What bottles do breastfed babies like?

Need help!!! Granddaughter is breastfed. Mom needs to go back to work. Baby will NOT take a bottle. We have tried several bottles and nipples. Have had other ppl feed her away from mom, with no luck. Any advice???


My daughter used the latch brand from Walmart.

Nuk. Is exactly like a nipple & worked wonders for us x


Tommee Tippee closer to nature is what I used when I breastfed my son and Mams for my two girls because those are the two brands of pacifiers they took. I’ve seen that sometimes babies won’t like a certain bottle and then prefer it a couple weeks later.

Mam is the only one my daughter would take. Someone else had to give it to her though, she wouldn’t take it from me.

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mimijumi is the bottle my son would take, he was breastfeeding only till sitters and that’s what he would take. recommended for breastfeed babies

Nuk bottles. My son drank from them easy once I stopped breastfeeding


My son took well to tommee tippee bottles when he needed to be fed by others.

nuk worked for us as well

My daughter did really well on Comotomo

The mam bottles. All 3 kids took it straight away x

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Nuk. My daughter struggled latching because her mouth was too little. My husband went and bought that brand and she will only latch onto it. It’s the most like your nipple.

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My daughter would only use these

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Try a cup, plastic one!

My son hated EVERYTHING except for the cheap Walmart brand bottles.

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My son always liked the avent that said like mom

Comotomo or nanobebe

My daughter preferred “boob” brand bottles

My son took the playtex bottles with drop in liners.

I plan on using tommee tipee

My daughter really had a hard times as well and this nipple she took right away “minbie”. It was little pricey but I think it was worth every penny. We also used this milk transitioning technique as well.

Some breastfed babies never take a bottle unfortunately.

You just have to keep trying until you find one the baby likes. It’s important to introduce a bottle early on so this doesn’t happen. It will be hard but eventually baby will be hungry enough to take it

My sister used Tommy Tippee (s/p?) with my nieces and nephew…

This isn’t a common brand but my babies did great going to them. They’re called breastflow. They keep pace well with how the milk flows from mom. My kids used these and still would latch well when nursing at home.

Mine was cup fed from Day 1. They start lapping like a cat then move on to normal drinking (you hold the cup and tip!). You can also use a spoon. Breastfed 95% of the time.

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I use nanobebe bottles for my breast fed baby! She loves them!

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The Tommee Tippee closer to nature teats and bottle are meant to be the closest thing

My son took mam. Keep trying

Lansinoh momma or mam

Tommee tippee worked best for us!

My son wouldn’t take a bottle if I was home

I use nanobebe they’re amazing, and my son still latches on to the breast

My daughter only liked dr brown bottles.

We used the nanobe breatd shaped bottle with my son

Just go with a cup. Forget bottles

Nuk and then the wide neck Dr Brown bottles. We tried timer tippee and a few other brands but he wouldn’t latch on to them .

Boon Nursh bottles they are silicone bottles with a hard outer shell. They collapse while drinking so baby does not swallow air.

My kids used mimijumi and Playtex ( the ones with the bags)

They have bottles with nipples that are similar to breast I forgot what their called

Nanobebe- shaped like a boob and both my girls held it right away on their own!

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I had that problem when I first went back to work. Tried different bottles with no success. Finally realized the milk wasn’t warm enough for baby and he would finally take a bottle once it was hotter. We used Avent bottles

We had success with the family I nannied for with the mimijumi bottles after nothing else worked. Then he would take any bottle after that

Mam or playtex here. Warm the tear also x

My daughter was the same way and unfortunately no matter what we tried she would not accept anything else besides breast. She would not eat for 6-8 hours if I was not there. Not even breastmilk from a bottle, I hope you find something that works for her. Maybe a shirt of Mom’s with her scent on it near her during feeding times might help.

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Bagged bottles have a slower pour like a natural nipple regular bottles have an easier faster flow that breastfed babies dont like

I used Playtex nursers

Ma’am with the flat nipples was all my son liked.

I found out is was more about the smell of mom …so here is what I did after 3 hours of frustration…I took her nursing robe and put it on and sat with th bottle poking out of it an it worked…one to two bottles like that and we were set lucky maybe but worth a try lol

We used Adiri Natural Nurser

I used to wait till daughter was nearly asleep slip boob out and bottle in only took a couple of days and then she took both

I have always used Dr. Brown bottles just a pain to wash them

Avent bottles helped my daughter transition from breast to bottle

Nuk simply natural or mam

Joovy Boob Bottle was the only one my daughter would take and we tried a lot.

I breastfeed currently and use MAM. My second was breastfed and used Dr. Browns.

I tried 10 different bottle brands before my son finally took one. He only used the lansinoh momma bottle with the slow flow nipple. It’s specifically designed for a breastfed baby.

My oldest daughter would only use Mam. My youngest daughter liked the Avent Natural and my 9 month old likes the Evenflo balance plus. They are by far the best I’ve used. The price is great and they also helped my kiddo with his latch. He takes in no air, they don’t leak, and they’re easy to clean. The slow flow nipples are the slowest of any brand I have used, which is what you want so that it does not cause nipple confusion/bottle preference.

Boon and Lanisnoh bottles are the two we had the best luck with when I was breast feeding.

My baby liked munchkin

I have an 8 month old that I started trying bottles at 2 weeks old and had several family members and friends try with me not around and she has yet to take any we have tried. I have tried 8 different kind…I honestly don’t know what to do for babies that are determined to not take a bottle. I talked to her Dr and they had told me to not give in and she would take a bottle but not to go an entire day(I would have to give in of she goes more than half the day) anyways she still didn’t take the bottles. I’ve tried my milk, formula, water, and juice still wouldn’t take it🤷‍♀️ I hope something works for yall cause I ended up having to not go back to work, I didn’t know what else to do🤦‍♀️ good luck!!!

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Use a blanket or clothing that smells like the mother…have it on you…your baby will or should be comforted with the aroma… helps :100:. X


Have you tried a sippy cup with Mother’s milk in it? If using cow’s (or other animal’s ) milk, make sure you warm it to the temperature of Mom’a milk.


They have a mam bottle that Walmart carries of course I believe other stores too but the nipple shape on it seems to be very close


This sounds like my youngest and my only girl!! Never took a bottle from me and would fight it… she is almost 12 now so I don’t remember the type of bottle but I do remember trying to find something as close to natural breast and the paediatrician said when she’s with the babysitter she will figure out! Although she still never took a bottle for me when she was at the babysitters she new that was it. It took about a week or 2 of a lot of crying at the babysitter but eventually she went with the routine! :heart: good luck!

My daughter is the same way. My doctor saidTo choose a bottle and be consistent and stick to that one and eventually they’ll take it


Tommie Tippee I had the same problem. But he accepted it better from someone other than me


Madella slow flow. My baby was the same way. Makes it so hard to go back to work. I bought the nipples from amazon. Expensive but worth it. Good luck.

Try the fake boob hack, where you cut a small hole, enough for the nipple to be exposed, place bottle inside the shirt and having the nipple exposed and “breastfeed” the baby its formula or breastmilk from the bottle its giving the same motion as breast it could be as small as comfortbility and their natural formation of getting food

Try a different bottle each time. And watch, some babies need a slower or faster speed than you think. My son jumped to a size 2 nipple before the company age recommendation. Struggled with so much before we moved up the nipple size! Might not be the bottle. But other than that, I second the idea of a shirt Mom wore within the past 24 hours so it will have a strong scent

Times have changed for grandparents since they had there children

Whats the harm in asking for some advice

Seriously there no need for this harsness of some people

My answer to this lady is
Try the either the tommy tipper reflux bottles or the mama bottles
I breast feed my daughter for a few days ( i had to go on to formula ) due to being on strong medication that couldnof harmed my little girl
So was recommended to try tommy tipper or mama

Good luck dont give up
Ther be a bottle out there were baby will like.


My son likes the tommy tippee closer to nature.

We tried several brands and these were the ones he liked best


My son was sippy cupping breast milk at 9 months wouldn’t take a bottle… lol it worked well … it can be a challenge sometimes finding what works :wink:

Both of my breastfed babies liked the Avent Natural bottle nipples


It will be a struggle but she’ll eat when she’s hungry enough. As long as she has wet diapers, she’s OK.


I’ve read a few different things. First, see if mom can start using a nipple shield, it will get baby used to the texture of a bottle nipple. Place some of the milk around the bottle’s nipple. And we’re using MAM and Avent.

My five year old refused a bottle for a long time. When I decided to wean her, she started taking one of the cheap old fashioned bottles. She liked it extra warm. We went through tommee tippy, momma, dr brown’s, Mam, and every bottle recommended for breastfed babies.

My daughter only took the Tommee Tippee bottles and NEVER took a bottle from me. She’d take one from her daddy, her big sister, & 2 grandmas. That’s it.

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Two of my breast fed babies both used (and use) munchkin latch bottles!


My breastfed baby never took a bottle no matter what and instead did well with the 5oz NUK sippy cups. Other than my breast it’s all he would use


I breastfeed for 11 months. And just ending up giving her a sippy cup with a nipple similar to mine. She took quite well.

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Como Tomo bottles i’d say are the best.The bottle itself is soft and squishy for little hands and the nipples are the closest i’ve found to moms.The lid is wide for easy pouring.Just a great bottle all around.

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I babysat for this family & I tried putting mommas shirt (used, not clean that smelled like her) around nipple of the bottle. I used the lansinoh bottles. Baby never had a bottle before & ended up taking the bottle!

One of my family members had this issue and it was the taste not the bottle itself. She had to put a small amount of vanilla in it. I think it had to do with the milk being frozen and then defrosted.


A baby gets hungry enough it’s going to eat from whatever bottle you use. Don’t let the manipulation begin at such an early age. Get a bottle and work with it.


My 2 would only take lansinoh momma


The como tomo bottles are amazing and sooooo easy to clean! 18 months of breast feeding and using those he loved them and there was no nipple confusion ever or a preference :+1::relieved: good luck!

Free flow cups are always a good idea instead of bottles my boy learnt that before accepting a bottle after breast feeding x

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My daughter was the same way. I had to switch to part time evenings because she would not eat until I got home. Tried every bottle possible. Tried dipping the nipples in something sweet to get her to latch to it but nothing worked. She would starve before taking any type of artificial nipple. Never had that issue with my other 2.

My daughter refused all nipples. We finally figured out she would only take latex ones. Worth a try. Good luck!! :heartpulse:

Try giving when baby is asleep sucking instinct will kick in I’m a childminder and has work a few times with me.

My daughter was breast fed for a few months and transitioned her to a bottle , she used the NUK Bottles. The bottle nipple suppose to be similar to a breast nipples and it worked for my daughter.

My son was the same way. When I went back to work my hubby struggled. He would not take any bottle at all. We eventually found MAM. This was the only bottle he liked. We tried dr Brown’s evenflo and tommee tippee. He insisted on MAM

We used dr. Browns with my son and a little truck my hubby learned with out son was that the bottle even if pumped fresh from me handed straight to dad had to be warmer than me

I had the same trouble. Couple questions:
Is mom trying to feed with the bottle? My son wouldn’t take a bottle from me at all. Try to have someone else at home feed him/her.
Is mom around (in the same room) when bottle is offered? Also had trouble with this…

My daughter liked avent… she eventually cut herself off the boob and went full bottle.

My step daughters babygirl is breast feed but will drink only from AVENT GLASS bottles . can get at target .

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Both of my Girls liked the Phillips Avent bottles because they have a wider nipple face so feels more like moms Breast.

I used mam bottles. Both of my children took them.

We liked tommee tippee regular bottles and avent closer to nature both were nipple like and very few parts to wash