What birth control is safe while breastfeeding?

Question for breast feeding moms
Did you take the birth control the mini pill? Did you like it…pros and cons appreciated!
And my baby is 5 weeks old and nurses for an hour at time, she will unlatch a couple times so I will burp her then she will do hunger cues again so I put her back on. I try to wake her when she falls asleep on the boob but she will still nurse for an hour at time every 2-3 hours during the day, at night she does go longer in between feedings sometimes 5-6 hours. Is there anything I can do to help her eat more efficiently and quickly?


Your baby is nursing just fine. As for the pill, I just started it a couple weeks ago and hate it. If you are antsy about acne, don’t go on it. It also made me super nauseous for about 2 weeks and I seem to be going through a lot more zofran since.


I took the pill after my first child. Brestfed for the first 4 months but going back to work made it hard to keep up so i stopped. Only thing that changed was after getting back to my pre baby weight and starting the pill, i gained 20 lbs the first month and a half. Which was more than i gained while i was pregnant. Once i stopoed taking it when i got pregnant with my second, i immediately lost all that weight plus more. I didnt have any other symptoms but everybody reacts to things differently

I don’t use the mini pill but I do have the IUD Mariena & I’ve had no issues with supply or anything and I’m 11 months in.

She’s eating fine. The older she gets the less time she’ll take. I took the mini pill for like 6 months. I had no issues with it.

I have no input on the pill but it sounds like your baby is nursing just fine and is just like many other breastfed babies!! You’re doing everything right mama so try not to stress too much about the nursing!

That is how a baby nurses , they don’t eat quickly don’t rush it :roll_eyes:

try laying down and letting her dream feed. she will empty the boob more and get the fattier milk at the end better and stay full longer. you canr runsh nursing or they will only get the foremilk.

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at that age she should basically be nursing non stop also. try wearing her to be able to nurse hands free.

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She will get it. Shes just a little baby right now. As far as birth control I use the copper IUD.

at 5 weeks they are still establishing your supply and will cluster feed

It dries up some people.

I used the mini pill and recently took myself off of it because it made my depression worse and it made me angry. I also almost constantly spotted blood which was the most annoying thing in the world.

She’s building up the correct supply for herself. This isn’t something you can correct or arrange I’m afraid

My lactation specialist just said to stroke the cheeks when they fall asleep but that’s not abnormal for nursing