What blood type causes problems in pregnancy?

I’m newly pregnant and have some underlying conditions. I have also heard that certain blood types are more prone to pregnancy complications. Does anyone have any experience with this?


I’m pretty sure the Rh-negative blood type cause more problems with the baby i don’t know for sure tho


RH- if the father is RH+

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RH- isnt even that bad. They will actively give you whatever shots needed to make it as safe as possible for both of you. I’m RH- and I’m on pregnancy number 3, never an issue. Just stay open with your doctor in case of any bleeding is all.


It has to do with the + and - in the blood.
For example, I am rh- so I had to have shots so my rh+ daughter and my blood wouldn’t mix during labor.

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Rh negative if the father is a positive but it is not a huge deal. This is my second pregnancy and I have just had to have the rhogam shots throu out the pregnancy and one after with absolutely no issues! If you know you are a negative blood type just tell your doctor and they will order the testing at I believe 28 weeks just to double check what type you and the baby are do the shots if needed.

Rh negative. Both pregnancies i was given Rhogam shots as soon as i gave birth.

It wont cause issues if you have regular office visits. They will draw your blood & dads if he doesnt know his blood type & give you a shot if necessary. They will then test the baby after birth and based on the babies blood, possibly give you & the child another shot. I went through this.

RH negative only a concern if u have a bleed during pregnancies I had a bleed with my first pregnancies twice and was given the shot twice x

My blood is AB+ and my ex is RH-. My pregnancy with my son I had antibodies due to his blood type and just needed monthly blood draws. My daughter is to a different man and I needed it as well because I will always have an antibody now. The most that could happen is you’d body trying to fight off the baby, but they will regularly check to make sure both of you are okay

Rh-Negative! I have to get the needle everytime during pregnancy!

I’m O negative and didn’t know it until after I was having a miscarriage got the rhogam shot and went on to have a healthy pregnancy so far just 1 period after my MC

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Rh- sadly I am rh- and I had a subchorionic hemorrhage with my last 2 pregnancies. They gave me rhogam for it, and throughout (cant remember at what week though). Depending on the blood type of baby. You may or may not need it. My oldest daughter is O+ and my son (3rd child) is also O+ and I had to have rhogam with both of them. Weirdly enough, my youngest daughter (middle) is O-. I did not need it with her.

RH- and didnt know it until I had my miscarriage :frowning: I went on to have a healthy pregnancy immediately after tho and had 6 rogam shots (I bled during the healthy pregnancy which is why I needed so many)

It’s any type of negative bloody. I’m O- they give you shots throughout the pregnancy. It’s incase bub has positive blood and mixes through yours during pregnancy or birth

R h negative if you don’t get the rogham shot it can make both you and the babies incredibly sick

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Rh Negative requires Rhogam injections. I’m Rh Negative and had it with all of mine (2 full-term and 3 miscarriages). It’s just an inconvenient shot in your ass with a liquid that’s the consistency of Karo corn syrup.

Also, if the man is Rh Positive, you really need to keep on top of those Rhogam shots. My husband is Rh Positive and I’m not sure what my ex/oldest’s donor is, but my CNM made sure to make me stay on top of them.

Rh negative is my sister blood type! Dr told her it would be difficult to have a second baby that a second baby would probably need a blood transfusion! Her baby is now 38 yrs old so I’m sure things would be different now as this was so long ago!

Im Rh- and the father is positive all they did in both my pregnancies is give me a Rogham shot at 28 weeks and after birth it will be the same with this pregnancy

Are you talking about being RH-? When RH- your body can develop antibodies against the fetus if there is a possibility of being RH+
Because of this, they administer the Rogam shot to you during pregnancy.

I am RH- both my children are RH+ . I’ve had the shot & zero complications during my pregnancies.


They had to give me the shots before I had my kids since we didnt know if they were +/-. Luckly I didnt have to have it afterwards since both kids are -

I’m o- and my husband never took the time to find out if he was negative or positive, so I had to get the shot. It’s not a big deal. They even said if I started bleeding before the 28 wk mark, they’d just give me the shot early. Like it was nothing to just start bleeding mid pregnancy. lol
Anyway, glad there’s a shot for that. Must have really sucked to have been doing this with the wrong guy before that shot, you know… where you just have an allergic reaction to your own (2nd, no less) baby and just start bleeding out, and with no explanation of why and no remedy. Yikes.

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I’m o+ and I didn’t have any issues. The father is also o+

Negative blood can cause problems particularly with the second child and thereafter.

I am O- and rh negative and had to have rhogam each pregnancy and following a miscarriage. However I’m concerned so many people here had more than 1 shot during a pregnancy but I didn’t know anything about that. Is that only if you spot or bleed during pregnancy?

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My Rh factor is negative and had to be given the shot to prevent severe complications when pregnant with my son. His blood type is positive. I was monitored at the very beginning closely. Inquire with a doctor for further Rh /blood type questions .

If you’re Rh- and the baby is Rh+ you won’t have issues with your first pregnancy (you still need to get tested and get the shot) but it will cause problems with your second pregnancy.

Not blood type but genetic mutation. AVOID FOLIC ACID. look up MTHFR genetic mutation. People with this (half of the us) cannot process folic acid and it turns to neuro toxin in us and babies. Autism etc all linked… REAL folate… folic acid is man made folate. We can’t process it so skip the processing and take the real stuff. Even without MTHFR, your spouse might so baby might so it’s possible! So real folate is best!!!

Rh- will need rhogam shots during pregnancy and post delivery.

Rh Negative if your partner is positive.

RH negative can lead to RH disease in the baby. Can be avoided usually with proper Rhogam shots. However and I am one of the very few that Rhogam didn’t work. So my second pregnancy with an RH + baby lead to severe anemia in the baby. This is monitored for and can be treated with intrauterine transfusions or in my case early delivery and exchange transfusions. RH is not the only blood factor. Your doctor should also monitor you for formation of all the problem antibodies (kell, C, c, E, jka).

O- rh- i have to get the shots in my butt im 7 months on baby boy number two both pregnancies ive had blood pressure issues and preeclampsia

Its any negative blood type

The only problem would be if youre Rh- and your baby is Rh+

I’m O- not sure what dad is, only issue I had was slight bleeding with first baby and she was extremely small at 40 weeks 1 days ( 5lb ) and my placenta had an infection running through it… baby number two again… small but bigger than my first weighing 6lb at 39 weeks… with pregnancy number 2 my doctors and midwives kept a close eye on me and I had anti-d shots in both pregnancies.

This is a great question for your medical provider!

If you’re talking about positive or negative blood types during pregnancy, this is the info I have. Your provider should check your blood type at your first prenatal appt. If you have a negative blood type (A-, AB-, B-, O-) and your baby has a positive blood type, your body may make antibodies against the baby’s blood if your blood mixes during pregnancy. Your provider will likely give you an injection of Rhogam around 28 weeks if you are a negative blood type to prevent your body from making these antibodies. As others have said, the first pregnancy usually isn’t an issue because it takes a little while for the antibodies to form. If you have any bleeding before 28 weeks they will likely just give you the Rhogam injection then. With both of my pregnancies, I had the Rhogam injection at 28 weeks (I’m A-) and they checked baby’s blood type at birth (both were A- like me) so they did not need to give another Rhogam injection.

Hope this helps! I would still recommend talking to your provider about these concerns you have.


I have o- … With negative blood it can cause some issues but just talk to your doctor and be honest… It never caused me issues with 3 hard pregnancies (was on modified bedrest with 2.and borderline toxemia with 1. Went into early labor alot but that had nothing to do with my blood type) i got a shot at like 27 weeks if baby has +blood youll get another shot when baby is born.

I am RH Negative as well. If you are they will find out and give you the rhogam shot to prevent any complications. Other than that there aren’t any other complications that come from blood type that I’m aware of

RH Negative blood. I’m O- and had to have Rhogam injections each of my pregnancy at 28 wks (except my last pregnancy, I got it at 10wks because I almost lost her) to help protect the babies if they are RH Positive. And I got a shot of it after giving birth each time too.

Im o+ and dad is AB+ my 3 kids were born with something called cooms (not sure how to spell) disorder and had to have blood transfusions at birth. They are fine now.

Anything negative if the father is positive.
If you are positive you are fine.
If you and the father are both negative you are fine.

I’m B- and Rh negative. I had alot of issues with my first pregnancy, my daughter was Rh positive which caused me to bleed in my second trimester. I had no idea what was going on so I went to the ER where they gave me the rhogam shot and it stopped. My second pregnancy I was more prepared. I had the shot in my third trimester but I had no issues what so ever. Baby was born Wednesday the 22 and is Rh neg.

O- here. I had to have 2 shots while pregnant only because I got my first one early my dog had jumped on my belly pretty hard and my daughter had stopped her normal movements for almost a whole day so we went in. They gave it to me just in case. Got my second shot around 30 weeks because they only last for a certain number of weeks. You typically only get one unless you’ve had some bleeding or a previous pregnancy was very early. Also if the baby comes out with positive blood and yours is negative then you will have another shot after the baby is born because the mixing of your blood and the babies can be harmful to you.

I don’t really have an issue with my blood like everyone else but my body doesn’t like birth control so because of that I had to have a blood thininer shot every day until a day or so because my c-section and then for a couple days after

Rh factor caused some problems in newborn. Now we treat all mothers who are Rh positive with a shot so they won’t develop antibodies against Rh negative blood. But there is a subtype. So one can be RH negative and Du positive or vice versa. Your physician will be able to give you information.

RH 0- is what I have. Had to get a shot for each of my pregnancies. All went well :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had preeclampsia and it was the beginning stages and I delivered a healthy 6lb3oz boy at 37 weeks

I have RH negative blood got the shot with both deliveries all went fine

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0- I had to have a shot due to my blood type being O- and couldn’t be mixed with the baby blood in case they had different blood type then mine
But with the shot each pregnancy :pregnant_woman: everything worked out well


ABO doesn’t matter, it’s just if you are Rh positive or negative. Negative requires an injection of rhogam.

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Any blood type that is negative. It has the rh factor which means you have to have a shot.

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Here’s a good link from a province near me. It’s more an issue with the second pregnancy. https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/health-topics/hw135942

Gaining unnecessary weight, too much salt, no excersise causes problems

It’s not blood type. It’s rH factor.


I’m RH- and you go through a series of shots to protect yourself and baby. But blood type doesn’t make you more at risk for complications if that’s what your asking.

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I’m Rh- and I got the shot 3 times my last pregnancy because I had bleeding at 11 weeks then my son has positive blood.

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Negative blood I have O negative and both my children have O positive so I have to have a shot every time I get pregnant but I got my tubes done after my second pregnancy

Rh incompatibility. And you’ll receive Rhogam shots, during pregnancy and after if your child has a positive blood type. The hospital gave me a card to carry in my wallet dated when I received it as well.


Negative blood, I have A- and lost first Pregnancy then each pregnancy I have to get a shot at 28 weeks

Any type of - blood can do this. I’m B- and had to get a series of shots while pregnant with all 3 of my kiddos

It’s not about blood type it’s if you are RH negative or positive.

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O -
It’s my blood type. You just have to get a shot for it

It’s not negative blood types its rh factor

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Anything - they’ll give you a shot called rogham so things go smoothly

RH- negative requires you to get a shot

It’s if you have the Rh- factor in your blood.

Once a woman finds out she is pregnant, her doctor will test her blood to determine her Rh factor. Since more people are Rh positive than Rh negative, it is likely that an Rh-negative mother could be carrying a baby who is Rh positive, creating the risk for hemolytic disease of a newborn (HDN) in future pregnancies, essentially destroying that baby’s red blood cells. If a woman is Rh negative, she will most likely receive a RhoGAM injection.

When a woman receives RhoGAM, it protects her immune system from the exposure to the current baby’s Rh-positive blood. If she does not receive the injection, her body will develop antibodies that could attack the positive red blood cells of babies in subsequent pregnancies, which will cause HDN. HDN can cause serious illnesses, brain damage or even death in a fetus or newborn. Pregnant women typically receive RhoGAM twice during their pregnancy: once at approximately 28 weeks and once within 72 hours of delivery, if in fact, the newborn baby is Rh positive. There is more on it if you look it up.


Any one with negative blood has to have a needle because if your baby is negative negative and negative don’t work we don’t know there blood type so if your negative you will always get your shot if not u lose the baby

Medical Laboratory Scientist here! This is a part of my job. Group O blood can become an issue if your child has type A or B this combination can cause neonatal jaundice which is very treatable after birth. Rh negative blood is another thing we look out for and if your Rh negative you need to receive Rhogam injections through out your pregnancy to keep yourself from developing antibodies. The last thing that will happen is you will be tested once or twice during your pregnancy for any other potential blood group antibodies. The last instance doesn’t happen very often but if they do your doctor will advise you through all of it. There is really no need to worry because all 3 of these things are completely treatable when watched over by your doctor.

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Only if the baby is positive

I believe it’s actually the rH factor they need to know. If you’re negative you get a shot of rhogham!

Its not the blood type, its the antigen. Each person either has a positive or negative antigen. If you are RH negative, you will need the Rhogam shot. This is to prevent RH disease if the baby is RH positive.

If your blood is rh- and the dad’s is rh-+ then you will have to get a shot I had to when I had my daughter

Should be asking doctors not facebook

Rh- blood types I’m B- and had to have shots to make sure my blood didn’t cause issues