety and sadness. It was this feeling of anger when he would not go to sleep, or cry and cry. I would cry because I then would feel guilty for my feelings. I would put him in his crib because I was afraid I might accidently hurt him after I realized I was crying and holding him so tightly to me. I thought, “what if I was squeezing him? What if I do something else and don’t realize it?” I never wanted to hurt my baby. I had thoughts of hurting myself, but never my baby… I SHOULD have taken medication, compared to other people. But first, I turned to essential oils and coping mechanisms like exercise and meditation. I began supplementing with Spirulina and Lions Mane Extract, and focusing on the way I felt around my baby and not allowing myself to slip into a bad place. It was really really rough on me and on my husband. I was in a terrible, scary place inside… but I got thru it. I have been on medication for depression, bipolar, and ADHD, and I didn’t want any medication like that getting into my little baby from my milk. So I chose not to. I know I would have been on amounts that would have been unsafe or unknown in their transfer to baby, and I didn’t want to stop breastfeeding. The essential oils were my life saver. I contacted Young Living and the rep was so helpful and so personable. She recommended Grounding and made special blends for me. I diffused them in my house everyday and I rolled them on my skin behind my ears and on my neck. I still use them and my baby is almost 2. I would definitely talk to your Dr, and keep in contact with them about it. But I also would try essential oils and meditation before just taking anti-depressants. Of course, if you don’t trust yourself and you are slipping into a very dark place and fear for your child’s safety, then any answer you choose is the best answer for you and your baby. Ppd is no fun, and no matter the road you take you will get past it. It took me almost a year before everything completely adjusted back to normal. Maybe medication would have helped it adjust faster… But I still made it out.

I was in denial for few months. What helped is finally understanding and talking about it. Hearing people experiences. One day at a time.