What are you feeding your child now that baby food as been recalled?

What’s everyone doing for cereal and baby food now that most brands have opened up about their products containing arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium. My daughter is five months old and was strictly Gerber and she is highly fussy without her cereal and baby food. I haven’t been able to find any cereal or baby food for her.


Look at baby led weaning. What you eat, she can eat. Pureed food isn’t necessary


Find dissolvable cookies.

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Make your own. Or do baby led weaning:)

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Try other stuff also get things to make your own. All my kiddos never ate baby food they didn’t like it. So I would make my own.

If you have a food processor just put in her favorite fruits and veggies with a little water

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Neither of my kids ate baby food. Both did baby led weaning.

I dont believe there is really a recall, I think it’s a facebook hoax. If there was really a recall, Kroger’s, Walmart, and all the grocery stores would pull the products from their shelves I promise that. And all our stores are still fully stocked. I seen the hoax advertisement and it said Beechnut ,Gerber like it was the same product but those are 2 separate companies.


Make your own!!! Shouldn’t be a second thought! I wouldn’t eat that out of a jar, wouldn’t feed my kids! :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: they ate what we ate, lead weaning, or I would puree it.


All 3 of mine 14 , 9 and 8 never liked baby food once they could sit up on their own they ate everything we ate literally everything . we just mashed it up


Baby led weaning! If baby is 6 months old, and able to sit up on his/her own properly Baby can eat any soft foods you want to make. Steamed veggies, eggs, grilled cheese, pork, chicken.

Just no honey before the age of 1.
The group I tagged is a really helpful group

Baby Led Weaning for Beginners and Beyond


Putting oatmeal into a food processor worked as cereal


The recall I read for the baby food was from 2019… so it’s probably just an old article.


When my son was younger and I was feeding him puree I just made my own. I have an instant pot and I would buy veggies and fruit ect. Toss them in there for a few minutes with some water. Than puree them in the food processor. Than I would freeze them in ice cube trays bag and label them and pull them as needed.

It’s not a recall. The samples were taken from baby food in 2016. You all need to read more.


Make baby food its easy


I used to make loads of extras and freeze it so you always have proper food

Just make your regular food n puree it for your child. I never used baby food for my son whatsoever.

Steam veggies and mash add only a dash of salt if any .

Do baby lead weaning. It’s the best.

Make it. My 4 kids didn’t eat baby food none liked it so they ate what I ate usually steamed veggies pureed along with slow cooked chicken pureed. They still rely on formula or breast milk at that age for most nutrients

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Making baby food is super simple. Get your fruits and veggies and a blender. A little goes a long way and it freezes well

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At five months make your own. Mine couldn’t have baby rice so ate millet porridge instead. Really easy and filling.

You can buy one minute oatmeal. Put it in a blender (dry) and cook 2 parts water one part water.

You can steam any veggies and blend them as well. Smash banana. Smash avacodo.

Add small amounts of water to make it thinner.

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Make your own purees using steamed or canned veggies in a blender or food processor, add splash of water to thin out. Freeze in icecube tray then pop into a ziplock baggie and pull out when needed.
Oatmeal can be ground more fine in blender as well , if you use instant oats then just add warm formula or water to it to cook and add fruit puree to flavor.

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It’s not recalled. These things are always figured out after your kids have already ate it, so just make your own. That’s honestly the only way to know 100% what’s in your babies food.

Make it yourself? :woman_facepalming:
And also feed what you are eating. Baby led weaning. Google it

I still plan to feed my son baby food, I ain’t got the time to make it home made. Nor do I really care about making it myself. Everything you but has something in it, baby cereal and and all that has been over the same stuff for years. My son is bout to be 2 in may and I’m due with my 2nd son in may, I’ll still feed him beets but baby food… My son only really ate store bought baby food from like 4months till about 6/7months and then only when we were away from home, other than that he ate what I made for dinner and I just made sure it was baby size for him. To this day my son eats just about everything made.


Did you know that you can actually cook real food for her?
Better and healthier


Its not recalled. They are trying to recall it because of toxic levels

I always made my own !! Its super easy and way healthier !! And u can have alot more varieties!! :purple_heart:

My boy is 2 now, but when he was on baby food I would just steam fruits, veggies, basically anything and purée it. He ate everything though, so not sure how your babe would react to that.

I’m so glad I hardly fed my kids baby food they didn’t really like the taste of it.

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The FDA allows for so much of this stuff in all food. It’s just never talked about

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Boiled carrots potatoes apples cheesy pasta
Worked great all a great size an still eat very well ah

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even 12 and 13 years ago we did oatmeal, whole grains and soft table food.

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You can use a blender, nutribullet, etc of any kind and simply pureé fruits & veggies yourself

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Stewed apples… Peaches pears… Mashed bananas… Mashed peas…
Mashed potatoes
Mashed carrots and parsnip
Scrambled eggs

Shit it’s not hard :joy:

I did oatmeal and eggs, fruit, yogurt for breakfast. And lunches and dinner i cooked own food and veggies and puree or mash. Like squash. Peas. Carrots avocados. Banana etc

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I made my own baby food super simple and when push came to shove I got frozen veggies and did it when everyone was going crazy.

My little is 17 months and loves Whole Foods now as we also did blw

We had a birthday party a few weeks ago and my friends boyfriend cut up some chicken strips for my daughter and she wouldn’t eat them they had to be the whole lol :laughing:

We made our own. It’s the safest way
if you waited for this recall to find out your baby food is unsafe I have news for you because cat food is literally more closely monitored.

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Little soon and yumi is what I would suggest they mail it right to you too

Make your own!!! I wished I kept doing it when my now 2yr old was that little.

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Some foods have arsenic in them naturally such as apples, pears and grapes.


Get Heinz shipped directly to your house, or Rafertys Garden is another good one.

Y’all think this is bad ? Literally what’s in the water supply that goes to our houses is worse . There’s arsenic and all kinds of stuff in your public water supply . I didn’t even know till I looked at the water company’s site for my town lol


There is no recall on baby food. The article that came about is about arsenic/chemicals in the soil that the certain vegetables are grown in. So, if you’re making your own baby food with the same rooted veggies in the ground, there is still a level of that stuff in there- again as it’s in the soil. Do your own research


Boil or steam any vegetables or fruit until you can mash it up. You can also make mush from cornmeal or cream of wheat.

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Solid soft foods. My girls were beginning to eat what we ate by that age

This is what my sister in law found in the comments.

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Mash up some bananas, avocado, and they sell some feeding thing that has netting so they can chew on food without being able to swallow it

Yumi is all I’ve fed my son and he’s done so well on it. They are all organic and have no contaminants like heavy metals.

I’ve made my own since day one and I prefer it. Its soooo much better than the junk in the jars. I freeze it in ice cube trays then bag it up.

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This is why I decided to do baby let weaning with my second! She’s never had baby food, we started with easy foods to eat and graduated from there! If you want more info there’s a baby led weaning group on Facebook!

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I always made my own. Much healthier and honestly, it’s cheaper. I used to portion it out and freezer extra so it would last longer. It’s super easy too!


Make your own or baby led weaning.

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Get a Baby Bullet, very handy for making your own. Also comes with useful little containers for freezing portions.

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Make your own baby food!

We did baby led weaning so our son has never touched purees or baby cereal Haha. After doing tons of research on the benefits of BLW and the reason why purees are a thing anyway I honestly don’t think I’ll ever use them.

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Old news. This has been going on forever. Everything is terrible in our food now and causes cancer

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What the heck is baby led weaning?

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Making food is so simple and easy, do in bulk and freeze it if needed or make fresh each time

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Make your own and freeze…more cost effective and lasts longer without wasting!

Make ur own baby food

Chuck some veggies in the slow cooker it will make itself :raised_hands:t2:

Make your own and purée everything. Put it in ice cube trays and cover up till frozen. Pop them into freezer bags and date and label them. Pop out what you need when you need it and heat it to desired temperature in a dish with hot water underneath. Or warm in saucepan and let cool. My grandma taught me how to do all that when I was young and I had my oldest son.


I saw a bullet type blender today at Walmart for $29 I think, probably just be easier to make it yourself. You can puree things you make for dinner or easily do fruits and veggies if you make things babe can’t have yet.


get a hand grinder, and whatever you eat, grind it up and give it to her.

I puréed fruits and veggies every week and froze it until needed. I did it myself until he was about 7 months. I used a baby bullet, but a nutrabullet would work fine too

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Puree normal foods down. My son is going on 25 and ate baby food maybe 2 months then I started pureeing down normal foods. No preservatives or all the added sugar. He started eating cream of wheat cereal at 5-6 months old… His old school great gram helped raise him…She knew best…


Honestly steam some veggies and shred some meats… no need for fancy gadgets or pre-made baby food.

You could make your own. Just buy your produce and purée it. As for cereal you could try regular oatmeal.


We did baby lead weaning with my first and plan to do it with my second when she’s ready


When my kiddos where at that age we skipped baby food. Baby led weaning for the win :heart:


Please look into baby led weaning. It was a game changer for us. I wish I knew about it with my first born.

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My kids are beyond this age but for my second I made his food. I loved that it was fresh and I could make more combinations and it didn’t smell of preservatives.

As far as cereal, we just used Cheerios or similar cereals. Keep offering it, she’ll eventually take it.

I never fed my three baby food. Off the plate I was eating from, mushed mashed, And my kids eat everything.
Cereal, Cream of wheat, mashed in fruit?
Back 35 years ago + , there wasn’t the option for baby food… and us as generations later are alive


No cereal with my 3rd little, we started baby led weaning at 8 months old. She ate what we are from the start.

I always made cereal for the grands. I used whole oats and milled with a coffee grinder. Frozen fruits and veggies cooked then used a hand held smoothie blender and froze in single servings.

We bought a baby bullet and made our own. It was a lot of trial and error but once we got it it was easier

You can make your own…but studies show our foods, rice and cereal have high levels of arsenic too, even organic…so…we are just screwed.


I never used store bought. I steamed fruits and veggies and made my own. And I skipped cereal altogether. Too many heavy metals in baby cereal for me and not a lot of nutrition.

My daughter refused to eat baby food so we did real food or lead weaning as some call it

When my son was little I used Cherios and and oats regular one and mixed with a little formula and mashed it till it was mushy.Asfor vegetables and fruit steam them and put it in a blender to make it pureed.and mashed potatoes with out seasoning.

Make your own baby food boil veggies and mash up I had to for both of my kids due to allergies glad I did now!!

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The baby bullet is awesome!!! That’s what I used and I plan to use with my younger one once she’s old enough :slightly_smiling_face:


I did baby lead weaning with my daughter so never bought baby food. But if I was giving her something mushed up I would put mince and whatever veg in the blender and make my own. Or a Weatbix with breastmilk/ cow milk/formula/ water, whatever you want to use.

I’ve always made my own baby food, it’s super easy! You can also make your own cereal. Pinterest has lots of ideas to get you started!

We made our own using Baby Brezza. Pretty easy to use to make purée fruits, veggies, etc.

Baby Led Weaning. Skip the “baby” food and feed them real food. Babies can learn to eat without teeth as long as they’re 6 months and sitting up unassisted.

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I’m doing a little spoon subscription and a little bit of baby led weaning.
I do not have the time to make my own. :joy::joy:

Not sure where you are from but the box of Farley Biscuits,its pink box and they might still have the yellow box which I think is banana, but both of those “cookies” can be turned into a cereal with warm milk

My daughter was born in 2018 and since then I remember that the issue of high arsenic content in certain baby products was already out.
And that’s why I decided to prepare all their purees at home and avoid Gerber at all costs.
It is easy and cheaper.
They can be made in advance and stored in the fridge.

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Dont worry too much about baby being fussy as at this stage most nutrients should still come from milk.but purees are quick n easy n baby gets to try so many different flavours.

If your worried about normal oatmeal being too big you can dry blend it to make it smaller for bubs, but when my daughter was on baby food I found she ate more when it was homemade, sometimes if you want even add a little bit of formula if there still little and on regular bottles

Mine ate what we were eating for the most part. At first I would puree their food and slowly added more texture by grinding it up. Its not really that difficult to do.

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I’m not there yet. A few months away. But you could always get a nutibullet or baby bullet type product and make your own. As far as cereal goes, a food processor and make you own. Or what about those organic brands?

Look up “baby food maker” or “baby food processor” on amazon. They’re pretty pricey, but I’m sure totally worth it