What can cause bleeding after sex in late pregnancy?

I am 37 weeks pregnant. My fiancé and I had intercourse today, and right when we were finished, we noticed a good amount of blood. It looked like the start of my cycle almost (so y’all can gauge the amount I’m talking about). Almost 4 hours later, and I’m still spotting, but the amount of blood has decreased but still light spotting now—no real contractions. A couple of Braxton Hicks, I would say, an hour or so after but nothing now. This is my second child. With my first, I had a vaginal delivery but never experienced any bleeding prior to delivery. I don’t want to go to the hospital to be turned around. Did anyone experience anything like this?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can cause bleeding after sex in late pregnancy?

He pounded your cervix. You’re a’ight.


I had this happen. It turned out I was 4cm dilated and was in pre term labor


Prolly the sex :woman_facepalming:t2::roll_eyes:

Your cervix is very supple and sensitive during pregnancy!! So any kind of irritation to it, especially getting banged like a screen door in a wind storm can definitely cause minor bleeding!!

And the big “O” can cause contractions as that’s the same thing as a Braxton. During climax, your uterus contracts!!


I would contact out of hours just so they can check you over,just to give you peace of mind more than anything x


you should call your doc with any signs of bleeding, especially if you are RH -


I bled after sex with my 3rd child. Went to the hospital about 3AM just to be safe and they ended up keeping me for observation and my water broke within that hour.

sex like that in that time frame of being close to your due date can cause early labor. and most likely he lossened up your mucus plug also called bloody show. dont have sex and get checked out if you still bleeding and / or in pain / having contractions

A sensitive cervix. This is very common in pregnancy.

I would definitely call your doctor

Blood after sex is normal during pregnancy especially that late. As long as it’s only spotting and not a flow

Call your doctor. He might’ve put you in labor


This post and the comments made me nauseous. I remember this :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::pleading_face:

Bright red or heavy bleeding to the point of soaking a pad means you need to call your doctor


Wtf ! Call your doctor :man_facepalming:t2:


Anything more than approx 2tblspn of blood is cause for concern. Best to be checked out

Your cervix can bleed when irritated during pregnancy, so things like sex can rupture tiny blood vessels and cause some bleeding. If it doesn’t stop or you are concerned it doesn’t hurt to go get checked out. But it’s definitely likely that your cervix just got irritated.

I would suggest calling your doctor

I had my twins hours after this happened to me. Go to the hospital. Ps I only spotted. I barely made it to the hospital.

It’s normal. That just means you got it good. :relaxed::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

you need to call your doctor immediatley, do
not wait. you need to
get checked out. you are in your last trimester and should always be reported to the obgyn. in my 30wks i ended having bleeding light spotting and ended having surgery cause i ended having contractions without knowing.

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If you bleeding like a period you might should at least go get checked especially that far along

Call your doctor!! To many things can go wrong during pregnancy.

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Poking your babies head! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sweat_smile: jk


I would say your cervix is shedding. I’ve had 5 babies and this happened with all of them after intercourse in the end of my pregnancies.


Was it fresh blood if so go to the hospital

You could have brought on your bloody show.
Go to L&D

Seems like ur mucus cord might’ve popped. The beginning stage of labor.

Call ur doctor or go to er

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I used to do that all the time with my last daughter it’s because of your cervix thinning out it’ll cause you to bleed. The doctors don’t even try to check me often cause I bleed after that too

Rough sex causes that it puts blood around the uterus.

Go to your doctor ASAP

Sex can induce labor

I almost lost my life and my babies life ignoring signs like this. Please contact your doctor ASAP :pleading_face:

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Seek medical attention!

You have tiny blood vessels that run along your cervix, I have a sensitive cervix so it happens to me all the time. But if you’re normal and don’t do that, at the end of pregnancy when things are getting tight, there’s swelling and all that, your cervix will get more sensitive and this can happen. If your man can reach he can hit the walls causing those vessels to burst, completely normal and you’ll be fine. Since you are pregnant I’d call your doctor just so they can know what’s going on or ease your mind.


I went into labor with my first 3 weeks and 4 days early. I was told it was Braxton Hicks. I waited two hours after being told it was Braxton Hicks to go to the hospital which is 10 mins from me. I had my child 15 mins after walking into the hospital. Trust your body is all I have to say!!! And it’s yours and your baby’s health we are talking about. Never hesitate to seek medical attention!

Could be a number of things but I’d say go get checked out just to be sure

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I had this happen with my daughter also at 37 weeks. We freaked out and went to L&D and it turned out I was in active labor and didn’t even know it. Had we not gone in when we did I wouldn’t have had time for an epidural.

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If its pink tinged or brownish, probably sensitive cervix or bloody show

If its bright red, could be placental abruption.

I’d let the Dr know. Are you still bleeding. It is normal to spot, bc it’s sensitive there and extra blood flow. But I’d let the Dr know

No disrespect but all our experiences are different. I would ever on the side of caution because this is yours and your babie’s life. You’re in my prayers.


Everyone says “I don’t wanna be that girl that goes…” Hun there is no reason to not be checked out. Call you OBGYN. Even if it’s after hours. There is an answering service that will get you connected with the OB on call and they will let you know if they think it’s this or that or if you need to be checked


That’s how I started out and ended up in labor at 34 weeks. If it’s fresh blood please go get checked out. I had a placental abruption. Any bleeding should be checked out.

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The birth of my daughter happened that way. I went to the hospital & I had her the next day.

Definitely call your OB and go into L&D its okay to be safe than sorry and get checked anyway. Good luck!

I was 38 weeks with my 3rd and had the same thing happen. Freaked out and went to hospital. In my situation it was my cervix and he said it happens sometimes.

I would suggest going to the hospital to make sure.

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That’s not normal, please go get checked​:pray::pray::pray:

I went to the hospital when this happened to me. Turns out i was having infection and i was not aware of it. Get to the hospital please !

My husband freaked out after it happened n when we went to dr they told us its because he got a little to excited while doin it (too hard)

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Not trying to downplay this but I have 3 kids myself and I was induced at 38 weeks with my first and I was considered full term. My 3rd was born at 35 1/2 weeks by emergency c section and we came home together after the normal 2-3 day stay in the hospital. The point in my saying this is… obviously mention it to your doctor but don’t be terrified to go into labor at this point in your pregnancy because you are full term and the baby will be ok. I did have a scare early on with my 3rd where I started bleeding after Sex and rushed to the hospital and like others said… it was my cervix. I was still terrified because I was like 32 weeks or something like that but it ended up being essentially nothing.

Your cervix could be irritated. However I would still go in to be checked or even call your L&D unit first and speak to a nurse. They will be able to better direct you!

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Please just go get it checked out so you can make sure you and baby are okay. If it’s nothing you’ll have peace of mind at least. Don’t worry about going in and bothering the doctors it’s their job to be there for people who need them. :heart:

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See you ob or midwife for accurate advice.

Go to the doctor sweetie better safe :heart::crown::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had sex at 37 weeks and it literally induced my labor and my daughter came the next day!! Please go get checked, better safe vs sorry. :heart::heart::heart:

Please get seen. Same thing happened to me and it was a blood clot.

If you choose not to go to the ER, call your on call ob and get their opinion. Hopefully it’s nothing but always be on the safe side. Prayers :heart:

Okay really you’re going to have sex before you have the baby and the doctor will have to get all in that LOL I would get it checked out now me I’m not in menopause or nothing like that I had a period in December of not this past year but the year before didn’t have nothing the whole year till this December this past December and it was like I was dying it was so much I couldn’t move one way or the other that’s how bad it was and about 3 years ago I went to see my OBGYN and he said that my hormones was high causing me not to have a period but all through the months I can go to the bathroom and they’ll be light pink off and on but if I take naproxen that the doctor told me well slow down your period and it works cuz I’ve tried it but yeah I think I would go get checked out at least call him

Always contact your ob asap any time there is blood in your pregnancy.

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I was told that it was because the area is more sensitive. I freaked out, was only about 22 weeks along.l with my oldest. It happened several times throughout the pregnancy. Never happened during my second pregnancy.

Call your obgyn and ask

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call your doctor why would you ask anyone else


It sounds like a busted blood vessel when it happens it shouldn’t last any longer then 10 to 15 mins, if the baby is still moving they told me it was fine. But if your worried go get checked out

Plz go get checked I had this and got kept in x

Could be your mucus plug falling out

Get off Facebook call your doctor and go get seen!!!


Ah yes Facebook midwifery. :woman_facepalming:t3: Go to the OB! When it comes to your baby so late in pregnancy you shouldn’t sit on your hands and debate it.


Always get checked by your dr. Any concerns, especially bleeding should be checked out

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Had same thing happen to me at 37 weeks, called OB and she said was my mucus plug, my appt was scheduled for the Monday after this happened and everything was fine!

It happened to me at 19weeks i freaked out and went to the ER and got diagnosed with placenta previa.

Call your ob/gyn everyone is different


It never hurts to get checked out! If you have any concerns at all, I would go and get examined.

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Go get seen, don’t risk bubs life because you couldn’t be bothered incase you get turned around.


Happened to me. Started bleeding and next morning baby was out

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I had this with my 2nd also. How often are you having intercourse? I was slightly overdoing it haha hormones! And ended up with a bruised cervix which caused the bleeding

I went to the hospital because of this. He popped a blood vessel or something on my cervix . Oh how I loved telling that story over and over again every time a new doctor came in :laughing:


I was having the same issue during my pregnancy and the OBGYN said it’s normal. As long as it’s not an everytime bleed

Call your doctor or ER

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I had a placenta previa

Bloody show/mucus plug labor could start same day or not happen for a couple weeks…. Maybe

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Check with your doctor not FB


I know every situation is different, but the same thing happened to me. I was 38 weeks. No contractions, but started bleeding. Went to the hospital & I was in labor.


I bugged my doctor twice when I started bleeding with my second🤷‍♀️

call the dr. could be Placenta Previa


I spotted for 3 days and then I had my 2nd son. No bleeding at all with my first. I was also thinking he may have hit your cervix which can cause bleeding as well.

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Call the advice nurse

They will say it’s all the pressure and it’s very sensitive before you’re in labor. If it’s decreasing I wouldn’t worry. A lot of people have bleeding in the 3rd trimester because theirs a ton of little capillaries down there. Now if you see clots the size of a golf ball or larger then I would check in with the dr

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Mom of 5…
I did this a few times lol went in and my fluid sac was good so they kept sending me home. If your leaking fluid as well as blood go in. It’s up to you honestly, you know you’re body and what feels right to you.

My daughter went in was having contractions. They were getting ready to send me home since was due yet. Ended up tell hubby think my water broke under the sheet. He lifted it up and was pool of blood then I threw up. They kept me then because of this. So just because you don’t want to be one that goes early do it anyhow because there’s no shame making sure your alright.

Got to the dr or hospital

Everyone is different i had sex at 7 months w my first and i bled alot but went to the hospital and i was fine as well as my baby. I just wasnt allowed to have sex til after pregnancy. Now pregnant w my second and having sex at 34 weeks and no bleeding. Body is diff everytime w every person

Sounds like you’ve iretated your cervix I have this on and off all the time and I’m 26 weeks. With you been closer to the end it’s more likely to iratate it easier and put you into labour too

I would ring your midwife, it could be a blood vessel, they can be really thin especially in late pregnancy. But definitely get checked just incase as labour can come anytime now! Goodluck :heart:

Definitely get checked! It’s better to be safe than sorry

I’d be ringing your midwife lovely or the number they give you to ring the ward towards the end might want to monitor baby and you xx

I would ring your midwife. I bled after sex with my son asked my sister in law who was also pregnant as I was not at home - family live 250 miles from me - who said it happens to her and is normal. At my hospital appointment the next week I found I had lost my son at 25 weeks. It wasn’t to do with having sex but when they asked me the last time I felt movement and remember the last clear time was earlier that day had I rung my midwife and gone to hospital I would of still had my boy

Definitely call your hospital and get checked out. I’m quiet surprised you were up for having sex at 37weeks pregnant, it was the last thing on my mind in my 3rd trimester :joy: you go girl :raised_hands:t3:

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