What bras do you like? Need suggestions!

I need some input. I normally purchase VS PINK bras but they are getting expensive. Anyone have any great bras that I can try!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What bras do you like? Need suggestions!

I love adore me. They aren’t the cheapest (unless you sign up vip for that extra $10 off) but I have some that have been with me for 2+ years. Mind you, I don’t use a bra bag, I’m not easy on them, and my second oldest bra got part of the cup eaten by my man’s dog. Oh! And I wash and dry them regularly in the machine, not hung or hand washed.

If you’re a bigger chested gal, my friends highly recommend Lane Bryant- a bit pricey still but they hold up so well.
VS is the only ones I’ve found for my size that actually fit decently. I’ve thought of looking into having one made though just so to have the truly perfect fit.


I like the target brand, I think it’s Auden. They’re affordable. I wash mine in a lingerie bag and they last really well. I also like the secret treasures brand from Walmart!

I just got a Spanx bra and it is AWESOME!! So comfortable! I’m a 38C and perfect hold.

I actually liked adore me (still kinda spendy but less than VS) they have all the sizes :sweat_smile:

The ones at walmart the are wireless and very comfortable and come in different colors I think no boundaries or secret treasure not sure but they give you full support as well and they are like 10 dollars a braw well worth it


I get my bras from Aerie. They arw super comfortable. I always get them with no underwire. They last for a while so you aren’t constantly buying them. I think I’ve had to buy new ones twice in the past two years but only 1 each time. Wasn’t because they broke or anything but I put on some weight


I’m a big chested girl so I like the secret treasure walmart bras and when I do splurge a little I get the bralettes from Torid…o.m.g. they’re so cute and comfortable!!

Literally, anything that isn’t padded and doesn’t have an underwire
Walmart has a vast selection of them.


I like my secret treasure bras from Walmart. Only like $10-15 a bra and they hold relatively well. Had some for years before I had my daughter and my tits grew 2 sizes :joy:

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i have had more than one dkny and loved them all

Thirdlove is amazing. A bit pricey but they are the best bras i have found in a long time.

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Winners sells Tommy Hilfiger and Its my second go to.

I get mine from adore me they actually let you order before making a complete purchase so that way you can try them on and if they don’t fit you can return it the same way it was delivered.

Kohl’s. Maiden Form i think is the brand


I usually just go with Walmart or Kohls. But I’ve started wearing Bebe ones last year, and I absolutely love them. Usually can find them at Meijer and TJ Maxx.

If you have a Sam’s club I get Bali bras they fit up to 3x . They have some padding they have back closure and look somewhat like a genie bra. They are 2 ok for $24.99 when I bought them last

If you’re larger than a small C cup, vs is trash. I personally like Wacoal bras…Zero padding - just lace and underwire.


I’ve also been wondering the same thing. Any places measure you other than VS? I’m sure bra sizes run differently between brands like most clothes…

VANITY FAIR!! They are the most comfortable, it’s like wearing nothing at all, even the underwire ones which I wear for lift and support :joy:. They are nice and stretchy too without being scratchy. And they hold. I swear by this brand.


Soma Intimates has the best bras!

We get my mom comfort choice front closure bras.

Auden by Target. 19.99 for the ones i love. I swear by them.

Not the most sexy but super comfortable!Bali Live it up underwire bra

I like torrid, but those are also expensive lol

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Torrid bras are nice for fuller ladies.

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Shapermint.com sooo comfy and great form. I’m a 38 DD. My girls are held together real well without straps cutting into me.

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Target Auden brand​:heart::heart:

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Nordstrom rack online

I like target’s Auden

A few of my friends have said Target

Depends on your size honestly. If your larger chested, 18
Hour bras are best- my lady dr suggested for

Lane Bryant… like a CLOUD :cloud:

I’m probably no help since I’m apart of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee so I say none☺️

Sports bras

Bras?? What are those?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have a few of these and they are made exactly like my $75 VS bras. The only difference is these are cheaper and haven’t fallen apart in the first 3 months. I LOVE these bras. They also go up to a 38G.

Savage Fenty!! Huge selection of sizes, vast selection, and they’re adorable! Amazing quality!

I usually do Body by Victoria but just ordered my first Soma wireless and I like it. I need a bigger cup over my VS size but I’m liking the comfort of Soma.

I like Targets Auden, but I’m small chested.

Depends on size. Maidenform has been great for me

I buy ours at the Hanes Outlet, they carry many brands.

Check out A Bra That Fits!
Truly a game changer

Bombshell Victoria secrets

Best bra, so comfy and it’s wire free so it’s healthier for you.
Calvin Klein Women’s Invisibles Comfort Seamless Wirefree Lightly Lined Triangle Bralette Bra Calvin Klein Women's Invisibles Wirefree Lightly Lined Triangle Bralette, Bare, M at Amazon Women’s Clothing store

Smart & Sexy Women’s Signature Lace Unlined Underwire Bra on Amazon are my favorite and very inexpensive!

I’m all about the comfort. No underwire for me anymore. These are great.

True & Co from Target!

Alana Stratemeyer Alana May

Brand wise, I love Elomi.

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I hate the underwire in bras so I wear sports bras way comfier

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Kohl’s Warner Cloud 9. Wire free. The only ones I find comfy after I EP for 6mo for my son. And they aren’t the same since before pumping. Lol

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I prefer torrid over Victoria secret, but their just as pricey! Definitely better quality though.

I love my bras from Lane Bryant


Lane Bryant or JC Penny has some decent ones.