What can a 7 month old eat?

What can 7 month olds eat?

Hello Mamas! I was wondering What Did You Feed Your 7Month Old Besides Baby Food At This Age? My daughter just turned 7mo yesterday. But I’m scared she’s going to choke on stuff besides just baby food. T.I.A!


Check out blw! They can eat anything you eat with a few exceptions (honey, undercooked meat/seafood) just make sure you cut it correctly for them!


I always did mashed up fruits and veggies

Eggs, watermelon, mashed blueberries, mashed potatoes, peppers, avocado, banana

Avocado. Was my littles favorite and chicken noodle soup… cut up of course :blush:

Literally anything I ate that can be easily smashed with the tongue! So soft carrots. Broccoli. Etc. I’d cook everything so it’s soft for her

And streamed veggies with a little cheese… they mash up so easily

You could start adding baby oatmeal or rice to her baby food to make it thicker. Once she gets used to that introduce mashed foods. That’s what we did.

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everything but foods containing honey.


I stick with baby food for my son. But if he seems interested in something I am eating I try to give him a tiny bite of something that usually doesn’t require chewing.

We do a combo of baby food and “real food”. As far as real food goes- she eats watermelon, yogurt, Cheerios, mashed potatoes, eggs, blueberries, strawberries, etc. Just make sure the food is cut appropriately for baby :blush:

might sound strange, or gross to some, but when my boys were little I’d give them corn on the cob, after I’d eaten the corn. They absolutely LOVED it!! There is still quite a bit of ‘stuff’ left of the cob, after eating or cutting off the kernels. (You scrape it off when making creamed corn, for example.)

Grapes, small tomatoes, and hot dogs should always be cut in half as they are some of the leading causes to choking. :wink: it’s a rough age due to developing tastes. Some of the harder things need to wait for teeth. But if she wants a taste, let her taste yours just to see. Watch the acidity of the food as her bottom could break out if she’s sensitive :heart: good luck and I hope she loves everything.

My daughter was eating regular foods like fries and chicken by 3 months


Food before one is just for fun. She can have baby food, and some of those like Gerber baby snacks. If you look at the packaging it’ll tell you like it’s for “crawlers” or " assisted sitters" and have guidelines on the packaging. Also baby food totally, pouches. And you can give her little pieces of stuff you eat, or like bread, crackers, banana. Only things you want to avoid at 7 months is Honey for sure until they are a year old, ask you doctor about peanut butter. Sometimes with things like strawberries or high allergian foods you can rub it on her arm first to see if there is a reaction. As long as she is still getting breast milk or formula as her main food she can try a bunch of things.


My son didn’t have any teeth at 7 months so options were limited. But I gave him banana cut up really really small, mashed potatoes, and veggies that were cooked really well so they were soft. Scrambled eggs too once he got the hang of chewing with no teeth lol

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I gave my kids everything as long as it was soft. My first son ate peanut butter pie when he was just 2 weeks old he was eating baby food. And table food before 6 months old but he had teeth at 3 months but with my second son he had texture issues and wouldnt really. Eat so it all depends on you. And your baby


Mashed potatoes
Mashed avocado
Let Cheerios get a bit soggy in milk
Baby yogurt
Also get a mesh teether and you can stick strawberries in there for them to teeth and snack on

Small peices of banana, blueberries, noodles, my little LOVED scrambled eggs at this age


Look into BLW you’d be surprised just how much your little one can eat… my daughter was eating a lot of what we ate as long as it was softer food… she didn’t really like baby food so we went the baby lead weaning route and she flourished

Mine was eating table food. Including peanut butter


The first real solid that wasn’t baby food that my son had was tiny pieces of shredded chicken because I couldn’t for ANYTHING get him to eat the baby food meats.

Pretty much anything that’s small enough for them to not choke on or will mash up easily. But I’d ask your pediatrician what foods are total no’s.

Anything that desolves. Anything that is soft. Very done noodles, fruits and veggies, eggs, breads, and even meets as long as the pieces are small

My kids all loved mash potatoes especially if we had steak or roast beef and we poured some of the juices on the potatoes

Peas, mashed potatoes, cheerios, pasta, blueberries, eggs, green beans, rice.

Look into finger led weening. My son is almost 2 and eats everything has been since 8 mos

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I think this depends on the child. Try different mashed foods and see how they chew and swallow. My oldest could eat ok around 8/9months, earlier she had some mouth issues. My 2nd was gumming n swallowing foods around 4months like a pro! Lol she even started chewing & sucking on a bagel like a pro.

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5 months- cottage cheese, oatmeal, berries, cantaloupe, watermelon, eggs, strawberries, crab… pretty much anything…

These are all the different things I give my nugget (Dr approved). I try each thing for a week at a time (to make sure she doesn’t have a reaction)

My 9 month old has been eating table food, whatever we eat at all meal times since he was 6 months. Even eggs, dairy and peanut butter

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Just remember food before 1 is just for fun! But cooked very well potatoes, carrots, peas, broccoli. Soft and squishy foods

I would just give her baby food.

My bub has 8 teeth right now. And he chews on meat and pretty much cooked veggies and anything I eat. Plus hes still on breastmilk and eats any kind of baby food except banana. Only thing I don’t let him have is bread and he hasnt tried the meat flavored baby food. Since he already eats the actual meat.

Look up baby lead weaning. I started some of that and it was great and pretty easy.

BLW was scary for me but now shes 11months an eats EVERYTHING I do lol