What are your thoughts on your kids returning to school in the fall?

I want to hear everyone’s thoughts on kids returning to school in a few weeks. The AAP is more for it the CDC seems to be more against it. Are you sending you kids back or doing remote learning?


My kid is staying home & staying safe. :heart: However I will be headed back to school when it opens. I need my job.

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sending back if thats what the district is doing. idk yet. i really cant homeschool. its not an option!

I’d rather do online schooling for more than 1 reason. I have 4 kids in 3 different schools. My youngest of the 4 doesnt understand personally boundaries and gets too close. My grandpa has copd and I’d rather not have my kids get him sick and possibly lose him to it.


Our governor just announced that schools in counties on the “watch list” can’t open unless they’ve been off for 14 consecutive days.

At this rate, my county’s gonna be online all year :woman_facepalming:t2:

I am half and half. I work and my bf works so hard to homeschool like last year but at same time I don’t want my kid getting sick like that :persevere:

I’m sending mine. I live in an area with not many cases and what cases we did have were the nursing homes :confused:

I don’t think it’s a good idea. It’s not going to work. I think it won’t be long before schools are closed again. Where I am they couldn’t even get through a week of summer school without having to shutdown to clean because some kids tested positive. But I know that some people have to work and can’t stay home with their kids.


Hoping for a remote learning option but reguardless if my kids go back or not i will be. Our community kids will rely on us to provide them with lunch if they are in the classroom or not. Before those say that I would go back and not my children understand I would work with very limited people as opposed to how many my children would.

actually the aap took back that statement … they said if the virus is not under control schools should not open

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I’m torn, where I’m from we have no active cases. But I can’t imagine the guilt if my son did end up catching it, I’d never forgive myself. I don’t know what to do yet :pleading_face:

My question is what do single parents plan to do? I am freaking out about how this is going to look being a single parent and HAVING to work. I’m a restaurant manager and work from home is just not an option.


I’m not sending my kids to school. Education is important but worth nothing if they die getting it. Id never forgive myself if my kid is a carrier & gets a teacher or other kid sick.


We don’t get a choice here

We’re choosing the remote learning option!

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Virtual learning or homeschool. Waiting to hear my county’s full proposal. But we are probably getting locked down again so it’s a mute point. Plus we are a red zone.

I think they should wait . its to early.


Mine are going back in person

I am doing virtual learning this school year to make sure my kids don’t get sick our school couldn’t even handle the flu outbreak last year and so many people send their kids to school knowing they’re sick


We have 3 options where I am, traditional, virtual or home school. A lot of people seem to be opting for virtual or homeschool so classes in school will most likely be small. I’m most likely sending mine to school.

Remote learning for the first quarter, to see how things unfold.

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My daughter is ready to send her kids back to school.i respect her opinion.but i think they should set a semester out give chance for covid spread to settle down.1 semester not a long time especially if it means saving lifes.

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My daughter will be going back.Digital learning apps were a nightmare end of this school year. Not doing it again.

I will be 39 weeks pregnant the day school starts. Based on that and other factors, I will be doing the online option. I do also think that every family should decide what’s best for them.


My sons school district is doing 100% distant learning for the start or the school year

I’m doing 2 days on campus 3 at home it limits exposure and gives them face to face with teachers

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I would not allow my kids to go back my daughters will not we will be home schooling. We are not chancing it.

My son is doing remote learning

Hoping mine goes back to school. She is supposed to start kinder. This is a crazy time for sure! We both work full time so not sure how we would do the virtual learning or homeschool :confused:

Virtual learning for my babies. It’s to soon!! I can’t see sending my child to their possible death my babies mean to much to me!


My daughter goes back August 30 for her senior year in college.

I live in PA and if our governor keeps the policy he has set our kids won’t be able to even go back. So we may not have a choice.

I work 50 to 60 hours a week, I do not have time to stay home and school my children. They will go the traditional route

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I will be sending my kids back simply because I will not be able to take care of an infant, a toddler, plus hopefully have some babysitting kids, and be able to give my kids the attention they need for school work. I know my limits.

My district offered 100% distance learning or in person learning for the fall semester. My son chose distance learning once we received the details of what it would look like.

Nope. My son will be entering kindergarten this year and we are going to have to to it online. Opening schools after surpassing yet another case record and 140,000 deaths is not only irresponsible, but it could mean a death sentence for some teachers, immunocompromised students, elderly grandparents in multi-generational households, and parents and siblings with underlying conditions. Being a working parent is hard enough; add being teacher to the list of stressors in this already agitated time, but we as parents must decide which is more important: our children’s lives or the economy. I for one refuse to let the idiots in charge profit off sacrificing my only child’s life.


What makes since about sending them hen the states are not fully open ? Also what makes since about hiding from this virus ? We don’t hid from the flu that gets stronger each year?

My daughter is going to kindergarten in aug . We live in a small ass city no city buses. She needs to learn and be with other kids.

I do not plan on sending my kids back just yet. I can’t justify the risk.


Seeing as we will most likely not be given a choice in the matter, my 3 will have to do distance learning unless I choose to start homeschooling. I want them back in school. They need the face to face learning and the socialization that comes with being in school, sports, etc. I’ve got one with an IEP and the virtual route was a nightmare this past spring. Our kids are being robbed of their educations and future careers.

Kinda scary to me but the kids also need social interaction with ppl their own age and the online is so hard for working parents I’m torn between send them back and keep them home anyone else feel same way?

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I’m doing remote learning

Our school district is doing 4 days of in-person learning and 1 day of remote learning. Parents have the option to do 100% remote learning. My daughter is asthmatic and a simple cold knocks her down so she will be doing 100% remote learning

My kids will be home haven’t decided virtual or homeschool yet

What did everyone do in 2009 when HINI hit, with over 60 million contracting it which were mostly kids? Oh that’s right, nothing… everything stayed the same. Whats changed? Politics


I’m sending my child. He’s starting kindergarten. The numbers are so inflated that I’m just over it. Plus, I have no way of doing home schooling. I’m starting back to school, I work, my husband works, and I have 2 other small children.


I’m sending my daughter to school because no way can I handle a newborn and a toddler at home plus I don’t not have a way for homeschooling

We are a full time working family…our kids will have to go back to school.

Im keeping my child home n teaching him from home

My son will be going to school

I’m a libertarian. It Should be left up to LOCAL schools to chose what’s best. A rural school with less than 10 kids per class, in a county with ZERO cases, where all the kids are around each already anyways, will be fine going back,whereas bigger schools might need multiple adjustments.


Daycares never closed. It’s either school or daycare for us, it would be nice if they can go to school because daycare is not going to home school.


My kids go to a small school with 4 active cases in the entire county. They’re going back. The virtual platform at the end of last year was awful for my youngest.

I am a single mama so I’ll have no other choice but to send him to school so I can work.

I live in a very small town. My sons 5k consists of 12 kids and that’s considered very large for class size. So I am not worried.

My kids will go back once all the restrictions are lifted, until then online schooling it is.

Hard no.
I like my kid alive with fully functional lungs


Our county is allowing remote learning option & you can change to in school if you need to after the end of the grading period. We are starting with remote just so my child doesn’t have to be the Guinea pig for all the changes that are necessary, i think its going to be chaotic & we are already starting at a new school/new town where she doesnt know a soul. So im not putting that extra bit of pressure on her.

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My son is going back. It benefits him more than it would if I were to keep him home.

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My son is not going back this year. He will be doing remote learning offered by his school. It is online and he has a teacher assigned to him through the school

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Definitely going. Online schooling has been nothing more than 30 minutes of reading a passage, and no homework. Doesn’t work for kids with no quiet space to work.

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Our governor just mandated specific guidelines each county must fall into in order to reopen. So basically, close to our whole state will be beginning distant learning

Our district in Az is doing distant learning and in person in August . I have 6 kids in 3 different schools and our district is going to supply laptops with hotspots. So my kids will be home schooled.

I doubt we do in WA they are talking about rolling the whole state back to phase 1 with stay at home order again …

My oldest will be doing virtual through the school and my younger 2 will be homeschooled. We have asthma and other health issues that we cant take the risk. I’m blessed to be able to stay home with them so we have this option.

We don’t go back until the first week of September here in BC. Canada, for the most part, is doing really well. There have been no new cases in my half of the province in over a month so if everything goes as planned, we will send the kiddos back.

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My 15 yr. Old will be going back. It makes me nervous but remote learning does not work for him


I’m sending mine back. We don’t really have a choice since we don’t have good enough internet for virtual learning.


My kids are NOT going back, they can do school remotely. I lost my father and grandmother to covid and plus I work in a hospital and have seen too much to even think about sending my kids to school. The tip of the iceberg was seeing a little girl the same age as my sons being taken to the morgue bc of Covid complications. That will forever be ingrained in my mind and the wailing of that little girl’s parents is heart wrenching. No way I’m going to take that risk.


Here in my town schools shut down when we had just a handful of cases. I don’t think it makes sense to open up when we now have triple the number of cases. My son also has issues with asthma so I will do what I have to do to keep him safe at home.

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Online learning here!

As much as my daughter wants to actually go to school, since she’s going to a new school, I now work from home and it makes me feel more comfortable to keep her home. I now have the means to do so and thats my plan.

Hell no my kids wont be they can’t control head lice in schools what makes u think there gonna clean well for this virus


I’m currently in the process of writing up a homeschool curriculum for my 9 year old. My grandmother has breathing problems and we go to her house too much to risk it

My kids are going back to school. I am on texas and we go back August 13th.

I’ve decided to put cameras throughout my house and let my 10 year old (almost 11) stay home alone , she has before and is very mature about it . I have checked with Mass laws and she’s legally allowed to stay home alone. So we will be home schooling and I’ll be working full time :woman_shrugging:t3: single mom here !


Online all the way. My kids life is not going to be used to make rich people richer. This all about money. We are at the highest in my state and it’s bullshit

Younger 2 are going back because they don’t do as well at home, but my older 1 is doing a hybrid plan, she’ll be doing her regular classes at home because she does better that way, and she’ll do classes like art, JROTC, ect at the school

My 11 year old is starting 6th grade. She will be going back to school. She is healthy with zero issues. She takes a multivitamin, elderberry gummies and echinacea every night

I hope to send my two back but I’m not sure I will have that option here in Texas.

I prefer not to send her back, it’s just too risky with the COVID-19 numbers rising every day.

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No, the Risk is too high

I don’t think that it is safe yet there are still so many cases.

Mine is going back mostly because we both work and she is 10 no one to stay at home and teach her

Its a toss up between yes and no for going back to school. My 4 year old son is Autistic and he needs to practice social interaction with kids to better his learning and school with people that can help him. He has sensory issues and refuses to wear a mask.

My kids are staying home this year, id rather them not have to wear a mask all day and have to sit in one spot and not get to play with their friends. So this year they are home till all this is over.

We will be sending our oldest to Kindergarten. He has been going to the YMCA Summer camp for 6 weeks and there hasn’t been any issues. They wear a mask while inside so he has gotten used to the mask situation. He loves going and playing with his friends. Our youngest is eligible for Pre-K but he will not wear a mask so he may just have to miss Pre-K. I do believe that COVID went thru our house in February. The school put out a letter that 30% of families plan to do remote learning. The school is only Pre-K through 3rd grade.

My son’s remote learning started last week. He’s in Kinder… it breaks my heart we started his education journey thru Zoom meetings. :frowning: But I’ll never ever let him go outside our house. That’s a no-brainer. It’s hard cause I need to juggle teaching him and at the same time doing my job at home. If this is what they call the “new normal” then… I’m still not in the process of acceptance :sob:

I want my kids safety but my three kids need the special Education teacher’s an Speech teacher so yes I am sending my kids back to school in August. With all three of my girls on different IEP paperwork an different levels of education that I can’t give them what they need to learn better. One is 9th grade, 8th grade an 1st grade.

My kids have the virtual option throuvh our school district so thats what we are going with. The sad thing is many parents dont have any choice because of their work schedule and such.


My son very much needs the speech therapy he gets in school but, he won’t keep a mask on and can’t sit still in a desk for 8 hours no recess no gym, so probably remote learning, he’s supposed to be starting first grade

Our school district pushed the start date back 2 weeks and then ALL classes will be virtual for the first 3 weeks. I plan on keeping my daughter home fur the time being, at least until we see how the virus count goes once they go back to in-person classes.

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I won’t my kids safe. However I am not a special Ed teacher and I’m afraid I’m screwing up my kids education because of lack of mine.

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Mine are staying home. My county is hoping enough parents chose this option to force a non opening. Govenor is holding them by the balls in terms of funds. It’s clear it’s going to take parents to remind him who exactly he works for again…and its NOT the fool in the White House!


My sons school district is going to be virtual learning for the foreseeable future. I have mixed emotions about this.

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Of course it’s important! Is it worth a child’s LIFE to socialize? Contribute your learning to their education. It is a dangerous time. It will eventually pass. Please keep your children, and your families safe. Keep in mind that illness doesn’t care who you are or how old you are. It’s not a “hoax”. Listen to the scientists. They are dealing with a BRAND NEW VIRUS. Don’t take chances with your loved ones, young & old.
And wear the damn mask!

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Iam keeping mine home, I dont feel comfortable sending my kids back, I rather go crazy with them at home, that go crazy in front of a grave with out them just because "some people " want to reopen the schools for their convenience. #mykidslivematterstome.


I am sending mine to school was to much work for being home schooled

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I’m keeping my children home. The school district is giving parents the option to keep kids home or sending them.