What bottles do breastfed babies like?

Tommee tippee was the only bottle my daughter would use.

Mam is what has worked for is with both our babies!

I got premie bottle when I was Brest feeding. Smaller nipples

Comotomo!! They have larger/wider nipples IMO the closest to the real thing, and the bottles themselves are soft and flexible

Comotomo bottles were a life saver for my breastfed twins!

Avent. I used those to transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding. The nipple of the bottle is shaped closely to a woman’s breast/nipple.

Mom that breast fed here. Tommee tippee was the only bottle out of zillions that he would take.

Hold your baby next to your boob and trick her into thinking the teet is your nipple

Look up cup feeding, my baby never took bottles either

Nuk was the only nipple my son would take. It’s almost an exact match to a breastfeeding

I would go with Avent bottles the wide ones or Playtex wide ones.

Latch was the only one my daughter would use

Mine did well with the Kiind bottles but it’ll likely be a struggle

I will also like to ask if you have tasted or smelled the pumped breastmilk? Some women’s milk has a soapy taste after being pumped and that could be the reason baby doesn’t take a bottle.

Como tomo. Expensive but well worth the money. My son was the same

Avent bottles worked great with all three of mine


My second was super fussy with bottles and was similar but then we tried nanobebe bottles! She drank out of them awesome!

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My youngest never would take a bottle breastfeed him till he was 2 and half and he never has liked regular milk​:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Tommie tippie and Mam worked well but the best for our son was Nuk natural care

I swear by Dr Brown’s


My babies have always done GREAT with tommee tippee

Noursh boon bottles worked great when I transitioned my son.

My daughter uses Avent and my granddaughter loves them

My grandkids used Medela…

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Mine took MAM bottle with no problem, after i ran out of milk

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MAM… But it took several weeks of being consistent

My breasfed baby preferred the mam bottles, she rejected any other kind

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Took me 6months of trying to find one. NUK worked for us eventually

Minbie was the only bottles my breastfed babies would take!

My granddaughter only wanted the mam bottles

My son liked tommee tippee bottle best or MAM bottles

Minbie is all mine will take.

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My daughters liked Tommee Tippee or Avent

I feel your pain hon. My 2 year old was the same way. Refused a bottle totally and i tried advent, dr brown, tommee tippee, playtex drop ins, nuk, the cheap walmart brand and everything else i could find. None of them met his approval lol he wanted it straight from the boob. He is now almost 3 and has never used bottles. When i went to work when he was 4 months old he used a soft spout sippy cup for his milk and was eating solids while i was at work and then nursed more when i was home. It wasnt ideal but we made it work. Just keep trying hon every baby is different

Tommee Tippee but it takes some time.

My daughter switched to MAAMS no problem

highly recommend COMO TOMO bottles

One that mimicks mamas nipple the closest

My current one likes the nuk nipple shape or similar.

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My baby didnt want dr browns only tomme tippees

Mam nipples and bottles.

She will have to get used to it .
Try the ones that are shaped like a boob

Don’t get them used to only one kind though. It will be a living hell lol

We were recommended these. The long nipple bottles really aren’t natural, think about it, most nipples do not look like that. These bottles are much more natural to the shape of the natural nipple, and promote proper sucking


We switched to MAM without problems

Following! Having the same issue

I loved these bottles for my son

I used these for my daughter

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Como tomo bottles are suppose to mimic a breast type shape/feel! Good luck!

These one have worked for me

This one is the closest to a breast cuz of the elongated nipple!!! Deff worked better than any other bottle and I tried like 8 kinds

Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottle with Ultra Flexible Breast-like Nipple, BPA Free, 8 Ounce, 3 Pack Amazon.com

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Heard tommie tippiebis the best

Nuk bottles and nipples

Nanobebe have been a life saver!!

My daughter was the same way. We tried everything and it wouldn’t work. My mom fed her very slowly with a syringe and she would take just enough to get her through until I got home and would immediately latch. it was a long process and heart wrenching we finally got her on the dr browns but it had to be the preemie nipple and my mom would have to wrap the bottle in a shirt I had worn so she could smell me.

Both of my kids were breastfed and took the munchkin latch bottles without issue. But every baby is different. I would try to buy just 1 of the bottle you’re trying at first so you’re not spending so much trying to figure it out.

I used the playtex nursed bottles for my oldest two but my youngest I used tommee tippee ones. They also came out with newer bottles that resemble the breast called nanobebe

Made that mistake with my 1st one, exclusively breastfed with no bottle, could not leave her with anyone and thought I would lose my mind…the other 4 were breastfed but were introduced to a bottle asap…good luck

I was unable to breast feed my children. I used the Playtex nurser bottles and was told by my pediatrician that they are the closest to the breast. Not sure if that is 100% true but I had extremely good success with them.

We couldnt get my granddaughter to take any bottle ever she eventually started taking a cup with a straw nd then we moved her to different sippy cups maybe try a cup instead of a bottle our baby was 6 months old when we started trying to move her to a bottle I dont no how old ur grandbaby is but maybe try a cup instead

When my son was breast fed, the only bottles he would take were the tommee tippee ones. Good luck!

Nuby worked for me, but all babies are different, good luck!

Had the same problem. Tried every bottle known to man I swear. He took munchkin latch bottles finally.

my daughter was the same way. my mom would give her some from a syringe and then she’d take the bottle

I babysit and I’ve had 4 infants in the past year. 2 of them are breastfed babies. Luckily one family introduced the bottle early on, so baby knew what she was doing before she came to me. The other baby took a bottle fine from 6 weeks to 10 weeks, then Covid lockdown kept him home with mom for a while. She just went back to breast. By the time he came back to me at 4 months he wanted nothing to do with a bottle of any kind. The first day back he had literally nothing in his belly all day and we were both in tears. Mom started him on solids that night and that’s how I fed him from then on. We tried and tried and tried…he wouldn’t take a bottle! Through MUCH trial and error, he would reluctantly accept ComoTomo bottles. The whole bottle squishes like the breast. I think that might be what won him over. I really think the best way is to start the bottle early. Once they know the comfort of the breast, it’s hard to get them to take a bottle.

My daughter refused to take a bottle but took a nook transition sippy cup at 3 months old. It was crazy!

This is a hard question. By b.f.b. was soooo picky. We tried every name brand bottle out there. You know what he liked? The cheap Walmart parents choice brand. They are like $1. Lol we wasted so much time and money.

My son is breastfed and uses sippy cup for water but will not drink breastmilk in bottle or sippy cup so far 9 months and no luck with anything other then breast 🤦

Have you tried heating the milk so it would be the same temp as if it was coming directly from mom? Also keep something mom has warn next to baby while baby feeds from
Bottle. Good luck.

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We started sippy cups at 3 months old. Small silicone nipple. Wouldn’t take a bottle even with breast milk.

My friends baby was like this ! she couldn’t be anywhere in the house when baby was being given a bottle, it was almost like the baby could smell her presence ! When she was gone I could feed the baby no problem ! Born free bottles were the best !! Toys r us carries them :slightly_smiling_face:

Como tomo was the ONLYbottles my baby would take that was only breastfed. I tried every bottle. Got very expensive. But Como Tomo bottles worked for bottles then still took breastfeeding no problem.

Find one that looks like your daughters nipple! Sounds weird but worked for my son!

Nano bebe was the only ones my daughters would take.

I swear by tommee tippee

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Advent was a God send for us.

Mam bottles were the only ones my baby would take when we exclusively breastfed!

Try cup feeding. You can look up tutorials on YouTube for this.

strange but wrap the bottle with moms tshirt so baby still smells mom while being fed

Mam. My second is picky but took to those

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MAM bottles is what i used for my son

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Mine all had Tommie Tippie :blush:

My son will use tommee tippee.

Try bare air bottles.

It’s trial & error. I tried several with my daughter. None worked.

Ive used the tommee tipsy

Mom needs to be out of the house when introducing the bottle as the baby will not take it if he/she can smell mommy.

Every baby’s suckle is different- test a few nipples that are similar to your natural nipple

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Playtex with drop liners!

I struggled with this, the only brand that worked were the MAM bottles.

Mine liked the Tommee tipee extra slow flow (0)

Dr.brown bottles all the way up to the last stage is what my son used.

MAM bottles. The baby will eat. I promise it won’t starve itself lol

My son will only take lansiloh bottles

Its truly trial am error by baby. We bought a few different kinds and just let our decide. They were both breastfed and I pumped and they used binkys. Never had any issues with “nipple” confusion. There is no right or wrong answer here.

Nanobébé bottles and Avent are what my little guy will take if I’m not able to breastfeed him but he is picky about the milk being frozen and warmed up. Is mom able to pump and keep milk in fridge for a few days?, my little one prefers cold fresh milk to frozen thawed milk.

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Dr browns worked for my little one , as soon as my husband came home from work he took over and I left to the store while he tried we did this for a week or so am she finally took it
Try carrying baby facing outward while she/he is distracted like watching tv and offer it . It was a hit or miss at times and my husband would have to show up to my work place so I can feed her but we never gave up and she eventually took bottles only when I was away .

I tried everything and eventually had to give him a special baby “cup” was actually so weird how able he was to drink from it!! He was 10 months though.