What are the symptoms of RSV?

So just came from the doctor and they told me my almost 4 month old sounds like he has the start of RSV, now my stepson had RSV when he was a baby (hes now 7) he was hospitalized for almost a week. The doctor just told us to keep an eye on him and if it gets worst call them. He was up all night crying, has a horrible cough, wheezing, not eating as much as he usaully does. Just wondering if any others moms went threw this? I feel like if he has anothor night like last night and is still not acting right I’m just going to take him to the hospital.


My son had it. We ended up in the hospital a couple times for a few days.

My 2 year old had RSV twice. Usually it gets worse before it gets better.

Go with your gut. If you need peace of mind take him in.

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Take him now. Don’t make him suffer.

My son is 6 months we had rsv at 4 months they sent us home with a nebulizer and he got breathing treatments every 2 hours!

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Make sure he stays hydrated.

Watch his ribs. If they are being sunken in then take him in asap! My oldest was just 6 weeks when he was hospitalized. It will get worse before it gets better though. Try to sick out any mucus in his nose too, steam the bathroom and take him in to loosen it up

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Take him right to the ER. Don’t wait, my grandson had it at 4 months old was hospitalized for a week. The other little guy next room over wasn’t as lucky to go home. Don’t wait

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My son had it at two months old and we had to take him to the hospital cuz he was having difficulties breathing, def watch the ribs and breathing! He was admitted for awhile. Follow your gut if you think you should take him then do that!!

Your pediatrician can do a direct admit to the pediatric unit at your hospital. That way you avoid sitting in the emergency dept… call them or go in… go with your gut

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My son had it at age two, he started with a cough that didn’t sound good to me, took him to the Drs, they tested him and found out he had RSV that day, they told me that it will sound worst then get better, for 6 days I had to keep a close eye on him, he had a fever for them 6 days and it was rough…

If u think hes not ok take him back. Sometimes you have to be pushy with them to get them to do something. I hope your baby feels better

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Did they do a swab test for RSV? It’s so dangerous my 6 month old granddaughter just spent a week at children’s hospital in the ICU she was so sick

First off they should have tested for rsv! My 5 month old just got over it… it is no joke for sure. We were sent home with breathing treatments and steroids!!! He’s still snotty but is much better but it took about a week to feel better :cry:

They should have tested for RSV!

My kids never had rsv, but my nephew has had it, he spent 10 days in the hospital, if you feel like your baby is worse take him in, hope it gets better fast…

My 7 month tested positive for RSV at 5 months… they caught early and prescribed him breathing treatments… every 4 hours… his 6 month check up he was fine!! Thank heaven :clap: just listen to your gut and try to avoid the ER, stick with the pediatrician

Call and let the doctor know and ask if you should take him to the hospital. You don’t want to wait till it’s really bad.

Follow your gut. If you feel the child isn’t well then go to the doctors. If they don’t wanna do anything be pushy. It’s your child and your the advocate

I’m right there with you they said there is nothing I can do but wait it out! :sob: They swabbed for flu but I don’t think they did for rsv. If they did they didn’t tell me.

My daughter had it right after she turned 1 and didn’t have to be hospitalized. Her pediatrician did send her to the hospital to get a RSV suction done (they sucked snot out of her nose and tested it for RSV. Also did a chest xray.

Bring a pot of water to boil and add a bunch of vicks vapor rub in it and place it close to your baby. Not close enough for baby to get burnt.

Better to be safe than sorry take him to er if you are concerned.

If he’s wheezing, you should take him in. My daughter had it at 2 months. Pediatrician kept saying it was a cold. She got progressively worse- like started having substernal retractions, which is really bad- struggling to breathe. I rushed her to the ER, test came back positive, inpatient for just shy of two weeks. It can be serious, and it can go from bad to worse w the little ones. If you have any doubts, you need to go to the hospital.

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My son went through similar. We took him to the urgent care bc he wasn’t eating and he kept crying. He had a really bad case of strep. So be sure to check that too.

I would take him in. My son was 3 weeks old when he got it. Took him to emergency and they rushed him by ambulance to the children’s hospital. We were there for 17 days. He ended up getting a collapsed lung while there, it’s very scary when they get it. My opinion, it’s always better to be safe and get them checked. Good luck Mamma :heart:

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Hospital! Get tested and get breathing treatments! Do not wait!

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Take him to the dr today!

My youngest had it. Ibwould have already gone to the hospital

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My girl got RSV at a year old. She had high fever and was coughing and nose problems as well as wheezing. I just kept her comfortable at home and alternated ibuprofen and Tylenol every 4 hours to keep her fever down. Took about a week, but she got better and never had to go to the hospital. It was a very rough week for her. Just keep an eye out and if you really feel the need to take babe in then do it

My son had RSV at 2 years old…we just kept an eye on his breathing and didn’t have to take him in to the hospital

Take him to the doctor a good doctor my son’s pediatrician wouldn’t even see us not unless we had an appointment and I finally took him to the emergency room they told me that he just had a cold and then the next day I went to a different hospital and he almost died it was on oxygen for a week

Doesn’t go away over night, have u been using breathing treatments as directed ? Keep baby propped up to sleep , did they check for pneumonia?

Take him to the er …my son had it n almost died cuz his doctor thought it was just a cold

My two sons were wheezing they did the rsv on my youngest and he didn’t have it but they gave me stuff to do breathing treatments 4 times a day and it’s helped so much so maybe mention that to the hospital when u do take them maybe that’s something that can help there breathing and coughing so much

I kept humidifiers through out the house running when my daughter (she was 5 months I think) had it. And I’d put her in the bathroom with the door shut and and turn the shower on as hot as it would go and let her breath in the steam! And I kept baby vicks on her.

You know yourself if your child is not well and you know what is best for them go with what is in your heart hope all goes well . They always say dont wait to long on the adds on TV

My son had RSVP’d and he would cough so bad he would turn blue. I would take him in now to be on the safe side and catch it before it gets worse. That’s what I did and we only spent 3 days in the hospital

I would take to hospital.

My son was in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) for a week because of RSV. Don’t hesitate for a second to take your child back in!

Watch his breathing. Unfortunately its a virus and all viruses need to just run their own course. Prop him up at night, use a humidifier and Vicks on the feet with socks on will also help. Sitting in the steamy bathroom will help clear any phlegm in the lungs causing it to be coughed out easily. If breathing does get bad an inhaler can be temporarily prescribed until the virus passes.

They did a test to confirm RSV, right? My 5 month old just had it. I nursed him as usual, put homeopathic chest rub on him, ran a humidifier, plunged his nose often and he got over it quickly. Just watch for wheezing!